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  1. Then terminate my membership immediately. Per my request. I refuse to socialize with a bunch of people whom have no sense of humor what so ever. Kick me out as of yesterday.
  2. My hips are fine, thankyouverymuch. Nor are my H&K's, nor are they ever going to be, "mediocre". That criteria is reserved for the Smith autos (except for the Model 41), Rugers of all persuasions, so on & so forth. Seriously, you buy a mid-tier pistol with a so-so rep, which has a thousand or more aftermarket parts made/sold to "improve" it & you're surprised & disappointed when it fails? You should immediately shop for a new Fiat car. You'll love those!
  3. GFY Tactical, go ahead & get your carry permit. That allows you to be covered when carrying in other states as you travel. Personally, *I* am not a fan of open carrying. It invites scrutiny I don't want to have nor seek. My .o2
  4. The 1st Gen Sigma is without a doubt THE biggest stinker S&W has EVER made. It made the Colt Double Eagle or the All-American 2000 look like $10K custom guns, IMO. Which means it's just PERFECT for TGO David!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm HIGHLY disappointed TGO David didn't get back a 1st Gen Sigma instead.
  6. Who are you gonna believe? Your years of experience with firearms or a politically aware DA who wants Hollyweird to continue to bring $$$ to cash poor NM????
  7. Ah, ok. Glad you eventually got it resolved in some way. Don'tcha just loooooooooove those bureaucrats????
  8. This jackass is going to get away with it............................. Story
  9. May I ask if you got a bump on price for it being nickel?
  10. This is what I've read as well. Ethanol is less efficient than pure gas, lower octane, however you want to put it. In short, it sucks. Yet the farmer's lobby keeps pressure on Congress to keep that crap going despite all evidence to the contrary. Al Gore can go eat a bag of dxxks for all I care. I despise that lying, two faced SOB.
  11. Have one. Also have the 2" snubbie. Love them both.
  12. Take your pick, fellas. Lots here.
  13. If you believe that, then I have a NFL team to sell you. Cheap. Humidity is good for you. Keeps one's skin moist & makes a cold beer taste much, much better.
  14. Looks like wear in the pics but obviously I'm not the owner. Yes, the CCP has a small tab you push in to release the slide. Inconvenient from what we're used to but not a big deal once you do it a couple of times, IMO. Zee Germans do some weird things from time to time, IMO.
  15. The last several NRA reps we've had would screw up a peanut butter sandwich. No joke.
  16. bobsguns

    Keltec P-50

    Wow, that has FUN written ALL over that! LOL!!!
  17. Might I ask whom "they" are that are refusing your creds? The TBI? Locals?
  18. bobsguns

    Keltec P-50

    Is there an arm brace made for those?
  19. Can't go shorter than 16" w/o doing a SBR tax stamp. I always thought 18" was mid-length & 16" was Carbine? Every dealer uses their own terminology it seems these days. My .o2
  20. Several states do that but obviously not all of them. I was told TN won't because one can be indicted & before their permit is suspended they can still purchase due to the bureaucratic delay. Anyone whom has been in the TN DMV can attest to that, I'm afraid. TN also doesn't want to lose the $10 TICS fee either. They make a boatload of $$$ off of that fee.
  21. I once had a gun that did that. Too much metal on the inside of the slide stop where the mag hits it, causing it to rise from the bullet casing instead of the mag. Chances are they loaded a single rd, closed the slide & fired it. The slide locked back & they pronounced it within specs. I can understand that if it happened like that. Sometimes the folks answering the phone(s) don't know how to walk someone through the problem where everyone is on the same page. Sadly, I think that happened with you. There's SO much pressure placed on the production people to shove product out the door these days that too many get away when they shouldn't. I've seen Beretta become the worst of this, sadly. Off-center barrels in the slide, all sorts of scuffs & machine tool marks on the barrels, just all sorts of issues. Beretta has denied most of those warranty claims according to their owners, which would infuriate me. Even sadder is almost all of these issues have happened since their move to TN. I've learned to not to give up completely on a brand despite an issue with one gun. Now if a mfgr treated me badly (Galco!) on the fix, then that's a different story. For the record, I've always thought the Shield & M&P series were cheaply made guns. This is another reason I love my H&K's. One gets what one pays for, usually. My .o2
  22. How far down the recoil ladder can you load for? 30-30 level? Less?


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