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  1. If you have title insurance notify them. I have had a similar experience. First time title insurance took care of everything. Second time I had a different title insurance company due to refinancing the mortgage and I had to retain an attorney. The fact I had legal representation both times stopped the trespassing.
  2. Virtually everything said and far more is in the book of Proverbs. Read the book of Proverbs at least once a year and really think about what it says. It is only 31 chapters and they are usually short so you can easily read one chapter a day, completing the book in one month.
  3. I have been told the many of crimes committed in church are pre-cased or at least premeditated. Thus the biggest deterrent is for security team members to approach visitors and those that seem even the slightest bit out of place with a warm welcome...."Hi, are you new here, can I help you, where are you from....." just a small innocent conversation frequently deters someone with criminal intentions, because they do not want to be noticed, and especially they do not want to be remembered. It is also great to network with other church security teams and learn from each other. And all advice thus far given by others is valid.
  4. Riser is needed on an AR for co-witness with front sight. Not needed otherwise.
  5. PSA has them on sale with free shipping for $60. These do NOT include the riser.
  6. Dr. Jordan Peterson Heard he is popular with 20-30 something males who want to straighten out their lives and those who seek to take responsibility for their lives, as well as some discussion on psychology. So wanted to hear what I was missing. He is very good, but some of his podcasts are long.
  7. Woody???? May not be the best word choice.
  8. Is the BR-549 approved for the use of exploding bullets and those bullets that cook the meat for you? And what about armor piercing and bunker penetrating ammo?
  9. Sam's Club has the Walker Razor on sale for about $32. A couple of people have told me they like them. I have a pair of inexpensive Caldwell's (<= $35) and they are ok. Comparing the two I think the Walker's appear to be better made. I double up and use plugs also when in an indoor range and when outside if shooter next to me is shooting something I find to be extremely loud.
  10. It made the news because it supports the MSM (main stream media) agenda.
  11. I asked at Academy yesterday if they were seeing an increase in gun and ammo sales, and they said a slight increase. Their ammo inventory did not appear to be lacking even in 22LR.
  12. I wonder if Trump thinks out loud, saying whatever pops into his mind, and then assesses the idea and the response it generates? It is not always a bad way to think especially when brainstorming for new creative ideas. Saying something and doing it are two different things.
  13. Went to my local Dick's this evening. Spoke with the store manger. Told him this is not personally directed towards him. Handed him a copy of their corporate leadership anti Second Amendment announcement from today and my Dick's Score Card, and told him I am offended, they have lost me as a customer, and I will tell others why I no longer shop there.

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