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  1. Where did you move from? PA is by far the "least bad" in the northeast, although for how much longer, nobody knows.
  2. We have only ruled out a few small areas due to lack of HSI, mostly due to topography. I would like to have 100 Mbps minimum, but I'd actually be willing to settle at 25.
  3. I have successfully gotten strong 4G signal where minimal signal existed. Generally, if you can get a weak 3G signal, you can turn it into a strong 4G signal with the right equipment.
  4. I've only ever been successful with 4G cellular, but the methods are similar (with different hardware) for 5G.
  5. I am currently in the "Remote Worker looking to move in" boat. We are also looking for 5+ acres (preferably 20+). And yes, high speed internet is at the top of my list. However, I have technical knowledge and am able to make HSI appear where none exists. No need to worry about "Californication" here; that's why we're leaving PA. We are struggling with the "not seeing it in person" bit as well. We are likely taking a trip in June or so, to look at a few places. We've been watching listings for awhile now, so we have a good idea what we want, what we can work with, and especially what we
  6. I am finding similar results. Lee 2nd Edition (Revised) shows only SP. Lyman 48th shows only SPM. Honestly, I've used SPM primers in .38 special loads, with no signs of overpressure (by mistake; I ordered SP, received SPM and didn't realize it). I am *always* on the lookout for pressure signs, as should everyone who reloads. I once heard a squib load on an active line from 7 lanes down, and the shooter didn't even realize it. He was shooting some reloads "his buddy did."
  7. Now you've got me questioning some things...I know that I questioned why .357 Mag didn't use a mag primer, but I can't put my finger on the info right at the moment. I'll have to go back through my notebooks (357 Mag was the second cartridge I ever reloaded, and I'm still shooting that batch).
  8. Every .357 Mag load I have ever seen uses SP primers, not SPM.
  9. Thanks! Both the wife & I are originally from PA, and we currently live right up the block from my childhood home. Ironically, we met in Ohio (I was living there for work, do not recommend). We have just grown tired of a lot of things in this area, and are ready to set out on our own adventure. Also, my job is (was before the virus) 100% remote, so I am not stuck in an area. We are just finding that we don't fit well in the city, and we don't care so much for the winter anymore, not that I'm expecting it to be tropical there, just less frigid. We have always made pro/con lists whenev
  10. Hello all! Al here, from Altoona, PA. We are looking to be moving to western TN sometime in the next year or so. We are currently working with realtors there, and one here; as well as financial people and a lawyer to make things go as smoothly as possible, since we have some complicated real property situations to deal with here. I found this site while researching some gun laws. I'm looking forward to the new adventures that await.


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