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  1. Thanks for this update! Sending you a message as I'd love to learn how to be move involved and possibly help out if there's some opportunity.
  2. Located in Nashville, TN. Let me know if you've got some you're looking to get rid of! Thanks
  3. I bought some for $1.20/round recently off Aimsurplus (a few weeks back) and felt that wasn't bad.
  4. Located in Nashville. Looking to trade for as much as 5K large pistol and 5k large rifle. Or happy to buy them if you prefer cash (just send me a PM with your price). Prefer CCI but open to other brands. Have these primers for trade: CCI small pistol, CCI small rifle magnum, CCI small rifle, Rio 209, Cheddite 209. Have some unopened powders I can use as bartering goods as well: Varget, H4350, H4895, CFE BLK, CFE Pistol, CFE 223, Titegroup, HS-6, IMR4350, IMR4198, Accurate No. 5, maybe some others. If you have something you're looking for that you'd be willing to trade primers for, let me know. Located in Nashville
  5. Wow! 40 dogs sounds incredible and also blows my mind a bit. It must have been a lot of work and a lot of fun
  6. Includes the BCG and/or CH? Any muzzle device come with it?
  7. New in box. Item on Amazon at $349 (normally $449) Selling for $275 located in Nashville, firm
  8. There are too few details to make any reasonable judgment yet. Seems like a real tragedy from the little we know though
  9. I'll take some of them primers off your hands! Yep, they have products where you can do custom sized bags. I have a cheaper Foodsaver I picked up from Kohls or Costco and it works fine. Haven't vacuum packed ammo but have done large bags of flour that are probably the same size as 500rds of 556. I bet you can do 500rds pretty easily, and 1000 if you don't mind a long bag.
  10. Have both brass and steel 762x39 to trade. Looking for 500 to 1000 rounds of green tip 556. Or if you want to sell it, looking to pay $450 for a case of 1000.
  11. Politifact regularly lies. I don't know about this one because I refuse to use their site now, but be wary of Amy fact checks done by them. They tried to claim Biden never looked at his watch, even when all video evidence showed the contrary. Afterwards they updated it to "missing context" and still made a fib about when and where he checked his watch. More than fact checking, they give coverage to left leaning sites.
  12. GLWS, seems like a great package. I am mighty tempted
  13. Never used a bipod before. Can that mount directly to mlok on an AR15?
  14. Hopefully someone got it! They had Retumbo this morning as well but out by the time I posted. If you're not on Discord yet, that is a great place. It's an online chat room basically with about 18,000 reloaders across the country chatting/discussing/monitoring when components go up for sale on a website. Here's an invite link to it. Be warned it gets descended on by a pack of hungry reloaders, so good deals sell out quick: https://discord.gg/reloading Also, it might drive you crazy with how many notifications you get on your phone/computer if you join this server. You can set it up so you ONLY get notified about powder drops, or primer drops, or projectiles...etc. and mute the rest of the channels. They're generally friendly there so if you have questions ask away. If people have questions, I can take some screenshots and share how to do that.
  15. HODGDON POWDER CO., INC. HODGDON POWDER VARGET | Brownells Hodgdon Powder H4350 - 8 lbs : HODGDON POWDER CO., INC. HODGDON POWDER H4350 | Brownells Two pounds available for each. You can make multiple orders. Use code "SAE" for $15 off as well, or add a bit more of other stuff to the cart and use code "RFA" for a bigger discount
  16. Selling my M&P Sport II that I purchased new in November 2020. Great starter AR15 for yourself or gift for your nephew, niece, brother, cousin, sister, mom, or other family member. Your dog probably wants his own. Condition: Used - Very good, no noticeable cosmetic defects. Gun always kept in a case and regularly maintained/cleaned. This comes with a Crimson Trace red/green dot that functioned flawlessly in the time I used it. I upgraded to a Sig red dot about 200 rounds in. 16" barrel with A2 flash hider. 1/9 twist rate - zero issues with factory 55grn ammo Round count around 500-600 (used it in a few classes at Royal Range). Functions flawlessly, no FTF or issues with any factory brass or steel ammo I've shot. Upgrades: -Changed the backplate Magpul with QD slot. Great attachment spot for 1 point slings -Added a plastic picatinny rail piece to the bottom of the handguard. Also added an Angled Foregrip from Magpul that is included. If you don't want it I can remove it from the gun prior to sale. -Upgraded pistol grip. You can also have the A2 grip that comes standard as well as an overmolded rubber one that feels much more comfortable and has a better hand feel. Also has storage in the bottom of the handle. -Hogue adjustable butt stock with rubber pad. This is a great upgrade as it makes shouldering this and readying so much more comfortable. You can also have the original butt stock which will dig into your shoulder and hurt. -BONUS I will toss in some polymer flip up sights as well, so you have a red dot and back up sights. -1 new pmag 30rd Not included: -Magpul pistol grip (you get a different rubberized grip) -Sig Sauer optic. You get the Crimson Trace red/green dot optic Price: $700, located in South Nashville area


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