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  1. Well I've scavenged most if not all the parts off the ARs, I have a POF that I'm really fond of, so no way that upper/barrel/trigger is going to get melted. I'm putting the parts onto "bolt action ARs" which is almost literally what we have left as an option...until they come for the "high capacity (5) magazines, and they already have that in the works. I mean, the only think they didn't do to us, was the Cali-style no pistol grip rules. There's groups of us that have started to communicate in off-the-grid means, from wikr as a replacement for messenger...actually picking up the phone
  2. Lol, well we're literally under house arrest here, we're not to leave our houses because the covids. It's getting bad. Police made a public statement that they will not be doing random spot checks on people because of provincial order, and the premiere (who was elected as a conservative but turned leftist within a year) has started talking about bringing in federal "security teams" to enforce the lockdown. Most stores are closed, and those that are open have cordoned off areas. Costoco for example, you can ONLY buy food and meds, anything else won't check through. Kids are not allowed in
  3. 80+ million patriots. Excellent odds, that's all I have to say. There's simply not enough people realistically ready/willing to conduct any type of active protest here. We're conditioned to be some of the nicest people in the whole world, and it's just not in our nature to question authority too much, it's simply not polite. I feel bad for the fellow Canadians that feel as I do. So many good people you'd feel safe leaving your kids with for the weekend. Those of us concerned with the lack of accountability by government, hypocrisy in the media, and erosion of good family values,
  4. Will do. My wife has been to several parts of tennessee so I throw names at her and she yays or nays it for scoping out when we can realistically spend a week actively viewing properties. Kind of tricky in itself with all the coofid stuff, then the CAN/US relations not being the best. Just feels like something is just about to pop somewhere, Weird times.
  5. Was pretty clear that I don't understand why anyone would move away from a place where politics made it uninhabitable, and then vote for those same policies in the new place. I'm not as partisan as people I know in the US. I don't blindly follow a party if/when they start going insane. Currently the only party making any sense at all is Republican, but you also get guys like the Texas governor reciting liberal talking points. Up here the conservative party is chock full of red cons (that's what we call a liberal acting as a conservative, our liberals are red). I wouldn't vote for a gu
  6. Well that depends on whether you take into account the Kentucky windage...duh! *how tall are those guys anyway? A 1911 looks like a kid's toy in his hands, and I can barely reach the mag release lol.
  7. Hickock mentions them a lot, makes sense they're in the state. We have a few larger gun stores here, local one has a LOT in stock, but it's hidden in the back end of an almost vacant mall, next to a vacant lot, with stickers completely covering all the windows like an 80's strip club. I'll have to mark bud's on the map and see what property looks like around there. Thanks!!
  8. So out of curiosity, where would the good gun clubs be? I mean, I get that you don't need to go to a club to shoot (and that's soooo awesome), but for things like IPSC/IDPA/USPSA, who has the most/best matches? We're always dying for more matches up here, but they fill instantly when they do come up, and covid certainly hasn't helped that, and with the AR ban in full swing, we don't even have the 3 gun options, anything long gun is PCC, and my shotty hasn't seen action in forever lol. It's funny, I've never seen the use of IDPA up here because we can't carry, but maybe I'll sign up and
  9. I'll make some calls, as rock solid internet is a necessity, we definitely can't rely on wifi internet, and I thought it might be a problem, considering we want to be some distance from neighbors and cities (cities because I'm done with them, and neighbors just because you might like the neighbors today, but you might hate the next person to buy that house!).
  10. Heh, I see the two sides, and I gotta tell you, if it really came down to it, sign me up with patriots, rednecks and hillbillies any day of the week. I come from old school values. Like the boy scouts used to teach (oh sorry, it's just scouts now isn't it?). I like to help those that need to be helped, not just hand over the keys to the farm to anyone that cries loud enough. Show up to work if someone is awesome enough to give you a job. Thank someone if they help you. Hold the door open for the person behind you. Wave at people you don't know, help gather up the horses because the damn
  11. Lol, you can't put a question mark after eh, you wouldn't have passed the test You know how they say "the grass is always greener on the other side" ? Well that's true here. I had family move to the states years ago, and friends since then, and they all kept saying "come down, why do you stay there?". Thing is, it's never really been too bad here. Sure we're sort of a third world country, sure our money looks ridiculous, but damn, people are nice here (or used to be anyway). It's not a terrible place to live, UNTIL a hostile government takes over, and starts to remind you th
  12. The border guys are just dicks. I've crossed into Michigan about 200 times in my lifetime, I don't think I've ever had an issue with the US guys, but coming back is completely a different deal. Now that said, cops coming here for training/competitions are really weirded out by our "never carry, ever ever" policy on handguns, I mean, there's literally nobody carrying a gun that isn't a copper or armed security, so the guys I've met just felt completely naked without a carry pistol, so -maybe- they were thinking of that, who knows, like I said, a lot of them are just dicks, and they gravitated
  13. Again, I know I'm posting WAY TOO MUCH, but when I've got a goal or destination in mind, I fixate lol. If anyone has any questions about gun ownership in Canada, please ask. I think I've owned every gun that's legal to own up here, from single shot 22's to my bucket gun the benelli M4. I grabbed a tavor X95 the other day because I've never owned one (kind of growing on me). I own 4 AR-15's which are now slated for destruction. Just like that and done overnight by a coward, bypassing parliament. I also have ~10 handguns that I'm in various levels of love with. All of t
  14. Yeah I've been following the exodus from the hard blue states pretty carefully, but TN is appealing because it's too cold for californians to hang around too long, and "much too unsophisticated" for fancy new yorkers. Unfortunately I think all big cities will turn blue, until they become uninhabitable. Sooner or later lefties always turn on themselves, so best just let them at it, although I'm eager to visit Nashville, and see all the historical sites around the state, but we were already warned off of Nashville proper. We should have no problem $ wise once we sell everything here. T
  15. Beauty eh! I'll scope out the Chatanooga area for sure, see what kind of properties are available, and I'll see about calling the utility. Is it normal to have internet controlled by the electric company? That actually sounds pretty good, as they're probably good at keeping networks up and running. We have to make the trip down and view some properties, although we risk being detained if we fly back in. We're half-assed thinking about just driving down, it's only about 12 hours from here, and it saves us from possible detainment if we fly back into Canada. So we want to have a pretty


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