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  1. It is not common practice on TGO to offer in the open or dicker-PM is acceptable although-
  2. Newly classified assault style SUV with pedestrian catcher on front and bullet proof glass as not to be able taking out driver with AR15- Mid pricing at the dealer of your choice-sign up now for Black Friday Pricing- Quantities may be limited-
  3. How about a Transformer Theme-it transforms money into ammo-
  4. 1.Ruger 10/22 blue receiver 2.ER Shaw Heavy Barrel Blue 3.Boyds Hunter stock 4.Ruger BX1 trigger 5.Tandemkross bolt hold open extension and charging handle 6.Ruger standard bolt 7.Vortex Crossfire II 4x12x44 with AO Around $1000.00 at finish-and will shoot 1/2 inch group at 50 yards with CCI SV ammo
  5. No it doesn't-I don't like the guards because they normally dig into my side-
  6. This is what I carry mine in 12 months a year-Ritchie Leather CQQR with thw same maker for my magazine carrier- Topgun Supply sells the holster for around $140.00
  7. Well-Don't that beat all!
  8. So I just received an E-Mail from Brinell's that they have small rifle benchrest primers in stock-Not for $124.99 per 1000-Think I will pass this time around-
  9. Doesn't make sense for me-difficult to access spare mag when pistol is already in shooting hand-never a good idea to have pistol and spare mag in same holster-
  10. Who Woulda Thunk It-Huh
  11. I have used the same recipe's for 40 years now and have had zero problem's with any loads-
  12. It's kind of a taboo item to dicker in the open thread-better to PM-
  13. I say drop her somewhere in the middle of Chicago with a hammer and see how far she gets before she wishes she had a gun to do violence with-
  14. In the day and age where everything a person says or does can be taken out of context and rewritten to their liking-so have you stopped beating your wife-
  15. I will vote for the RIA in the economy category-I have had a few different models of theirs- Rocks are fairly heavy but that only means real stee-l Currently I have a RIA Ultra FS in 10mm-Ceracoat gray with all the goodies- The cost of that was around $650.00-that is with all the upgrades a person would want.
  16. I still think it invades a persons right to decide on what if any foreign substance should be injected into their body. Legal doesn't make it morally right.
  17. Welp-I bit the bullet and went and took the vaccine myself- I don't want my Wife getting something I am not willing to do- Perhaps this will help in lessen the fear a bit- Than again if I croak she can always say-see I told Ya so-
  18. I know that they can require the vaccine for her employment- Doesn't make it at all on the side of righteous- These are the same tyrants that say her choice her body when it comes to abortion though-
  19. So my Wife called on her lunch break crying- Her Manager got wind of a Company Mandate coming soon that will require either they are vaccinated or would have to get tested weekly and show the test results- If the results are positive they would miss 2 weeks of work unpaid- So much for the talking heads saying this crap was only in the Blue states- Seems also to be creeping into the Red States- How legally can a Company mandate a Vaccine-so much for HIPPA-and the Constitution which seems to mean nothing anymore- We have the Great Big Talking Head in Washington to thank for this new BS- Legal Idea's anyone-
  20. Kinda like how Snow White drifted-is that what they call thread crapping-inquiring minds don't want to know but will be told anyway.
  21. So-does anyone else feel at times when on a gun forum a persons initial question never gets answered- When the answers get completely off topic that it's frustrating. Not on this forum but another one that I can't name-starts with a G and ends in a K.
  22. Living here for the last 21 years and have learned a few things-like the word yawll-which I thought was a wood working tool. And I always thought when someone say's bless yer heart they meant it. And another strange saying that I still have not as of yet figured out-get on up out of here-or fixin to do anything but fix nothing? Oh well-I am getting old enough I really don't care to give any figgurin into it.
  23. I really like the X-Frame-fits as good as it gets-all fingers on grip including pinkie.


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