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  1. Cosmoline. I did a simple green and hot water bath earlier today.
  2. Heres updated pics after a little sanding.. Smoothed out what i needed to but its still there... Is it me ( first time doing this ) But is the nagant wood just shitty or is there some stuck in stain still there?
  3. How would i blend it? Im gettin ready to do some sanding today.
  4. You can email me them and i can host em? Or you can upload em to a photobucket account and post the links here in the thread. 
  5. Hmm. Ill have to do some reading on the bleaching. 
  6. So ive been putting off refinishing my 91/30 for awhile.. And with the purchase of my new 80$ SKS :D which needed a refinish.. i figured what the hell.. Went to walmart picked up some Klean Strip gel and some brushes.. Stripped the finish as good as i could with the chemical. Rinsed em off and hung em to dry.. still in the drying process ( about 6 hours in ) heres where im at. SKS 91/30 Question is on the SKS mainly.. when i got the gun this is what it looked like.. What in the hell could all that black have been? Burn? Stain? Hell if i know.. it looks like it is still inside the stock. How can i get it down to bare wood. Im gonna do some sanding tommorow on both of them.. 150/220/ and final with a 350 pad. The mosin will ok i reckon :D What ye say? Im gonna do Boiled Linseed Oil for the finish.
  7. Could contact Phillyedc on youtube.. or Gunfighters INC as well both have outstanding products
  8. Ive had a Mookie war right rig, 2 point sling, 1 point convertible sling, flashlight pouch, all from John he makes grade A stuff.. great customer service as well
  9. Marshall at PA will tell you strait up. If you depend on your rifle for SHTF/SD buy aimpoint/eotech But for a range gun he stands behind his Micros and Other RDS with confidence.
  10. Howard Leight impacts! Got these for xmas from Primaryarms.com on sale... best muffs for the price!
  11. SMZRU will be involved in this.. Sounds like a Great time!
  12. thats a good idea pcrc! And fellas im not worrying about looks.. i dont care about that lol
  13. this is gonna be fine for a lee turret.. and reloading 2 calibers.. no ideas on how to sturdy her up?
  14. Got this for free from a neighboor moving out... Plans include to brace it and L bracket it to the wall.. i wanna put a clear mat or something underneath the bench for my fiances sake.. and well the carpet too ideas???
  15. Fwdftw

    New Stik

    Holy.. S*** lol... that is bad ass sir.. everything i want my 308 to be! minus the folding stock
  16. Should be fine..im using xtr lows, egw base 20 moa, and millet trs, its 40mm
  17. Your saying a millet trs isn't up to 600 yd shootng
  18. i want to do a 20 moa base.. thinking egw.. and possibly burris xtr rings .. thinking millet trs-1
  19. Fwdftw

    New Gun Day!!

    what about mounts and rings and scopes??? i have acces to a 200, 600, and 1000 yard range. I dont know to terribly much about scopes and such.. but i wanna zero at 200 and adjust to 600-1000 thinking about this scope http://www.opticsplanet.net/millet-t...iflescope.html idk about the moa adjustments im not sure about what it ranges on this scope. it really depends on my base.. thinking either egw zero or 20 moa , Depending on scope . I wanna spend 300 max on glass. Thanks for all the help!
  20. Rem 700 Heavy barrel 308 what would be a nice base and rings? picatiny? weaver?
  21. Fwdftw

    New Gun Day!!

    yep.. and a sweet trigger it is!
  22. Fwdftw

    New Gun Day!!

    Just got back from sportsmans warehouse.. was going to go with a gen3 g22 LEO trade in.. but OMB ran out. ill wait for the next batch.. instead!!! I picked up a REM 700 Tactical 20 inch in .308! WHEW what a sweet gun.. AWESOME trigger.. not sure yet on what glass is going on it.. more then likely.. millet ! Yay im excited.. pics soon!


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