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  1. I used my S&W M&P 40c. The test is a piece of cake. If I remember correctly, I had to shoot from 3,7. and 15 yards.
  2. Oklahoma Mother, 18, Kills Intruder Breaking Into Her Home While on Phone With 911 - Yahoo!
  3. I am not rejoicing and Im sure taking someones life has to weigh heavy on you but in my opinion he did us all a favor. Too bad the other 2 got away. Attempted murder and then out of jail and back at it again.....these are the type that will never learn and it will take something like this to stop them if they cant be kept in prison.
  4. I love those groups that work for what seems like hours. Im glad someone is killing ducks on The Hick! I havent fired a shot yet this season. Im just out there killing time.
  5. I grew up in Jackson and hunted around there. There was some public land called "State field" off of highway 412 that we hunted on occasion and I hunted in Halls alot but I havent hunted around there in 10+ years. Wish I did because Mid Tn just doent have the ducks like West tn.
  6. Yeah, ive never claimed to be the best caller in the world. I usually keep my calls in the truck with me around the time we go to the drawing in August and ill do a little quacking while im driving to and from work or where ever I may go.
  7. Never hunted in Eat TN but as few as there are in Middle TN, I can only imagine east. http://www.accuweather.com/blogs/news/story/55890/accuweathercom-winter-20112012... Forecast for this winter. Maybe this will help all of us out that are a little too far from the Mississippi River.
  8. Ive done alot of hunting kneeling in the water with cover from grass and trees. The anti aircraft gunners are usually shooting at birds that are half a mile high so they have to put as much steel in the air as possible to get the bird down. You see this all too often when hunting public land. Shooting at birds that are not actually working your hole but your neighbors. That'll make a guy pretty mad. I do actually cook in the blind. I have a small camp stove I take with me along with my thermos and ill cook some eggs and sausage. This is because im hunting in Middle Tn. I miss the days in West Tn where you didnt have time to worry about cooking breakfast or didnt realize you were hungry because there was so much action and just grab breakfast when you leave the blind at 9am. Here you have to have something to pass the time until lunch when you finally leave.
  9. The only hunting I do for the most part is duck hunt so this doesnt bother me but I can see your point. I havent deer hunted since I was 16 years old and I only went a handful of times. Once I started chasing ducks I was hooked and never deer hunted again. I have started getting the itch to go again though. I may have the opportunity to go this year so I might give it another shot.
  10. I always carry with one in the chamber. Never knew there was any other way. I trust myself, my S&W, and my holster. Ive never worried or even thought about it once since I started carrying.
  11. You should get in on the blind drawings. We go to old Hickory every year. Last year was a mess because most of the blinds were destroyed in the flood but most years ive drawn, we have had to do very minimal work. There has been a year or two we havent even had to brush. Just waited for opening day.
  12. There are lots and lots of threads about deer hunting but I see nothing for the duck hunters. Do we have any duck hunters around here?
  13. I have not read this thread completely so the question could have been answered by now but I have had first hand experience with this. I was convicted of a DUI and two years after my conviction I took my class, turned in my paperwork and received my permit about two weeks later. I learned my lesson the hard way and while I still drink on occasion, I do it far less now and rarely "go out" anymore. I could have lost my job over this but fortunately did not being that I have a company vehicle. Another would definitely kill my chances of keeping my job and I would lose my permit. Im not wanting either to happen. Not to mention that when you do go to a bar, even if you are just there for a few beers, you could run into a drunken idiot who wants to fight and you could end up in trouble with the law right along side him. Not sure what you could be charged with for a bar fight or how this would affect your permit but I dont see chancing it. Ive changed my ways to some degree since I got the DUI and my permit.
  14. I was talking to my dad about this and he was thinking this could be an old sign. There is no gunbuster sign. Only a sign with rules and regulations for the fairgrounds.
  15. Guns and Leather. Took mine there. Only downside is it took several hours to get everyone through the range portion of the class. Could be the way it is everywhere. If your last name starts with anything on down the alphabet you will be sitting around for a couple of hours. We were told we could leave and come back but there is very little to do in Greenbriar so I sat for a couple of hours and watched everyone before me.
  16. SO we got to the fairgrounds today and were looking for a sign as we entered. Saw nothing. I kept my eyes open the entire time we drove through the complex until we reached the area where the drawing was held. I left my gun on my side, under my shirt and went about the drawing as normal. The road we came in on was a two lane road divided by a median with trees. Come to find out, there was a sign on the exit side of that road that stated no firearms except LEO's. It would have been nice, if they had wanted someone to see this sign, if they had posted it on the entrance side of the road. Luckily I ran into no trouble while I was there. On the positive side, I did get drawn and I have a place to duck hunt this year.
  17. Thanks for the input. Ill find out tomorrow if it is posted or not and ill post a reply.
  18. So the way I am understanding this, in a nutshell, is that the fairground property, which is in Lebanon, is owned and operated by the county. Lebanon opted out but Wilson county did not. So, since the property is county owned, it is legal to carry here unless I find that it is posted. However if it were not posted, I could be charged based on the AG's opinion. Does that sound accurate? It could be that the person I talked to at the Ag center was under the assumption that since the city of Lebanon opted out, it included the fairgrounds.
  19. Even though it is in the city of Lebanon? This is where this gets confusing to me.
  20. Ok, so i decided to do research at work instead of work so I signed up on The Lebanon Democrat and did a search there. Below are the two articles I found. I guess I could have done this yesterday. It looks to me like while the county did not opt out, the city of Lebanon did. [TABLE] [TR] [TD=class: page_title] County OKs 'guns in parks'[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]By: By J.R. LIND [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 12:01 am [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Comment Print [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][TABLE] [TR] [TD]Licensed handgun-carry permit holders will be able to pack heat at the fairgrounds. The Wilson County Commission voted 15-8 against a resolution that would have opted the county out of the state's so-called "guns in parks" law. After a long, winding discussion that hit on topics ranging from the definition of the word "park" and if the county fairgrounds meets that definition to how much power the county had over a handful of boat ramps leased from Army to a recently-decided Supreme Court Case, the commission turned down the resolution introduced by Commissioner Bob Neal. There was a great deal of discussion – and confusion – about exactly what the county could do. County Attorney Mike Jennings said since the law allowing permit holders to carry in parks – whatever a park is – doesn't go into effect until Sept. 1, there's very little case law to go on. "The law doesn't speak to opting out one area and leaving others in. We are talking about a law that isn't in effect yet. But if somebody gets hurt by a negligent act of a gun going off, we are going to get sued. If you opt out, it gives me a defense if somebody gets hurt," he said. Commissioner Jeff Joines pointed out that there are a variety of school activities at the fairgrounds and that the state's attorney-general has opined that if a school activity is taking place, guns are banned under a federal statute. "I think this state's in a sad state of affairs if this is the best thing that came out of it this year," Joines said. The biggest obstacle to opting out seemed to be that the opt-out would leave "thugs" still armed, an issue raised by Commissioner Bernie Ash – "If we had a way to keep thugs and criminals from carrying guns, I'm all for it" – and Commissioner Gary Tarpley – "The dope dealers and thugs are carrying [guns]." A resolution to opt the James E. Ward Agricultural Center out of the law, while allowing permit holders to carry at the boat ramps was substituted for the more general original resolution, but nevertheless, did not garner enough support for passage. In Wilson County, only Watertown has opted out of the guns-in-parks law. The opt-out resolution was voted down by Mt. Juliet's City Commission. The Lebanon City Council will consider the opt out tonight. Staff Writer J.R. Lind can be reached at 444-3952 ext. 16 or by e-mail at jr.lind@lebanondemocrat.com [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE] [TR] [TD=class: page_title]No guns in Lebanon's parks[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]By: By J.R. LIND [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Posted: Thursday, August 20, 2009 12:01 am [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] Comment Print [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][TABLE] [TR] [TD]Guns are now banned in Lebanon city parks. The Lebanon City Council voted 4-2 at the end of a two-hour meeting Tuesday to opt out of a state law permitting handgun-carry permit holders to pack heat in local parks. Councilors Alex Buhler, Kevin Huddleston, Joe Hayes and Haywood Barry voted to opt out. Councilors William Farmer and Kathy Warmath voted no. Barry, he himself a permit holder, said he introduced the resolution because he felt it deserved a fair hearing before the Sept. 1 deadline. "I honestly don't believe handgun-carry permittees are going to shoot up kids," he said, but noted that the state attorney-general issued an opinion saying an older law, prohibiting guns at school events, superseded the current law, noting that a number of local schools use city parks for athletic and other extracurricular activities. During the debate, Farmer asked Public Safety Commissioner Billy Weeks if the prohibition could even be enforced. "No," Weeks said. "I'm not worried about the guns I can see, I'm worried about the ones I can't see." Farmer, who also identified himself as a permit holder, said the resolution was little more than a feel-good move. "I think this is nice, but I don't think it means anything, except posting signs we have to pay for," he said. Warmath said the resolution was too broadly worded, extending the prohibition to "nature areas" and "waterways," potentially putting every piece of city property under the provence of the law. "This is a distorted resolution and it puts covers every inch of this city. If I were in that park and someone attacked me and someone had a gun, I'd hope they'd protect me. What about my right not to die? If I need help and you've got a gun and you're a permit holder, by God, please help me," she said, her voice shaky with emotion at times. During the public comment period, citizens were split evenly for and against the opt out. Jim Dunn said with some cities opting out – Lebanon joined Watertown in doing so – and other governments not – both the county and Mt. Juliet rejected opt out plans – it's becoming increasingly confusing to permit holders. "You almost need a GPS in your car to get from one place to another. You could buy groceries in Lebanon and have to go to Mt. Juliet to eat them in the park," he said. Dwayne Harper said much of the opposition to allowing the guns is based on unfounded fear. "There's not going to be mass killings at the playground and no one is going to shoot an umpire if he makes a bad call," he said. On the other side, Charles Morgan – a self-described "gunman" – said he didn't know why people needed to carry handguns. "I've used guns all my life, but I don't pack handguns anywhere. Sixty-five years I've walked the face of the earth, I've never felt the need to carry handguns. Why all of a sudden do we feel the need to carry handguns everywhere?" he said, Bob O'Brien said to him, it was all about guns around children. "There are not guns in schools because of the children. They should be allowed in Don Fox Park because of the children. ... I'm not talking about the elimination of guns. ... I'm talking about where children are present," he said. Mayor Philip Craighead said he would not veto the resolution. Staff Writer J.R. Lind can be reached at 444-3952 ext. 16 or by e-mail at jr.lind@lebanondemocrat.com [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  21. I called Larry Tomlinson who is listed as the contact on Wilson County's website for the Ward Ag Center. Mr. Tomlinson said that "the fairgrounds and the ag center were designated a park and that hand gun carry was not allowed." He said that "if someone were to see you with a hand gun you would be asked to leave but you would be fine leaving it in your vehicle once you drove onto the property." Did Lebanon opt out? Below is a post I found yesterday from 7-13-09. Who do you contact to find out this info and know that they know what they are talking about? Name: ALL CITY PARKS City: Lebanon Results of Vote: No vote but see below. (Looks like carry will be allowed) From The Lebanon Democrat. GUNS IN PARKSBy: By J.R. LIND Posted: Sunday, July 12, 2009 12:03 am Comment Email Print Despite some mumblings, it appears unlikely Lebanon will opt out of the recently-passed guns-in-parks law. The law, which allows handgun-carry permit holders to have their weapons in city parks, passed the state legislature late in this year's session. The law includes a provision allowing city councils to "opt-out," effectively banning weapons in parks under their control. During a handful of recent Lebanon City Council meetings and work sessions, Councilor Kevin Huddleston obliquely indicated he would be asking City Attorney Andy Wright to draft the opt-out ordinance. Friday, Huddleston said he will not pursue that move. "I thought abouut it but i'm not going to. I have had some people in my ward and some family members that said i shouldn't do that," he said. Huddleston said safety concerns were first on people's minds as they argued against the ban. He said it's the same reason he wants to keep the attendant at Don Fox Park in the budget. That job is one of more than two dozen city jobs that appear to be victims of budget cuts. City Recreation Director William Porter said he can save the job if he's allowed to move money from other lines in his budget allocated for part-time workers and overtime. During the brief moments in which guns-in-parks came up, Councilor Kathy Warmath expressed that she would not vote for the ban. "I'm totally against that. I don't carry one myself. I believe everyone has a right to protect themselves. Law enforcement can't be everywhere. If you are in danger and you are a responsible person, you should be able to carry them anywhere," she said Friday. Wright said no member of the council has indicated they would like him to draft the opt-out ordinance. The state law goes into effect Sept. 1 and cities must act before that date to opt out. City councils in Murfreesboro and Clarksville voted to opt out Thursday. Nearly 50 city and county governments statewide have opted out to date. Staff Writer J.R. Lind can be reached at 444-3952 ext. 16 or by e-mail at jr.lind@lebanondemocrat.com
  22. I will be attending the duck blind drawing this weekend at the Wilson County fairgrounds/Ag Center. Any idea if it is legal to carry here?
  23. Specialty Arms - good guys and good prices. Bought a M&P 40c and a Bushmaster from them. I usually stop in here once a month. Hero Gear - Only been there once but traded my Bushmaster for a M&P 15. They threw in a few pmags with it. Guns and Leather - Never bought a gun there but did take my hcp class with them. Sounds like I need to check out D&T.
  24. Specialty Arms in Lavergne has several of them or atleast they did when I was there last week. Thats where I bought my 40c. He pulled a 9c out the case so I could try out a holster. If youre close to Nashville its worth checking out.

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