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  1. I bought one of these about two weeks before the OP posted this one and I love it, definitely pick this up if you can
  2. I have a 48 that I carry almost daily with Shield Arms mags and love it. I think the 43x is the more popular choice but personally I don’t see the appeal of a full size grip with a short barrel. I do however really like the “single stack” Glock frame, I shoot them better than any of the larger-framed glocks I’ve owned.
  3. Bump and price drop. Going out of town next week and want some extra spending money, somebody buy this thing
  4. It’s about a 1/2” shorter in both grip and barrel length, and maybe 1/4” wider. Here’s a decent comparison.
  5. Up top. Make an offer if you’re interested, let’s work out a deal
  6. Package includes the FN509C, Holosun 507C, Streamlight TLR-7, and holster from T5 Custom Kydex that I added a DCC Monoblock to. Bought it to have something other than my G48 to carry and ended up never carrying it...whoops. Put a couple-three hundred rounds through it of both practice and carry ammo with zero issues. Pretty good trigger for a striker-fired gun too. In the box: Gun Two magazines, a 12-rd flush fit and a 15-rd with grip sleeve Extra backstrap (not sure if it's larger or smaller and couldn't figure out how to remove the old one, so) Padded zipper folio case All optic mounting plates and screws and whatnot Manual, other paperwork, nanny lock, etc Also have all the mounting hardware and extra screws for the Holosun and all the attachment keys for the light. My original purchase receipt was also in the box and my cost not including the holster was over $1150, I'll let the whole deal go for $850. If for some reason you don't want the Holosun you can get everything else for $650. Not going to part it out otherwise. Thanks for looking! Edit: forgot to say, FTF only in the Nashville area and surrounding counties.
  7. I got my IBM carbine a couple years ago for a S&W model 19 and $250 cash, which felt a little high at the time but I’ve always wanted an IBM carbine. Combine that with the Chinese SKS in a tapco stock I paid over $400 for ~18 years ago and you get a good picture of what kind of sucker I am for what I want
  8. Market share and parts availability would be my guess.
  9. Gotcha, yeah I try to avoid it as well. Came across the m85 marked as used but looked brand new, had a few mags and a couple accessories for 75% the cost of a new one
  10. If you sold it to a local shop in Nashville a couple months ago, I might own it now . Just sent off a form 1 to SBR it a couple days ago.
  11. I don't know if I just got a diamond or you guys got the rough but my 509c's trigger isn't bad at all. It's obviously not a competition gun but for a carry piece its pretty good, averages about 4.75lbs stock on my pull gauge.
  12. That’s kind of what I figured but I wanted to make extra sure. I’ll probably need to take off the VFG too, huh. Gotta love it
  13. Like the title says I may have a last minute (well, four days away) trip to shoot with some friends in KY. This isn’t enough time to get an approved ATF Form blah blah blah to travel with my sbr, but since it started life as a pistol is it kosher to put the brace back on it and cross state lines? Pretty much all of what I can find from googling is for ARs and this isn’t an AR so I can’t really see a straight answer.
  14. Efiled individual form 1 on june 14, stamp received 11/4. Not great but not the worst, as the OP experienced
  15. The cheapest way is to get a stack of cards and an ink pad and do your own. I’d recommend a bunch of cards to practice on though. The police department wasn’t taking appointments because of covid earlier this year, I ended up going to Identogo over by the airport. Got two cards for $20 I think. Make sure they know you want physical cards and not digital copies.
  16. I bought a 509C MRD a few months back, it’s a fantastic little gun. Great trigger.
  17. Have you considered a chest holster, like the Kenai? They’ve been recommended to me for the G40, I just haven’t had a reason to get one yet.
  18. Nashville armory has a laser engraver, they’ll charge you about $75+tax iirc.
  19. Still really fun to see people getting their Form 1 back in a month or less Waiting on the FBI check apparently; I could go buy a new gun tomorrow and be out the door in ten minutes but god help me if I want to put a stock on one I already own
  20. Of my current inventory, I'd have to go with the 3" round butt Model 13 S&W. Not pretty to look at but an absolute pleasure to shoot.
  21. I'm at almost exactly 6 weeks since they should have received my fingerprints, just waiting. Dunno what the holdup could be, none of my felony arrests turned into felony convictions
  22. The couple of people I know who’ve received their stamp in the last week filed as a trust and I don’t believe it was their first, which may have had something to do with getting them back so quickly. Mine was done as an individual and is my first one. I’m obsessively checking every email that comes to my personal account these days though, just in case. @chucksturhave you used the Ask An Expert link to send them an email? Might be worth a shot.
  23. A guy on another forum I’m on submitted one on June 8 and got the approval back on July 2. I eFiled one a few days after he did and priority mailed my fingerprints the next day. I’m still waiting but I expected 4-6 weeks, 5 months seems like something got lost somewhere.
  24. One thing to note, in my experience anyways, is that if you are going from years of using irons to a red dot you will have to completely retrain yourself in how you present the weapon. It's much more akin to point shooting than it is using iron sights. There's a video on youtube from Garand Thumb and Modern Samurai that discusses it better than I can, but basically rather than aligning the sights and focusing on the front dot/blade/whatever, you focus on your target and bring the dot into your line of sight. Look through the dot, not at it.


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