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  1. From years on the trap & skeet fields, the absolute best over/unders in the price range you are looking at are the Browning Citoris & Beretta 686s. I believe the Citori barrels to be better regulated than the Berettas (had a 28ga that shot shamefully low) but the Berettas fit me better, so that's what I shoot most now. Fit trumps all. But my Citori was incredible - over 10,000 rounds & still tight & reliable. Another one to seriously consider is the SKBs. Very(!) good shotguns for the money. Avoid anything that says "Made in Turkey". Avoid the Ruger Red Labels; they shoot loose too quickly, which is sadly disappointing as Ruger built their rep on rugged, strong guns that were a good value for the money. Somehow they missed the mark on these. One small suggestion - do NOT get a ported barrel model. The extra noise is a nightmare in the hunting fields.
  2. Hi Johnny! You're among friends. I'm envious. I love the smell of freshly delivered ammo.
  3. Pretty much only #9 shot works "right" when loading 410 shells on my MEC. What size shot are you trying to load? If it's bigger than #9 shot, that's likely the first issue. Second suggestion would be to tighten the shot & powder bottles down lightly. Don't screw them on super hard. Thirdly, does your charge bar have the rubber/polymer insert for the shot side? (See image) if not, those old solid bars 'cut' the shot as you try to slide the bar making it hard to move it. Try getting the newer style; it helps.
  4. I do understand where you are coming from @bobsguns. Some of these young 'adults' probably couldn't be trusted with a can opener. But my take on it has always been that if you are "old enough" to be drafted & handed an M-16 & told to go kill enemies of the USA, you should also be old enough to buy a beer & a handgun (well, probably not at the same time, but you get the gist.) Either we raise the age a person can be indentured to Uncle Sam to age 21 or we start treating 18 y/o "adults" as true and actual adults. Personally, I found it inconsistent with logic that @ age 18, 19, & 20, I would be handed a fully auto-machine gun (M-16 or M-60) w/bunches of ammo & told to go guard the nukes night after night, but I couldn't walk into Bob's Gun Emporium & buy that S&W 686 I'd been wanting for years. And having a beer with the guys after work? Nope, I couldn't be trusted by my own country or state to "handle" that either. But I was volun-told to secure the most dangerous weapons on the planet. Hmmm...something always seemed off with that inconsistency. Just putting my thoughts out there. For what it's worth 10 USC Ch. 12: THE MILITIA defines age 17 as the point a young man is ready to take part in defense of his community & nation (excerpt below): §246. Militia: composition and classes; (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
  5. Do you fill both up at the same gas station? Maybe just a bad batch of gas? Naw...it's never that simple. Had to toss it out there though. My 2001 Tacoma just check-engined me for a new O2 sensor. Must just be that time of year.
  6. Good to have you on board. And, yes, Tennessee is great.
  7. That's great news. I never did understand the restriction but like many (most?) gun laws, there wasn't any logic behind it.
  8. I'll second the motion...if that helps.
  9. I'm with you @Thursty the tang safety is a plus in my book.
  10. That is quite a project, but I like the end result. You do great work.
  11. Any of these ring a bell? https://www.eatthis.com/failed-restaurant-chains-1990s/
  12. Good to have you here. Thanks for doing your time with Uncle Sam. It's appreciated. Hopefully you found those Ruger Service Six revolver grips. I'm a GP-100 fan. Ruger makes some stout six guns. They're all pretty good.
  13. Dang @alleycat72, you and your buddies have definitely found a hot spot of hogs there in TX. I used to hunt south of San Antonio, near Devine, and we'd get maybe three apiece (3 hunters) on a weekend hunt & we had fun & were happy with that. Your setup is sweet, too (night vision & suppressor.) Definitely the way to go. Maybe that's what's helping you all get so many multiples; you aren't nearly as loud as we were, running our unsuppressed guns. And - for the record for those still unsure since it came up earlier - hogs are perfectly fine to eat. Just gut 'em, skin 'em, & get them on ice (in a cooler) quickly. Roasts & sausage were my favorite "wild boar" meats.
  14. In my first hand, been there & done that experience, standard CCI 500 small pistol primers failed to ignite the H110 powder of my .357 Mag load. First time, while tapping the stuck bullet out of the barrel/forcing cone juncture, I thought it had to be a fluke so I tried it again. Nope, not a fluke, as I tapped yet another stuck bullet out of the barrel. Lesson learned - if trying to ignite H110 (or W296; same thing), use a small pistol magnum primer (like a CCI 550).
  15. Title your ATV. Don't title your ATV. It doesn't matter or affect me in any way. But TN law says it will need to be titled & I simply asked if this ATV for sale had a clear title so I could decide if I wanted to buy it or not.
  16. From Tennessee law: (c) (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of the law to the contrary, off-highway motor vehicles purchased after June 1, 1983, shall be subject to the certificate of title and special identification device provisions of this chapter and § 55-6-101, when such off-highway motor vehicles are operated on lands, other than a highway, in this state.
  17. Tennessee: It is mandatory to title your ATV, but there is no need to register or provide proof of liability insurance. All operators and passengers of ATVs are required to wear a safety helmet. If a person wishes to operate their ATV before sunrise or after sunset, the ATV must have head and tail lights that illuminate up to 200 feet. ATV’s are permitted to cross a highway that is two lanes and not a part of the interstate systems. See more Tennessee ATV Laws in our Complete Guide.
  18. From DMV.org: All-Terrain Vehicles in TN Since you can't operate your all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on public roads and highways, you don't have to register it. You do have to title it, though. To obtain the ATV title in your name you will need to visit your local TN DOR office in person. You may need to provide: The manufacturer's statement of origin and invoice (for new vehicles). A certificate of title (for used vehicles). Must be properly signed over to you. A completed Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form RV-F1317001) for used vehicles. Proof of your identification. Proof of your TN residency. You will need to pay a fee of $11 for your title certificate.
  19. I appreciate that two of you failed to get clear titles for your ATVs, contrary to TN law, and it worked out for you. My luck is never so good. I'm sure the OP will find a buyer.
  20. Thanks for sharing your experience, which should save others from the same trouble. Amazon becomes more & more like eBay every day. You just never seem to know if you will get the genuine product or not.
  21. I'm interested but the need to be titled (TN law) is making me hesitant. Do you have a clear title for it in your name? If you mentioned that already, I apologize for missing it.
  22. Recent or not, it points to an obvious disregard to never point a gun at something you don't want to be shot. Why the rules of trap (or any other shotgun "game") don't expressly forbid it surprises me. Horrible example of "do as we say, not as we do." Gruesome picture = good reminder.
  23. For those that can't read it, here's a snippet: Death Valley National Park located the couple’s missing white Subaru off Gold Valley Road. A note on the vehicle read, “Two flat tires, headed to Mormon Point, have three days’ worth of water.” The note provided vital information to help locate the couple in their remote location. The Inyo Search and Rescue technical team spotted the couple through aerial reconnaissance of the incredibly remote area, according to the release. The team attempted a hoist operation, but the extreme location meant the two team members who rappelled were unable to reach the couple. Another operation will begin Thursday evening with an Inyo Search and Rescue team descending into the canyon. NEWS FLASH! In an emergency, one can drive a car with flat tires. Better to replace two tires & two rims later & get to safety, than to abandon your vehicle in Death Valley & go hiking into no-mans-land. Their other (obvious) option was to hike 22 miles down the road they were on. At least then they could have been found more easily, or got lucky & come across another driver. It seems like they chose the highest risk, least logical option & it nearly cost them their life. Scary.
  24. Proving once again that fear isn't rational. The council fears guns and thinks if they are banned, they are magically safe. What they fail to realize (acknowledge?) is that guns are already being carried & used by those they should fear (criminals). But honest people are currently at the mercy of those that already flaunt the law. Permitless carry (aka, Constitutional Carry) merely levels the playing field & violent crime will go DOWN as a result. Chicago politicians have followed the same thinking as the Memphis City Council for many years. Same outcome (300+ murders per year.) What is that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over & over again, but expecting a different result. The governor is on the right path. Thankfully the Memphis council can't over-rule state law.
  25. Suing Lucky Gunner for selling ammo used in a crime is akin to suing Shell for selling the fuel used in a car that someone used to run over & kill people. The misuse of a product is not the sellers responsibility. But applying some system to verify age - as specified by the law - should be in place. Not that it would have prevented this tragedy, as evil will find a way to express itself (sadly). I see this as the antigunners next "mode" of preventing people from exercising 2A rights - sue suppliers (since Federal law prevents them from suing gun makers out of business.) If no one will sell guns or ammo for fear of being sued, we all suffer the loss of ability to exercise our Constitutional rights. In closing, I want to extend my sincere condolences to the families that have suffered the horrible loss of a loved one @ the hands of a mentally unstable person. This is the tragedy of our times. Mental health needs that overwhelm our current system. That's where legislative attention should be aimed. Frivolous lawsuits don't help solve anything.


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