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  1. 180 was discussed before the match, so i'd consider it a local rule. the wall was actually angled back, forcing you to move at an angle towards the crows and away from down range.   there was a walkthrough, but not enough for everyone to walk step by step through the stage. If it had been air gunned, I think someone would have found the fault in the wall placement. the wall also had a leg extending further towards the crowd, causing you to step further back when moving across the opening, or stepping across the support leg.   i'm not mad, definitely not the end of the world, but I just wanted some outside opinion to make sure I wasn't being biased here.   i'm just now getting back into the game and hopefully will be able to make it up to mtsc and chrpc for some matches in the near future.
  2. Guys, I have a question about a DQ that happened at an IDPA match this past weekend in Hartselle, AL. I haven't posted here in a while, but wanted to get an opinion without it appearing I was "calling out" another member on another forum, who was the MD/safety officer.     If a stage is modified during a match because the original setup "encouraged" breaking the 180 rule, should someone be dq'd forbreaking the rule before it was changed?   I was the 3rd or 4th shooter on the stage. I do not have a layout, but will try to describe the stage. Shooter starts about 3 ft from first 3 targets. There is a wall on the left. Shooter starts by retreating and engaging the first 3 targets. At the end of the wall, you turn to the left and proceed down another wall that is angled back away from the berm at about 35-40 degrees. there is a second wall after a gap. There is a 4th target at about 170 degrees from the first wall, and you have to hug it pretty tight to get a shot. after engaging the far target, there are 2 more towards the back berm that have to be engaged from cover of the angled wall. I was close to the wall when engaging them because of the angle required to engage the 4th target. I pulled back around to reload and had to move around the wall to bring the gun to me. at this point I broke the 180, and string was called to stop. I was dq'd. After the next shooter ran through and was close to doing the same, they moved the 35-40 degree wall to 10 degrees or so and opened up the gap so you weren't so close to the wall when engaging target 4.   I am not disagreeing that I broke a rule. I took the dq, didn't argue, but pointed out that the setup made it easy to do. stayed and watched a few more stages before I left.    
  3. I like it being there somewhere mainly in the classifieds section. I am weary of dealing with people with low post counts or very recent join dates, and it's easy to see there instead of having to look for it. At least it's not to the point of being a popularity contest like little green dots
  4. they were decent priced when they had the buy one, get one half off coupons before the 08 election (especially when they just took half off everything by mistake) but nothing good since then
  5. yeah, but you got a KILLER deal on it...enough to offset the cost/availability of ammo. his deal is not quite on par. Like others have said, you can find a good used glock for around that cost, and then you can pick a caliber that you already own.
  6. I have checked the cables and everything seems in tact. I do not hear the drive spinning, and that's why I think it's stuck.
  7. Our desktop froze up today and my wife did a hard power down and now it will now boot. I think that the hard drive is going out, because if I gently rock the tower it will try to boot and go into the windows load screen, but if I don't touch it, it sticks on the boot menu. There is a lot of pictures and videos on the hard drive that I was informed had not been backed up. Is it possible to have the disk taken out and put into a working drive if it is a mechanical problem with the drive? Any help or tips will be greatly appreciated. It is currently running XP if that helps any.
  8. make sure not to put any live ammo, primers, or powder in the box. This box thing seems to be getting pretty damn complicated
  9. it seems to me to be the cheaper shooting alternative, for non-reloaders, on a familiar platform for competition or training. How many of you own a AR style rifle in 5.45 or .22, or have a conversion? I run a conversion in my AR, so that way it is hella cheaper to shoot, but it is the weapon I would use if need be, so I am much more familiar with it.
  10. if it is in the car, your insurance should cover it. sounds like a total loss to me. replacement value is whatever MSRP is on the gun
  11. I had a basic ultra carry model for a while - great gun but will not feed hollow points, as with most 3" 1911's. One thing about buying it factory vs upgrading later is that the kimber laser grips that come on them from the factory aren't available aftermarket. You have to get diff grips, or buy a set off someone who wants to get rid of theirs.
  12. I was planning on playing the beta, but currently stuck in Blatimore without my 360...how long is it supposed to last?
  13. beautifiul. I got to shoot a couple of the prototypes last summer and thought they were damn near perfect. I can't imagine how great the production pieces are if Jeff was able to make that much difference in them. congrats on a great piece
  14. i used to drive from chattanooga to go to ORSA and the shoot is well worth it. There's always a good trunout- good stages, and a great group of guys shoot there. too bad it's now a 3-4 hr drive up there for me now
  15. in the past 2 weeks there have been incidents where drunk mexicans have entered the interstate and killed others in GA because they 1. were driving drunk and 2. neither spoke english, so they couldn't read the directional signs and the do not enter signs. in 1 wreck a man lost his life and several others were injured. in the other, a mother, her 5 yr old, 3 yr old, and infant were all killed. this is reason enough for the laws to be passed. and I'm sure that as soon as these guys get out on bail, they'll make it back to mexico and we'll never hear another thing about it

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