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  1. I bet the strain screw has been backed off in the past. This is sort of a do-it-yourself-at-home trigger job on a S&W revolver.
  2. Call The Gun Crew. They usually have one in-stock there.
  3. I've never seen one in .32acp, only .380acp. Not saying they were never made, only that I've never seen one. It baffles me why Sig dropped this model as it was extremely popular. In fact, Bersa released a model that copied it down to the tiniest detail & they still make it. For those whom may not know, Sig made a P-230 & then followed with a P-232. Outside looks the same, but Sig tweaked a few internals for the P-232. At the time, their only real competition was the Colt Mustang line. Due to the grip size & feel, the Sig outsold the Colt by a huge margin. Sorry to ramble in a for-sale ad...............
  4. I get it. After all, it's NOT mandatory everyone attends........................
  5. From what I'm hearing from people I know who work for USPS, the management are a bunch of assholes. They're surprised there aren't more shootings, is what they tell me.
  6. Free admission! Cheap outing for the kids & family! Several good restaurants in the area, a couple have good cold beer.
  7. bobsguns


    I don't know what the circumference is between the two grips, i.e. if there's any difference at all. But if there's not, then your lack of grip on the 17 is purely mental & not physical. You could do blind grip tests with the two guns, try to overcome this issue with the 17. Have someone mix them up on a table, you wear a blindfold or close your eyes, pick one up & aim it. Open your eyes, see if it points natural & check your grip. Repeat as needed. Or sell them all & buy H&K's.....................
  8. Concrete floor. I tried tipping it to use my 4-wheel furniture dolly (like I always do) & it just slid around on the concrete. I've heard of golf balls being used. Also larger wooden dowels. I've moved maybe a dozen safes in my lifetime, I've learned what NOT to do with them.
  9. NOW you tell me............................... I asked three different guys for help. All three gave some lame assed excuse to not help. Needless to say, I'm going to remember this for the rest of my life. But thanks for the offer though, I do appreciate it.
  10. Than moving a 400lb gun safe by yourself? I had help getting it onto the trailer but after that it was ALL me. Unloading, standing it up & moving it around the garage all by myself. At 63, I'm TOO old for this crap anymore! Having said all that, I did get it done. Never again!
  11. Came to post this. Nashville Shores? Don't know if they offer it or not. I would be leery about leaving all my gear anywhere in Antioch without an armed guard being there though.
  12. Didn't offend *me* in any way, shape or form. No one scares me, *I* used to hold the flashlight for my dad! Again, outside forces have contributed to this. Gun Broker is one, of course. People buy else where instead of local gun shows. The slowed rate of guns produced by mfgrs have also contributed. I note what used to be THE largest dealer to go there no longer does shows: The Gun Crew. They would bring everything from B&T to Les Baer to H&K to Canik & all things in between. Reese is down to doing only the Crossville shows & that's because his family is from there. I did (and always do) enjoy perusing Darryl Hampstead's tables. He always has a super nice selection of prime Colt, Smith & other revolvers. Lots of nice .22 autos as well. But honestly, I don't see shows returning to "normal" until after Pedo Joe is out of office & mask restrictions get lifted.
  13. He still would've been better than Jones or Pruitt.
  14. The dominance by the Bills was a surprise to me. This was the first game I've seen them in & they were looking good indeed. They & the Chargers look to be the best two teams in the AFC right now, IMO. Either team would beat the Titans by 21+ points, IMO.
  15. They're opinions. Nothing more, nothing less. They're also worth exactly what you paid for them. A&M-Bama game is a perfect example of why I never bet on football. That's got to be one of the best upsets of all time, IMO. But I still stick to my claim that Bama could care less about where the game is played. Now let's see what A&M does with the momentum of that win.
  16. As much as I dislike Jerry Jones, I admit the Cowboys are much better this year.
  17. Not even close to being THE worst, IMO. I went to a couple of shows there that had maybe 1/3 to 1/4 of the tables that were there last weekend. You could've walked those shows in 5 minutes if you wanted to. Last weekend's show was what I would call "typical" & nothing else. It was neither awful nor good, it was just the "usual". Some of you guys whom rag on gun shows should spend a few of them on the dealer's side of the table. See what's it's like to work all day Fri, come out & set-up that night, pay for a motel (many of them), work all day Sat & Sun, listen to every other buyer tell you "I can get it $10 cheaper on-line", pack up Sun evening, drive home & hope you made enough to break even. As for the "overpriced ammo" comment, I didn't note any pricing that was out of line from retail stores nor on-line pricing. I admit I didn't price all of the ammo tables though.
  18. Wow! How about the Ole Miss-Arkansas game?! *I* would've went for 1pt & gone into O/T but the coach didn't seek my opinion. The OK-Texas game was also a last second win. OK scored with about 2 seconds left. UK continues to win, beating LSU. Their coach is working some serious magic, IMO. Looks like next weeks Big Game might be Bama-Miss State? UT-Ole Miss will be exciting as well. Congrats to Al Wilson getting into the College HOF! He seems to be a fine young man, never been in any trouble at all.
  19. Yeah, I get that, believe me. I've got four CZ Custom Shop guns, all are well above spectacular. They rival anything in the $3k range, IMO. Good luck to you on that. Someone is going to get a helluva deal at that price. NIB price is in the $1600 range.
  20. My gun show dealer would pull the price on a gun he had at a fair price. No one would even look at it, much less buy it. He'd add $75-100 to the price & it would sell no problem. Damnest thing I've ever seen. Boy, do I love those Diamondbacks though!
  21. Can I ask a stupid question? I have one of these, they're incredible guns! Why are you selling yours?
  22. This surprises you? LOL! That's a pretty nice price on the Diamondback, IMO. I've seen Trooper models priced the same & they're no where near as nice as a Diamondback. Diamondbacks are a poor (or smart?) man's Python, IMO. I've got one in .22LR, 4" bbl. Beautiful bluing.
  23. I hate thieves with a burning, hot passion. I hope ALL thieves die from colon cancer. OP, screw NY. Make them send you gun back to you so it doesn't disappear to some property room guy's home.
  24. bobsguns


    Sure there is! Small, medium, large & big assed.
  25. I carried a 29 for a long time. It's roughly the same size as the 30, IMO. I had no issues with concealment as a good belt & holster make all the difference. Recoil can be a wee bit snappy with some ammo. Not uncomfortable or anything, just noticeably a bit more than .45acp, IMO. Unless you're just married to a Glock, I would look at other 10mm models as well. There's better options out there, IMO.


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