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  1. I used my S&W M&P 40c. The test is a piece of cake. If I remember correctly, I had to shoot from 3,7. and 15 yards.
  2. Oklahoma Mother, 18, Kills Intruder Breaking Into Her Home While on Phone With 911 - Yahoo!
  3. I am not rejoicing and Im sure taking someones life has to weigh heavy on you but in my opinion he did us all a favor. Too bad the other 2 got away. Attempted murder and then out of jail and back at it again.....these are the type that will never learn and it will take something like this to stop them if they cant be kept in prison.
  4. I love those groups that work for what seems like hours. Im glad someone is killing ducks on The Hick! I havent fired a shot yet this season. Im just out there killing time.
  5. I grew up in Jackson and hunted around there. There was some public land called "State field" off of highway 412 that we hunted on occasion and I hunted in Halls alot but I havent hunted around there in 10+ years. Wish I did because Mid Tn just doent have the ducks like West tn.
  6. Yeah, ive never claimed to be the best caller in the world. I usually keep my calls in the truck with me around the time we go to the drawing in August and ill do a little quacking while im driving to and from work or where ever I may go.
  7. Never hunted in Eat TN but as few as there are in Middle TN, I can only imagine east. http://www.accuweather.com/blogs/news/story/55890/accuweathercom-winter-20112012... Forecast for this winter. Maybe this will help all of us out that are a little too far from the Mississippi River.
  8. Ive done alot of hunting kneeling in the water with cover from grass and trees. The anti aircraft gunners are usually shooting at birds that are half a mile high so they have to put as much steel in the air as possible to get the bird down. You see this all too often when hunting public land. Shooting at birds that are not actually working your hole but your neighbors. That'll make a guy pretty mad. I do actually cook in the blind. I have a small camp stove I take with me along with my thermos and ill cook some eggs and sausage. This is because im hunting in Middle Tn. I miss the days
  9. The only hunting I do for the most part is duck hunt so this doesnt bother me but I can see your point. I havent deer hunted since I was 16 years old and I only went a handful of times. Once I started chasing ducks I was hooked and never deer hunted again. I have started getting the itch to go again though. I may have the opportunity to go this year so I might give it another shot.
  10. I always carry with one in the chamber. Never knew there was any other way. I trust myself, my S&W, and my holster. Ive never worried or even thought about it once since I started carrying.
  11. You should get in on the blind drawings. We go to old Hickory every year. Last year was a mess because most of the blinds were destroyed in the flood but most years ive drawn, we have had to do very minimal work. There has been a year or two we havent even had to brush. Just waited for opening day.
  12. There are lots and lots of threads about deer hunting but I see nothing for the duck hunters. Do we have any duck hunters around here?
  13. I have not read this thread completely so the question could have been answered by now but I have had first hand experience with this. I was convicted of a DUI and two years after my conviction I took my class, turned in my paperwork and received my permit about two weeks later. I learned my lesson the hard way and while I still drink on occasion, I do it far less now and rarely "go out" anymore. I could have lost my job over this but fortunately did not being that I have a company vehicle. Another would definitely kill my chances of keeping my job and I would lose my permit. Im not wanti
  14. I was talking to my dad about this and he was thinking this could be an old sign. There is no gunbuster sign. Only a sign with rules and regulations for the fairgrounds.


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