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  1. My childhood was trying to stay awake during Dads slide shows of photos of countries I did not recognize and would likely never visit taken from the window of a C-130. He rarely talked about the specifics of what his job entailed but I did occasionally get a story out of him. One of the better ones was of the steep spiral descents and landings they did into a ridiculously short runway carved into a bowl shaped valley in the mountains of Vietnam. Apparently it was short enough that taking back off light was sketchy. Taking off with any sort of cargo/weight required JATO. He did that a few times and said it was, interesting.
  2. My comment about growing/raising in your back yard is a bit more a conceptual than literal. I am speaking to items that are possible to grow in a yard/field, harvest it, and bring it to your table with your own hands. I could raise livestock and process it with traditional methods if I was so inclined. I am not going to grow kiwi in my back yard but if my climate was suitable I could without conducting a science experiment. What I can't do is extract and refine palm oil in my shed. I can't produce High Fructose Corn Syrup in my kitchen easily. And as for your own personal yard... You just have to figure out what it needs. I no longer have a garden since I would have to build rabbit and deer proof barriers at the new house but when I did I did not plant in the ground I built raised beds with carefully cultured soil that mixed from numerous compost sources and other organic material. You can do raised beds or simply amend what you have if you determine what is lacking.
  3. Just stop buying into the "Low Fat Diet" scheme and the traditional food pyramid nonsense. Fat is not the enemy. Refined and processed crap is. All those low fat products generally have a ton of sugars and salts added to them in an attempt to get them to taste like something in the neighborhood of what they are attempting to replace. Vegetable and seed oils (extracted and processed stuff again) are far worse for you than the naturally existing fats (animal fats). Sugars are the same. Corn Syrups and other high glycemic index processed/artificial sugars are horrid for your body. Much more so than natural fruit sugars, honey or even raw cane sugar. Flours and grains are better but still not great. Limit your intake of sugars and grains and you will be much better off, especially processed flour. We do not need nearly as much grain as the old school food pyramid would have you believe. Get your fiber from fruits and vegetables instead. And for the love of all that is good stop eating soy, especially soybean oils! If you can't grow it or raise it in your back yard you probably shouldn't be eating it.
  4. Crap choices. And has anyone ever gone to a website listed on a license plate? Can't we just remove the TNVACATION URL....
  5. I don't know the exact demographics. I will leave it to the site admins to address that but the sites roots are in Middle TN and there certainly seems to be a bigger contingent here from the Middle and Eastern parts of the state than the west. That said there are a couple things that are probably slowing response; 1) Seller - You are a new member with limited few posts and no feedback. Not anything specific against you but some established members are slow to deal with new members. 2) Item - Kel-tec shotguns are less than desirable to many. A fair number of folks, including myself, have had negative experiences with their offerings. 3) Location - Atoka is a bit "up the road" even for the Memphis/Bartlett/Cordova based folks. When I was still in Millington we considered Atoka "out in the sticks". Not that Millington was any great metropolis mind you. Welcome, Good luck with your posting and don't let this first one discourage you from the site.
  6. Suzanne Marie Collins, it was actually 36 years ago. My family was already shipped out to dad's next duty station, NAS Barber's Point. We heard about it though since one of dad's fellow instructors was teaching one of her avionics classes. We returned to Millington a year or two afterward.
  7. My dad may have been one of your instructors. He taught in Millington twice after he got back from Vietnam. Good thing you never got caught at The Brass Rail. That place was a real dive and pretty constant source of trouble for the MP's and local police. That town has really changed. I was back a couple of weeks ago visiting the folks.
  8. Sounds like you are speaking from the frame of reference of your youth and a period that we no longer enjoy. A time when high school and in some cases even less was enough, in combination with responsible parenting, to form an individual with a base level of knowledge and competence for a majority of kids. That no longer is the case. The issue is there is no longer a "group" or percentage of kids coming out of high lacking basic skills it is the majority of them. Those competent and mature 18 year-olds coming out of high school are the rare exception not the rule. As far as continued education it obviously would not work with our current system. There would have to be some significant changes to make those type of proposed requirements work. Apprenticeships would have to be paid positions. Trade school education would have to be subsidized for those in need and made flexible enough to allow a working person to complete the program. In Tennessee community college costs can be completely subsidized if a high school student has a sufficient GPA. It can work if we as a society want it to work. It is not entirely about luxury. No one paid for my education or my rent. I left home at 18 enrolled full time in a community college and worked full time. I was working 30+ hours a week my senior year in high school and went to 40+ hours a week after graduation. I went on to a 4 year college and was still working full time. I went back to school in my 30's to advance my career and continued working full time all while still paying my mortgage and putting food on the table. My father obtained two bachelors degrees while serving on active duty in the military and raising a family. The military covered the cost on one of those, the other he paid for out of pocket on an E8 salary. My mother obtained a degree while working part time and raising a family. It is entirely possible to obtain education and work at the same time. it is entirely possible to obtain additional education with limited resources and family support.
  9. I lean the direction of 21 and up as well. 21 to purchase alcohol, tabacco products, and firearms. 21 to be drafted or join the military. Require post high school education in the form of; a) A Bachelors (4 year) program at a university. b) An Associates (2 year) program at a community college. c) A 1600 ~2000 hour certificate based program at a trade school or technical school (think welding, automotive, HVAC, ect). d) An approved 2 year apprenticeship program in a trade or field. If they make it to 21 without completing one of the above, god help em I have not seen a kid coming out of high school in more than a decade that I would hire and turn loose in any capacity/roll at my employer. Not without a good bit of further training and development anyway. I barely trust them to have a drivers license and a car much less a bottle of bourbon and a handgun.
  10. /Thread drift/ - I never have understood why people hate this so much. I have driven dozens of cars/trucks with auto start /stop and it never bothers me. Only one ever seemed to be less than smooth and slightly obtrusive but that was a dodge, I expect poorly engineered and built crap from them.
  11. Auto makers did it to themselves. They jacked up the supply chain, lowered volumes or outright canceled outstanding purchase orders. No surprise that when they said "oh never mind all that, we need those chips after all" the chip manufacturers of said chips told them to go pound sand. Most of those chip plants are still running full capacity or close to it. They are producing chips for things other than cars at this point. In late 2019 when I was still dealing with Chinese made import product we were already having supply chain issues. Most of those issues were solved and flow was back to "normalish" before Covid really even got going here in 2020.
  12. Oh I do like a sporterized misurp myself, I just wish the work done on this one was better. It was pretty butchered, the stock is an absolute mess. I have heard all the tales of barrels full of $5 milsurps at the local hardware store, all rifles some of us would pay $1000 for now if we could actually find them readily available. I myself bought $79 SKS and $99 Mosin Nagant offerings back in the day. I sure wish I had kept those. No surprise really that people cut off or modified stocks, drilled for scope mounts, and tossed barrel bands and bayonet lugs in the scrap pile. It sure would have been nice if Bubba had a little skill and pride in his work though.
  13. Another side note is the serial number comes back as 1917 December production. There are a fair number of missing markings but so far all stamps are "R" save for the floor plate that is marked "W"
  14. I am leaning that way. I will likely blast and parkerize the floor plate and trigger guard since it had no finish and light rust. I will have to do a little work to the stock to get everything fitting better. I don't think I am going to tear the action down any further at this point to refinish. I will likely see how it shoots and use it for a bit before I decide to go further.
  15. I bet it did exactly that. Might do it again this winter...
  16. Oh side note; Likely not rebarreled. Looks more like some one cut it down removing the original front sight and likely did some smoothing of the profile. There are what appear to be original index marks on the action and underside of the barrel at the shoulder.
  17. And the answer is 30-06 after all. Cerrosafe plug measured out pretty close to the 30-06 chamber dimensions so I rechecked with everything stripped. Apparently there was some interference with the butchered stock that was keeping the bolt handle slightly up and not showing a difference between the go and no go gauges. With the stripped bolt and the action out of the stock there is a clear difference. It is actually slightly tight but acceptable on the go gauge. Now I have to decide if I am going to re inlet and refinish the stock, strip and refinish the barreled action, and "restore" the gun to pretty but sporterized condition. Or do I adjust the stock, clean, lube, and reassemble in rough beater gun condition and use it as a truck gun for quick after work deer hunting trips.
  18. Bore was checked with pins so that is true bore not groove diameter. I do not have a multi point bore mic small enough to check 30 cal groove diameters handy. My normal barrel blank spec for 30 cal is as you stated Ø.300 - .302 Bore and Ø.308-.310 Groove. That is why I initially tried the 30-06 and .308 headspace gauges. 30-06 should have been the original chambering and .308 would have been a common caliber to rebarrel/rechamber for when this was likely "sporterized". I can push a slug through it after everything has cooled and I have the Cerrosafe slug out of the chamber. That will get me groove diameter but I suspect it is a true 30 cal
  19. Bolt face may have been turned at some point. Diameter is .480~.481 when checked with pins. Cerrosafe is cooling now so I will be able to measure chamber dimensions shortly.
  20. I picked up a misidentified sporterized rifle at auction a few weeks back. I was told it was chambered in 8mm Mauser, but that is not accurate. Finally got around to tearing it down for investigation and identification this week. There were no visible external markings on the barrel or receiver so I hoped something was hiding under the wood line or under the added scope base. It was.... A moment of silence for what could have been a nice Remington M1917. Instead some brilliant "gunsmith" apparently rebarreled it, ground the rear sight ears off, and butchered a few scope base holes into the receiver. The bore diameter is .300 Neither 30-06 or .308 headspace gauges check out. I do not have .303 headspace gauges but the .300 Bore diameter would be on the small size for that anyway. I am going to cerrosafe cast the chamber tomorrow if I get a chance. The one upside so far has been the nice light Timney Sportsman Trigger that I found installed when I began to strip it. Hopefully it ends up being serviceable since its wall hanger value has been lost.
  21. Very different demographics though. I would have been challenging pivot.
  22. Tall Paul, I have not seen him in years. His shows were always a good party.
  23. That is part of the story. The tractors that they were using to pull out the cars were also getting stuck. A friend was a volunteer worker and shared pictures Tuesday of a tractor buried nearly to the axle, another tractor stuck trying to pull it out, and a third tractor trying to get one or both of the first two out. It was an absolute mud pit.
  24. We got kicked out of the country club we held our reception at. Apparently the mgmt was not aware of how Catholics party at a wedding reception. The first time we drank the bars out of alcohol they got nervous but made a supply run. The second time we drank the bars out of alcohol they had had enough and told us to get out. No one called the cops and no one got arrested though.


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