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  1. ballz71 - Thank you for the kind words and endorcement. Much appreciated.
  2. Greetings y'all! Hopefully most of you were able to see the incredible introduction David, the Administrator of this forum, posted about our training company. If not, I will add it to the bottom of this message. I just wanted to put out there that our classes for the rest of 2021 have been added to the calendar of this site. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here or contact my wife, CKerwin, who handles all of the admin, scheduling, marketing, etc... We have the first quarter of 2022 done as well and will have it up on the schedule within the week. You can visit our website at https://www.personalsurvivalsolutions.com/ for a full view of what we do and why we do it. Thank you for taking the time to check us out and we hope to meet and work with many of you soon! Always Vigilant, Always Prepared! Personal Survival Solutions Shane & Calley Kerwin Written by David for TGO "Introducing Shane Kerwin and Personal Survival Solutions: As most of you know, I am a firm believer in getting good training from reputable and knowledgeable educators with experience in firearms safety, effective and responsible use of firearms for personal protection, risk avoidance and de-escalation techniques, unarmed combat and personal emergency medical skills. It is very rare to find a person who can educate on more than one or two of those concepts at a high level of proficiency. That is not to say there is anything wrong with finding a person who is an expert in any one facet of "preparedness", but rather to point out that while we all endeavor to be well-rounded practitioners, it is difficult to find people who are far enough down that road themselves that they can effectively instruct others. Often times, the people who operate at that level of proficiency come to us from highly trained, highly specialized units of military service or law enforcement. Shane Kerwin, founder of Personal Survival Solutions, is such a person. Mr. Kerwin served in the US Army's 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group as a junior Medical Sergeant. During his 16-year tenure with 5th Group, Shane served as junior and senior Medical Sergeant, Company senior Medical Sergeant, Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC), senior Cadre and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Company Operations Sergeant, and Detachment Operations Sergeant (Team Sergeant). During his time with 5th Group, he deployed 7 times in the Global War on Terrorism and has additional deployments under his belt. Now operating in the civilian sector, Shane Kerwin is bringing intensive, realistic and proven skills and concepts to the rest of us. He has made it his new mission to help regular people protect themselves and increase the security of their families by imparting what he has learned on the topics of Mindset, Weapons, Skills, Equipment and Environment. The ultimate goal is to teach you to make good critical decisions to mitigate threats and respond to an increasingly dangerous world. I hope that you will not only join me in welcoming Mr. Kerwin and PSS to our community, but that you will click over to their website, learn more about what he has to offer, and sign up for a class or two. Maybe we'll end up in one together. "
  3. Morning Everyone, I wanted to post one of our upcoming classes. As of right now I teach all class that we offer (Shane Kerwin). The below flyer should cover all the posting information. Moderators, if it doesn't and I need post it in a different way, just let me know. We want to make sure we are following the prescribed criteria. We will also have our company logo on a banner soon. Hope to see you on the range. Shane
  4. Morning Everyone, I wanted to post one of our upcoming classes. As of right now I teach all class that we offer (Shane Kerwin). The below flyer should cover all the posting information. Moderators, if it doesn't and I need post it in a different way, just let me know. We want to make sure we are following the prescribed criteria. We will also have our company logo on a banner soon. Hope to see you on the range. Shane
  5. My pleasure hipower. I can understand how that can be tough. We all envision ourselves as always being Good to Go and then age has a funny way of changing that. I know that age is starting to make things harder. By the VA I am 100% disable, but feel blessed that I have all my fingers, toes, and appendages. So I keep plugging along. I had a gentleman, who is now a friend, in a class I taught who was having troubles holstering his pistol. He shared with me that he had, had a stroke and had neorological issues with feeling and movement. We worked with what he could do and came up with a solution. If he tapped the outside of the holster and then brought the pistol up, down and in, he was successful and safe. Just an example of a limitation and working around it. If you ever want to get together just let me know, that is what I really enjoy doing. Keep up the good work.
  6. hipower - definately understand my friend. On a separate but related note. I've got a gentleman who has been coming out to run them with me to get back in shape and lose wieght. He has about 100 lbs that he wants to lose. He has some physical limitations, but we works around them. He walks most of it and only does what he can. Some of the positions are diffiecult for him, so we modify it, but he keeps coming out to push himself. it is encouraging to see. Thanks for the feedback gents.
  7. Grayfox54 - I completely understand and question my sanity every Tuesday and Thursday I am out there.
  8. Hey Whisper, I run back to the 100 yard line and stop the time. Mostly because I leave my phone back at the table. It is not a easy event. I am not young any longer, that's why I retired and let the young pups handle my old job. Haha But it helps me maintain. If you try it, just set a pace and be consistent. Also, taking a few recovery breaths in each postion helps. The first couple circuits are hard, then you get a a pace, then the last 2 get rough again because you know you are almost done. Have fun with it and let me know how it goes. Cheers.
  9. Hey all, My normal EDC is a Glock 34 with some light custom work on it. It works well with my body type and with a Tier 1 Concealed AIWB and all of the appropriate wings and wedges. I also carry a spare mag in a Blade-Tec OWB behind the left hip. If I am wearing shorts and a more fitting t-shirt I may go to a S&W M&P 2.0 Compact or a G19. These fit my lifestyle and the G34 is carried religiously everyday. Thanks for the good topic. I like to see what everyone likes to tote.
  10. Good Afternoon All - I wanted to share some standards that I have been developing and vetting over the last several months that I run as a "Combat Conditioning" workout. I believe this is the correct place to post this. So here it goes. Shane Kerwin - Personal Survival Solutions The American Rifleman - Battle Standards - Run during my twice weekly Combat Conditioning sessions There is no cost for this. I have been running them on my own at Montgomery County Shooting Complex (Where I have access). Recently I have had some select folks come out and run them with me. American Rifleman - Battle Standards Range and Equipment needed - 100 yard range , 60 rounds of rifle ammo, rifle zero'ed at your prefered distance, extra magazine carrier, cones or yard line markers, and a target that has a defined head and high center chest area (I use Fieldcraft's target) Standards - 10 evolutions, Overall time 22 minutes or less, No more that 6 fight stopping misses. The chest box and head triangle are good for aiming and scoring, but if it is a fight stopping hit outside of them, it will count. Full misses or periforal hits count as a miss. Start the time: 100 yards - from standing to seated position - fire 1 shot to the chest. Move to the prone position - fire 1 shot to the chest. So 2 shots at the 100. Run to 75 yard 75 yards - Traditional Kneeling position - fire 1 shot to the chest. Run to 50 yard 50 yards - Speed Knee position - fire 1 shot to the chest Run to 25 yards 25 yards - Standing position - fire 1 shot to the head Run to 7 yards 7 yards - Standing postion - fire 1 shot to the head Run back to the 100 yard line and repeat 9 more time. I wanted to run something that was a functional workout, shooting/marksmanship, positional shooting, and some type of quantifiable standard to see progress. It is one part of a program I refer to as Combat Conitioning. It is not easy, but anything worth doing isn't. I do want to give credit to Reid Henrichs (Valor Ridge). This is an adaptation of his to "Tough 100" Attached is the target and rifle I ran the Battle Standards with last time I ran them. Overall time was 21:29, with what I consider 5 misses. Cutting it close, but room for improvement. Give them a try. Cheers, Shane Always Vigilant, Always Prepared
  11. Great source of information. Currently I recommend a 50/200 yard zero to my students and folks that ask my humble opinion. Although, I am starting to sway to a 100 yard zero recommendation. As a little back ground on how I have come up with what I teach. I ran a 25/300M zero for a large percentage of my time in the military (24 Yrs). I switched over to a 50/200 zero while I was in Special Forces and have been running it still, now that I am retired from the Army and training folks. About 4 months ago, in addition to running classes, I started developing, vetting and running twice a week, what I am calling The American Rifleman - Battle Standards. I started out with a 50/200 zero and it worked well, but have changed over to a 100 yard zero and my overall groupings have improved at the various distances run in the Standards (100 Yards to 10 Yards). I am also taking into considerations the distances encountered as a Armed Citizen and being able to articulate engagement of a threat at distances. I have been working hard to "put the work in", so my conclusions come from my experiencial base. That being said, in our Indermediate Distance Rifle/Carbine course, we shoot out to 200 yards. I talk about all the various popular zeroing distances and what the max ord is, in theory, for them, then we go out and shoot the distances to see. I have found that all rifles have their own personalities and will be different from what may be on paper. Also, that is not talking about marrage of bullet weight/barrel twist combinations and a few other factors, that I will save for a different post. Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I saw this thread and it interested me. I wanted to be more involved with TGO, so this is where I chose to jump in. If there is interest in our Battle Standards, just let me know. I would be more than happy to share them. Thanks for reading. Shane
  12. Good morning y'all, I wasn't sure where else to ask this. I was wishing to possibly be able to share my upcoming classes on the forum. Filled out the form on the site, but haven't heard anything back either way. Maybe I missed it, but was trying to get some feedback. I don't want to violate any rules by posting without permission. Can anyone help me out? Thanks much, Shane Kerwin


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