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  1. That does look like what I have, I'll take a picture later and upload it. I wasn't getting notifications to my thread.
  2. Bumping for info, if anyone has it. Thanks in advance
  3. No, the small jugs did not. I'm looking for data in 9mm 115-147gr8 and 45 in 230gr.
  4. Cool thanks, I just found it while reorganizing my powder and didn't have any load data.
  5. I bought this from David but I'm not sure what I have, any help would be appreciated. I bought it a while back and don't have notes for it etc.
  6. Sorry to bring up a Necro thread but I needed to ask you guys a question. I bought three pounds of powder from David many months ago and just now I am getting to them. Two are labelled Surplus Shotgun/Pistol powder and the other says Commercial Pistol Powder #5. Are these the same as listed in this thread? None have load data on the jugs, just wanted to check. Oh, the grains look the same as well. Thanks!
  7. We run on emergency heat all the time. It's gad so it's cheaper and warmer than electric Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  8. I'm on Concerta, basically time release Ritalin. I have to get a paper copy every 90 days. People probably abuse it but I couldn't say Sent from my phone via Tapatalk
  9. I'm on a sched 2 drug for ADD and all I have to do is call the Doctor and go pick up the prescription and no copay Sent from my phone via Tapatalk
  10. Ebola is contracted via any and all bodily fluids even well after death. Sent from my phone via Tapatalk
  11. The 45 Raptor should be coming out soon, kinda like the 458 SOCOM but faster Sent from my phone via Tapatalk
  12. I don't care except that my company will make money selling them 😁 Sent from my phone via Tapatalk
  13. I'd love to go, but I dont get paid until the Monday after the show lol. Only way to go is if I took a check, which for one I don't use and two, most people wouldn't take one anyway :P
  14. Dillon does a lot of price fixing, a lot like Apple. Its good that some retailers can't rape you, but sucks that they have minimum pricing.
  15. Friday they had a major routing change in the NC area. I had 5-6 locations drop off the map from our VPN. DNS etc was good to go but something crapped out. We had a work around but it was odd to say the least.   ETA - Time Warner is who I was thinking of, my bad


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