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  1. I have a couple, but they have to last me thru the weekend!
  2. Neat video-Thanks
  3. Same-CFE223- Works great for all loads from 55gr-69gr My PSA upper likes the heavier loads and that is a .223 WYLDE chamber in 1/7- My S&W 1/8 poly rifled prefers the lighter 55gr loads- I have so far tried 5 different loads from .55gr thru .69gr and found that it's pretty much trial and error with accuracy-
  4. I have a RIA 1911 in 10mm and a S&W610 revolver also in 10mm- Not because I need them but because I wanted them- I found that downloading a 10mm to mild is a lot of fun to shoot- My low power target load will not cycle the 1911-revolver round only-
  5. I was a convert about a year ago-sure makes it a lot easier for me to hit the target-
  6. Looks like a Dan Wesson model 15- Original came with a pistol pack option where several other barrels were included- Very nice shooting- I had one in .357 mag and my Dad had it in .41 mag-
  7. Right-primarily the grip module has changed and it's magazines also-
  8. That is a real nice feature-optics ready is my favorite- Comped is pretty nice also- PSA has it on sale now for $799.00- If you're looking for one-
  9. It's quite a bit larger than the XL
  10. I received Sigs E-Mail also on this new model- I have both the P365X and the XL and fitted both with the Wilson Combat grip module- I feel that if a person needs 15-17 rounds there are already a huge selection of pistols to choose from- What attracted me to the Sigs I now have is the ability to have a RDS on both that is attached without having to use a plate- They are both very concealable and shoot quite well-just what Sig designed them for- I think the Macro Model is stretching into the mid to full size-no thanks I will stay with the X and XL-
  11. This is how you take drivers Ed serious-
  12. There are several powders that work equally as well for 10mm and .40S&W- I use Alliant 2400 and Bullseye- And also, Hodgen HP38- But there are other powders that work as well- The 2400 I use strictly in 10mm- Choosing which powder to use would depend a lot on the intended load-bullet weight-and powder on hand- Target or hunting load-protection or 4- or 2-legged varmint-
  13. I wonder who would apply for the job of Firearms Collections Expert-and how long a lifespan of said employee would be? They sure couldn't go to 110 million peoples homes to collect-
  14. Mental midgets making laws that are absolutely against the latest SCOTUS ruling- One example of hit and miss weapons-Ruger Mini 14 OK-Ruger Mini 14 with the word Tactical in its name not OK- This would outlaw future sales of most semi-auto weapons including pistols and shotguns- Literally ruining the firearms industry and putting thousands of their employees out of work- And on this same note there also is some sort of bill riding along that would strike down the frivolous lawsuit ban and allow the manufacturers to be sued for misuse of their products- Kinda like suing GMC for a drunk driver killing someone-not GM's fault but a person could see where this would lead-
  15. Man the good stuff is always on the other side of the State-GLWS
  16. I also don't think most people even realize what the primaries are for- Our precinct ballot place is only 3 miles from home-easy voting right there-
  17. Why is this thread full of non benefactors trying to sell firearms-Pay your dues first and try again-
  18. You have to be a benefactor before listing firearms for sale-
  19. A person can find locally a single action Ruger Wrangler for around $250.00 or a Heritage Arms for around $150.00 new- 22lr revolvers in double action are less frequently found in stock and normally will be double the prices of single actions-
  20. As a rule a price should be set-this is not a bid type site- Your cash value may be different than someone else's-
  21. Nice wood-looks like a collector's grade- That's way too nice to knock around in the woods-
  22. Before people should need to pass a phycological review to own a firearm I think it would be far more important to need one to run for any kind of Public Office-
  23. I agree 100%- I used to carry a Kimber Ultra II in .45 ACP daily-which I really like- But about a year ago or more I talked to a friend that carried a Sig P365- He talked me into a Sig P365X with an RDS-This is all I carry now- If my Ultra's were dot capable, I probably would still be carrying them-
  24. Nice 1911- I have a few myself from RIA to Kimbers- All run great and normally if they don't it's usually an extractor out of adjustment- When it comes to owning 1911's it pays to learn a few different minor adjustments-


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