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  1. I cannot say enough about Randy and Harris Combative Training Group. This was another outstanding class. I've taken several classes with Randy at Harris Combative TN/GA/AL Training Group and have never walked away disappointed. Randy has an incredible amount of patience and is a brilliant instructor. This class focused on bug (conceal carry guns/back up) guns. If you are going to carry one to protect yourself, you should be proficient and comfortable using it. We began with the basics, dry fire, dry fire with a penny, then on to live fire. We used dummy rounds to clear jams and see if we are jerking the trigger. At the end, we did the Bakersfield test and saw the results of our training. I was quite pleased. When it comes to firearms, I don't think you can ever get enough training. I'm so glad Harris Combative takes the time to come out to Windrock Shooting Range so I don't even have to travel far for these valuable classes. Best part is that Randy makes training/learning fun, we had a lot of laughs but most importantly, I walked away with a lot more knowledge and confidence than before the class. Thank you Randy!
  2. Yesterday, I attended the most valuable and humbling class imaginable. I knew that “Fighting Inside The Box” by Norsemen Training and Consulting Group http://www.norsementcg.com was going to be very challenging, but it far surpassed my expectations. It was obvious that a lot of thought and planning went into this class and the instructors were absolutely phenomenal. We began with about an hour of in classroom instruction and safety discussion. There was a lot of thought provoking conversation around defending yourself and others. Prior to entering the safe training area outside, we went through a triple check procedure and our firearms were flagged through the barrel and ejection port to indicate they were clear and safe. Next, we learned and practiced some very up close maneuvers. It was very stressful having a gun (even though it was triple checked for safety) pointed at me and equally uncomfortable for me having to point mine at a friend/classmate. I have been trained for years to never point a gun at something I did not intend to kill. That is a very powerful lesson and took a bit of time to overcome. I really questioned several times during class if I should even be carrying knowing the tremendous responsibility it is. You must be very cognizant about who and why you are shooting. Who is behind the attacker and is the attacker indeed a deadly threat to you or a loved one? As the class progressed from dry firing, role playing, and simulations, we progressed to live fire. I was amazed at how badly I did when the targets were moving unlike anything I have encountered in the monthly bug (back up gun) match at www.windrockshootingrange.com. I have been drawing from a holster for close to 5 years now and have taken several classes. During the stressful drills where I need to draw and move and shoot at the same time, I couldn’t even remember how to hold the gun! It was extremely eye opening to me how much I didn’t know and how much practice I still need. At the end, we did some really intense force on force scenarios with airsoft guns. My scenario was walking up on a man holding a gun on another man and they were screaming at each other. The guy begs me to shoot saying “help, this guy is going to kill me”. I just froze, even knowing it was a toy, the chaos and a gun pointed at someone scared the crap out of me. (It is not like watching movies, that is for sure). Then the guy holding the gun says he’s the police while the guy with his hands up is yelling that he is going to kill him. Instead of running for cover, I stood there like an idiot with my hand on my gun and my mind went blank. After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to articulate and asked to see a badge. Sure enough, it was an undercover cop trying to make an arrest. I saw the badge and retreated. It really made me think about what happens in real life when people legally carrying guns think they are helping but don’t know the full story. The whole class really opened my eyes to the stress, confusion and thought process that you would go through if a deadly force situation presented itself. I learned that I need a lot more practice and training, but this class was an incredible experience and I am so grateful Norsemen Training and Consulting Group is offering such real life training at www.windrockshootingrange.com. I also wanted to mention that safety was emphasized the entire day. The class size was kept small and even called in a 3rd instructor during the most complex maneuvers. They were all extremely knowledgeable and did an incredible job. I can’t wait for part 2! I understand there is a second class in May since this one filled up so quickly. If interested, contact Eric at Windrock Shooting Range!
  3. Excellent review Canis Dog! I was going to write a review of this class, but you did a fantastic job summarizing the whole evening. I'll add a collage of a few photos I took that night. It was an awesome class, I learned a lot and feel much more confident in low light settings. Thank you Randy and A.J. for making it a fun and enlightening experience.
  4. I took the class today with Randy and AJ and have to admit it was a very serious topic that terrified me. Randy and AJ did an amazing job introducing us to different trauma care techniques. I think our whole group really had a lot of fun learning. We started the morning learning about life threatening injuries and how to treat them. We reviewed different tourniquets and bandages and tested them out on each other. Then we went outside and put our training to use. Randy shot a perfectly good pork roast, but it was a brilliant way to demonstrate how deep a gunshot wound could go and how much gauze it takes to fill it. We did a little live fire (at targets not each other) to simulate a realistic scenario of having to treat ourselves in the field. Randy an d AJ were amazing instructors and we had a really awesome class. Looking forward to more classes at Windrock Shooting Range.


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