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  1. Range report! FIrst, they're back in stock on the waitlist link only (FRT-15 - Rare Breed Triggers), not the home page. Second, tried it in a dd mk18 upper with a t3 buffer and it ran freaking insanely fast. On an Aero m4 upper, seemed slower. Not one issue, squeezed as hard as I could trying to replicate that issue from the youtube video and simply couldn't get it to anything except empty the mag. D60 drained in under 5 seconds with both setups. Whatever they modified on the trigger for these newer ones must have cleared the problem up---or the problem wasn't that big of a problem. I happy as a pig in poo
  2. It has arrived! Not run it yet, but I'll update as soon as I get range time. Just doing a function check gave me a massive freedom boner. Also ordered a t3 buffer at the same time.
  3. anybody else feels the same, they're back in stock: FRT-15 - Rare Breed Triggers
  4. oh no, I already ordered one, don't care about paper trails haha. Like I said, was never a single door knock from slidefire's customer records after the bumpstock ban, I don't play the paranoid game.
  5. case in point: https://www.primaryarms.com/atf-proposal-2021r05
  6. agreed completely, current admin looks at 99% of stuff and we're all FUBAR
  7. I mean yeah, but no. Bump stock ban got overturned, and even when it was still active, I'm unaware of a single knock from the million plus slidefire sold, are you? The only arrest I heard about, the atf actually told the local prosecutor to release the guy because it wouldn't stand up
  8. I actually found out all the triggers currently shipping (https://www.rarebreedtriggers.com/product/frt-15-br) are modified from manufacturer, pic attached
  9. https://www.rarebreedtriggers.com/product/frt-15-br bit the bullet this morning and already got tracking! those dude's ain't playing haha
  10. I went ahead and bit the bullet on this one, I'll keep y'all posted https://www.rarebreedtriggers.com/product/frt-15-br
  11. check out the video of the female shooter on that link I posted, she's doing a single shot and a double shot. How? Can you like slow the rifle's role somehow to do that consistently by playing with spring and buffer maybe?
  12. Just made another post, I got an email that these are in stock (https://www.rarebreedtriggers.com/product/frt-15-br) and I'm wondering what the consensus on them is
  13. https://www.rarebreedtriggers.com/product/frt-15-br They're currently in stock on the waitlist link above but I'm not sold on how they're legal. I've been emailing back and forth with manufacturer, my first hang up was the spring issues people were bitching about all over youtube but apparently that was fixed back in March and new triggers don't have the same thing going on with them. I'm still left wondering how they are even legal and am looking for feedback.


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