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  1. I agree on getting a 19 they conceal great but buy a good holster and a good gun belt.
  2. ZZRguy

    Glock 17 RTF2

    Thank for the replies, I really appreciate it.
  3. ZZRguy

    Glock 17 RTF2

    Is a Glock 17 RTF2 rare? I am selling a gun and someone is wanting to trade me a 17 RTF2. How much are they worth? Thank you in advance.
  4. @ Nikator, I bought new on gunbroker, and I have not called the the dealer I bought from yet. I tried to buy local but the cheapest place was $710 OTD with only 1 mag and no holster. I bought this for $540 with 2 mags and a holster. I know Sig will take of it, because I do not think it is a break in problem. @ SonnyCrockett I hope customer service is a little better next time I call them.
  5. I bought a Sig P290 and took it to the range this weekend and ran about 50 rounds though it. I liked it first it fit my hand and was accurate. Then it started to have problems between every one to four rounds the gun would not fire. I would sqeeze the trigger and the hammer would not go back. I would keep squeezing the trigger until the hammer would go back and then the gun would fire. Later I when it would not fire I would push on the hammer and then I would hear a click and then the gun would fire. I called Sig and the guy told me I had to break the gun in. He told me to field strip it and r
  6. ZZRguy

    Sig P290

    I bought a new one I took it to the range this weekend and fired about 50 rounds though it, at first it shot great then about every one to four rounds you would pull the trigger nothing would happen, hammer would not go back when the trigger was pulled. I kept pulling the trigger unti it fired. Later when it would fire I would push on the back of the hammer and would hear a click and then when I pull the trigger it would fire. I called Sig and the guy said I had to break it in and to field strip it, clean it and run another 50 rounds though it.
  7. Thank you for the replies, I will call tomorrow.
  8. Is there a place in Nashville that will Duracoat a firearm? My wife wants the slide on her Glock 26 duracoated pink?
  9. I hear that they do good work and I wanted to send them my wife's Glock slide to them to have it duracoated pink, but they will not return my calls.
  10. I will add my two cents worth on this, I have a M&P 15-22 and I love it, I have never had it jam that I can remember, but I also have the Sig 522 that I bought used and I like it more than the 15-22, because it is a little heavier and feels more like a centerfire rifle when you handle it. Most of the time I take both rifles to the range but if I can only take one the Sig is the one going with me.
  11. Thanks but he does not have a job. The case worker said I would have to have the original copy of the subpoena and she was not helpful in helping me get a copy of it.
  12. We went to the child support office and found out that the child support office had assigned my wife another case worker. The new case worker is going to send another subpoena with an attachment that he be arrested to Rutherford county. His ex-wife took him to court last week and the judge told he had to find a job and start paying child support by the next court date (Nov. 17), or he will be put in jail with a $7,000 bond.
  13. Thank You, You are right the money would come in handy right now for us also.
  14. Here you go: You must be a member to continue!


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