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  1. Hello, I am a new forum user, so if I am responding to these incorrectly please let me know. Unfortunately, I come from Iowa and there is never a possibility for expungement. But, one can not dwell on the past, only move towards the future. In response to my criminal record I am neither embarrassed or ashamed to share it. At the age of 18 my parent's rightfully kicked me out our home in the winter, I was inclined to break into a used clothing store and steal clothing along with money that was in a purse display. Now, I must say that although I thought I was extremely bright in the moment, it was proven that the life of crime was not for me. There is nothing more embarrassing than waking up in a pile of used clothing and having two police officers laughing at the absurdity of it. It only took one time. The store owners wanted to hit me with everything they could and now I have four felonies for burglary. Yes, I believe that I deserved what I received for a sentence, but I would be lying if I did not say it leaves me frustrated at times. I do not believe my crime fits into the categories of violence, drugs or firearms. Although I am happy spending the rest of my life using only archery equipment, I do miss the ability to hit a target at more than 40 ft lbs. Oh to be young, unintelligent and have a lack of being able to perceive the future. In response to your officers thoughts on felons owning firearms, they are wrong. According to the ATF one should only go by the definition of a antique firearm and be careful in those regards. It is also impossible because of explosive regulations for me to posses black powder. Each state is a minefield of regulations as is the federal government. I am a pyrodex or nothing man that knows to not to use primers and only use percussion caps. No. I am not a child molester or rapist and am quite sure we would both handle them the same way.
  2. Hello, No, I am not asking if there are locations in the state of Tennessee where I may shoot felons legally. I myself am a felon and with the recent opinion by the Tennessee State Attorney General I am under the belief that I may use a black powder rifle. Please, before you decide to hate me, look at my questions and answer if you can. Of course I understand that that rife must be percussion, flintlock made before 1898 and any reproductions must be in the same form. As I may only use balls and Pyrodex it seems as though it would be a interesting pastime. There are a few questions I would like answered before I go out and purchase something like a Thompson Center Hawken. 1. Do I need a hunters safety class in Tennessee to shoot a antique firearm and can I as a felon take one? ( I do have a completed class from Iowa in 1993). 2. Are there any state shooting ranges that I may access on the west side of Tennessee as I will not be able to pass a background check? 3. Does anyone know of a farmer or land owner that may have a place to shoot on the west side of Tennessee? Thank you


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