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  1. TNDixieGirl

    Cig Tax

    Actually, the manufacturers, Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds, are the ones that raised the prices early (sometime last month was when I noticed). The stores really had no choice. http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articles/reuters/MTFH39259_2009-03-06_14-41-22_N06386339.htm
  2. The only problem I see with the links posted above, are that two of them are restaurants that don't serve alcohol. The other one sounds more like it's a bar, if the reader comment below it is correct about the dance floor. None of those would seem relevant to the bill that we're trying to pass in TN. When I watched him speaking, I took him to mean he challenged anyone to find a shooting involving a legal permit holder in those states where it's already legal for permit holders to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol. And several of those guys I wanted to pat on the back for taking the stand they took. But for every logical person that spoke, 3 morons stood up and spoke too. I can't believe the way some of these idiots get up and asks the most basic questions revealing they have no CLUE how the handgun carry laws read right now.
  3. In that first link I posted, you have to go down the left side of the page and click on the links that say US Off Limits (or something close to that) and each state has a summary of what is allowed and what isn't. I like the opencarry link better myself. Thanks for posting it!
  4. I found it. And it's actually 39 states! Thanks anyway. http://handgunlaw.us/
  5. Is there a website that actually lists the 34 states that allow handgun carry where alcohol is served? I know I saw one once, but for the life of me I can't track it down again. Thanks!
  6. TNDixieGirl


    It's at least 10-12 inches here in Tipton County right now, and still coming down. Our poor dogs are not liking this. It's up to their shoulders and they're finding it hard to walk, much less do their business. I took some pics, but I forgot how to post them.
  7. According to HBO website, it will be released to DVD in May.
  8. If you want to hear it, go here: http://wxmx-fm.fimc.net/goout.asp?u=http://drakezeke.com then click on the tab marked Podcasts, under today's date choose the file named 021009 820.mp3 and then the interview/call ins continue into the next file (840). The question from the guy asking about it being a worse offense if he was caught smoking weed while carrying is the one that made me about fall out of my chair.
  9. Look closely at those two pics (or the others on the USS New York link I posted). Notice how in the close up pic, the "Never Forget" logo is prominently there in two places? But when she's being backed out of the dock, they aren't there anymore. Why would they remove them?
  10. Yep, that would be her. http://www.ussnewyork.com/ussny_gallery.html They do look the same Hy. I think the only difference is the San Antonio has 17 on her side and New York has 21. Other than that, I can't tell a difference.
  11. That photo is of the USS San Antonio, not the USS New York. http://www.snopes.com/photos/military/ussnewyork.asp

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