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  1. Have you considered a chest holster, like the Kenai? They’ve been recommended to me for the G40, I just haven’t had a reason to get one yet.
  2. Nashville armory has a laser engraver, they’ll charge you about $75+tax iirc.
  3. Still really fun to see people getting their Form 1 back in a month or less Waiting on the FBI check apparently; I could go buy a new gun tomorrow and be out the door in ten minutes but god help me if I want to put a stock on one I already own
  4. Of my current inventory, I'd have to go with the 3" round butt Model 13 S&W. Not pretty to look at but an absolute pleasure to shoot.
  5. I'm at almost exactly 6 weeks since they should have received my fingerprints, just waiting. Dunno what the holdup could be, none of my felony arrests turned into felony convictions
  6. The couple of people I know who’ve received their stamp in the last week filed as a trust and I don’t believe it was their first, which may have had something to do with getting them back so quickly. Mine was done as an individual and is my first one. I’m obsessively checking every email that comes to my personal account these days though, just in case. @chucksturhave you used the Ask An Expert link to send them an email? Might be worth a shot.
  7. A guy on another forum I’m on submitted one on June 8 and got the approval back on July 2. I eFiled one a few days after he did and priority mailed my fingerprints the next day. I’m still waiting but I expected 4-6 weeks, 5 months seems like something got lost somewhere.
  8. One thing to note, in my experience anyways, is that if you are going from years of using irons to a red dot you will have to completely retrain yourself in how you present the weapon. It's much more akin to point shooting than it is using iron sights. There's a video on youtube from Garand Thumb and Modern Samurai that discusses it better than I can, but basically rather than aligning the sights and focusing on the front dot/blade/whatever, you focus on your target and bring the dot into your line of sight. Look through the dot, not at it.
  9. You have no idea. I would sometimes manage to get a decent group at one distance, adjusted the dot, stepped it back a few yards and hit in an entirely different part of the target. I switched to a 9mm and could actually hit what I was aiming at so I just assumed I had a broken sight or gun or both, it took an embarrassingly long time to realize it was probably the easiest thing to fix
  10. I recently bought a Glock G40 MOS 10mm, and since it’s the MOS version I wanted to put a red dot on it. I went with the Holosun 507c since I’ve had good luck with them in the past. Took it to the range and bought several boxes of what they had for sale, at roughly 60c/round it seemed like a good deal! Lo and behold there was a reason it was so cheap. No matter the distance, shooting supported or offhand, I could not get a good enough group to get the dot zeroed. I went through something like 200 rounds and actually swapped the Holosun for one off of another pistol just in case that was the issue, before realizing it was probably an ammo issue. I took off the dot and went back to basics with the iron sights, got a new brand of ammo (the PMC in the pic below), ran a target out to 7 yards and shot 5 rounds of each ammo type. I guess it wasn’t the dot that was the problem! At least I only have 400 rounds of this stuff left
  11. Whoops, bought a G40 MOS today
  12. I came pretty close to picking up a Kimber in 10mm a couple of weeks ago but decided against it. I have the bug again though, especially since 10mm is about the only ammo one of the local shops has in stock
  13. Think I got the dot sighted in. 89/90 rounds in the center circle at 25 yards standing, 9/10 shots (it broke the circle, I say it's 10/10) in the head circle at 10 yards standing. I'm pretty happy with this thing
  14. In my experience it mostly comes down to personal opinion, whatever works best for you. I have both cowitnessing and non-cowitnessing dots, I prefer the non since the window is already so small it feels cluttered to have the sights in there too. It might be useful if I forget to change a battery in three years, time will tell I guess. I took some pictures for examples but they don't do a good job of showing how it looks IRL. FN 509c, Holosun 507c, supressor height black sights: cowitness: center of window: Glock 48, Holosun 507k, standard height Ameriglo Agents: sights "aligned": center of window:


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