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  1. Not sure what is the story in your neck of the woods but I recently moved a 1600 sq. ft. house from Myrtle Beach to storage units in Cleveland for $5K including packing and all. North American was the carrier and the service was perfect. Mine was 3/4 of a truck (I have, amazingly, cleaned out most of the accumulated stuff) and I did have to work with their schedule for delivery (which worked out just right for me). Of course, YMMV .
  2. I find indoor ranges more comfortable and convenient and of course, more "year 'round'"
  3. Thanks to everyone! It's looking as if the only rentals we can find that meet our needs are in the eastern Chattanooga area. Likely I'll check the one on Hixon Pike and the one on Battlefield Pkwy.
  4. I'm surprised that there aren't more indoor ranges around Cleveland and Chattanooga. I was thinking there would be mucho handgun shooters in southeast Tennessee and all would want a place to shoot. Silly me, I guess. Anyone know of indoor ranges around Chattanooga? The way the rental market is going, we may end up there for a while.
  5. I'm thinking that may be farther than I care to drive, but you never know. We'll be building in Old Fort once we can afford building materials, likely a year or so. Right now we're looking for a house to rent in the Cleveland or maybe Chattanooga so we can sell here and take advantage of the amazing sale prices. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks. That's the one I found from a Google search. Looks nice from the photos. Pretty sure I'll be a regular there.
  7. When we move from the Atlanta area to around Cleveland or the eastern side of Chattanooga, Ooltewah-ish, I'll be looking for an indoor range for some weekly handgun shooting practice. Are there any that anyone can recommend? My Google search turned up a whopping total of one (!) in the Cleveland area. Please tell me that I've just missed some great ranges .
  8. Finally -- after mucho searching -- we're buying some land in Old Fort near Cleveland. We intend to build a house there but(!) with the stunning cost of building materials that will be a while. So, we'll need to store some furniture and the like. Has anyone had any experience with climate controlled storage units in the Cleveland area? Most importantly, are there any that we should for sure stay away from? Of course, we'll visit likely candidates to put eyes on, but I'm hoping we can eliminate potential problems up front. Thanks.
  9. Beautiful 22s. I shot a 40x on a rifle team and loved it. It just did everything right. I know you're enjoying these lovelies.
  10. 100% agree...with the combination of elapsed time and certain number of posts.
  11. Some good information in your post. Thanks.
  12. Exactly what we found once we starting actually looking. Even the few properties that were 5 acres or more were smack dab in the middle of that mess... not to mention the price per acre being a joke.
  13. A definite consideration, as noted by someone earlier too. On another note, we were thinking to look around Ooltewah in our property (back in the '70s, that was mostly rural area) but quickly found that everyone is moving there and it seems like, as someone said, "the Marietta of Chattanooga" (with Marietta being now just a suburb of Atlanta).
  14. Thanks runco. Still a toss up in many respects, and still some great info here.
  15. One of the reasons we started questioning having only a well.


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