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  1. Never been a chat person myself (and I manage a forum with chat turned off). I usually only come on here right before I decide to go to sleep - whenever that is (retired, so no hurry) Got kids across the street who try to make sure I don't oversleep even if I don't get to bed until 5am. I usually don't even start working on my project boat until midnight . Doing a restore of a 1993 Nitro bass boat.
  2. Grumpy Old Fart (that should be my title) Where are you going fishing at?? Oh and thanks guys for the welcomes..
  3. I figured by now my membership was toast. I know back in 2009 I got disgusted with liberal types on the forums and asked David to delete my account. After that I forgot about it, had 6 heart surgeries and finally got 100% VA disability (and forced retirement). So like you, I am trying to get use to the new look and all and trying to find some of the old forums I frequented (Law Enforcement). Been wanting to sell my custom SKS and figured this might be a way unless I can find a place to shoot it around Smyrna (along with being retired IT guy, also retired Police Detective Narcotics/K9 1994). Going to LA next week to go deep sea fishing and fish the bays around Port Fourchon, LA. been planning this thing since my retirement last year after my 2nd open heart surgery
  4. Well I've been away for well over a year after I got disgusted with the "liberal" types that seemed to premeate the forums then course all the 6 heart surgeries over the past 2 years did a lot too . I had asked to have my profile deleted (after I had donated) but hey, what the heck, I'm back - along with being retired, VA 100% disabled (Agent Orange) and still looking for a place to shoot my SKS around Smyrna area. Finally healed up enough to work some on a bass boat to go fishing. Heck, might even see if there's another Smyrna person who doesn't smoke to go with me After posting, I see I'm no longer considered a benefactor, must be time for a donation again
  5. Talking points? I didn't see anything but left wing liberal rhetoric and yes he's right about one thing, being democratic = liberalism = socialist = communist on top of being ignorant is un-american and they (nobama cool aid drinkers) are proving that. Just turn on the TV and 90% of the stations spout the same BS, open any newspaper, same BS. Biden says you're not a true American unless you pay double/triple the taxes you're paying now (its coming to that), but you can't get a Nobama position unless you cheat on your taxes.
  6. I got all the 380 ammo I need from gunbroker.com
  7. You know I was thinking stupid today (tore my knee tendon yesterday so on a pain pill this morning on the way to see the doc) and had told her about this thread but said, you know, as much as I like cutting my grass, (thinking of the joke with the badge with flashing lights at that moment) and I told her, "you know, I could use a blue/red flashing halogen on my mower and top it off with a siren" and then I made the whoop whoop whoooop siren call and she just busted out laughing saying yah, I could see you'd be real happy chasing the bunnies around the yard trying to give them a ticket for littering. Course I had to top it off with, yeah, but only if I had a badge on the front of the mower so those rabbits will know I mean business :rofl: Yeah I can see those rabbits now fleeing the garden
  8. Because its not a Beretta 92F
  9. I over 24 years carried either a colt 357 or a S&W 9mm for my service weapon. The last department I worked for they supplied the weapons, a 92F and I loved that duty weapon of anything I've ever shot or carried. It just felt natural in my hands. One day I hope to get one.
  10. Again with another comment about something that didn't even belong in this thread in the first place.

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