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  1. Hello, it's been a year since i've been on the site... I've moved & got out of a "bad situation" and into a better one. Glad to see there's a few new ladies out there who have joined the site! I came on to see how the site is doing & if I could sell some stuff, but a few things have changed (will get subscription asap.) I haven't the time to read through it all, so I would love to hear if there's been any significant changes to the carry laws - especially the restaurant carry ones. Meanwhile, keep it going! Yes - Get your HCP! Yes - Carry every chance you get! Yes - it will be the best thing you will ever do to ensure your personal safety outside the home!
  2. I thought the Walmart rookie walk was "to go get ammo." I practiced my "Is my concealment method going to fail if I reach up for something on the top shelf" at Walmart. And yep, it did, but no one cared (I think no one really noticed.)
  3. I'm sure Packinmama will get right on board with this... Went to New Hampshire to visit family, and I had the opportunity to try out my dad's Kimber... My first time shooting a 45, and I'm in love! I'll have to ask him again what model it was... I was able to get my shots grouped within an approx. 6" circle "just messing around." Sad part was he had a box of 250 rounds, but wouldn't let me use up the box... Something about 50 cents a shell... Guess I'm not Daddy's little girl anymore. Anyway, I'm sure a full size 45 must be difficult to conceal for a lady, but I must admit it was nice to shoot. I'm wondering if the sub-compact models handle as well as the full size, the whole experience makes me reconsider wether I'd rather have a sub-compact 45 than a compact 9mm. I know you gents will say "yes" but I gotta hear it from the ladies...
  4. When I married at 24, my husband owned several rifles, and when we moved in together I told him I was afraid of them... I came home from work one day and he presented me with a Charter Arms 38 special. He said "The only way you're going to not be afraid of guns is learning about them." He taught me how to handle, shoot, and clean it. Best thing he ever did for me. BTW, back then in NH one only had to go to the local police department, fill out paperwork, and hand over $14 for a carry permit... I've let the husband go... but still have that gun - won't ever sell it. It would be bad karma.
  5. OK, so did someone get hit by the ice cream man?!?!
  6. I have made it to Stones River twice and like it there... I didn't like the "one target per frame" rule either, but they gotta do what they gotta do... I took a friend the second time, and (it must of been Jenny) she came around & made sure my friend didn't slice their thumb off (from holding the gun wrong, I told 'em before we got there, gotta watch your grip on the little buggers....) But for $5.50 I got a covered range, well ventilated (yeah, the fans) and someone to make sure all were shooting safe! Wish practice ammo was cheaper... (sigh.)
  7. I would of disassembled it, cleaned it, and given it back disassembled. If they don't know how to put it back together, they really don't need the gun!
  8. Haven't been on TGO in a while... moved, new job, can't carry at new job... Finally got out last month to Stones River range & liked it, took a friend 2 weeks ago also... for $5.50 you get 2 hours of range time (but I'm sure those older gents down there would let a lady shoot longer if the range isn't filled up.) The range attendants were very nice & will come around and check up on you also.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has a clip style IWB holster and how the clip does around a thick belt... my holster is from Kramer and they offer a lifetime guarantee on the clip - but I have to send it to them if I ever need it replaced (and don't wish to part from it for any given length of time.) I am concerned, with both the (thickness of) the waistband of my jeans & of my belt and it messing up or breaking the clip.
  10. I'm hoping this thread isn't "dead"... I have been away from TGO for a while because I started a new job and am not allowed to carry at work. When I do carry, I have my Kahr MK9 in a Kramer IWB in the lady's preferred 1-2 o'clock position. I am fortunate to have an "hourglass" figure and loose shirts cover it nicely. I don't have any other carry weapons (yet) as I am totally in love with my "little baby". I hope all of you ladies here on TGO, old friends & new, are doing well! And a big "good job!" to you new ladies who have braved through it all to obtain your HCP, and to those who haven't gotten there yet, what are you waiting for?!
  11. I picked up a full sized Rock Island labeled just as a 1911-A1. Paid too much for it, but the old man wanted it & his gunsmith buddy says "left as is it's still a damn fine gun!" Haven't fired it yet because 45 ammo is just too expensive. Sad to say there isn't much more on the internet than the Armscor website as far as specs go. Very vanilla, but if you look around on the TGO website they can be customized up the ying-yang. Gunsmith friend said "anything that says for a 1911 will fit" so this was my only personal justification on purchasing a gun not made here in the USA. I got cosmolene (spelling?) all over the manual while figuring out how to break it down, so I emailed the contact listed on the website & they mailed me a new one. For now this is the "play" gun, since the men in my immediate life always want to handle my personal carry weapon when they've had a few cocktails, so I tell them to play with theirs (after a few cuss words & explaining for the 1,000 time I'm not unchambering another round just because they are stupid drunk.)
  12. Female - it is his wife. She's probably scared of the weapon and "leaving it in the truck" was a compromise (versus getting rid of it.) The only way this would change is if she was no longer a-scared of it (i.e. learned how to handle & shoot.) Only question I have is when did this come about (before or after marriage or child?) I will only bring up the fact I have a gun if I am spending the night at someone's house & in paticular if they have small children. If I'm there just visiting & intend on leaving I don't say anything. So far I've had no objections...
  13. The whole website is a good read, great for any lady who is considering carrying and needs some straight up advice... I know everyone wouldn't hesitate to say they will not only defend themselves if needed, but their family also. To take it one step further - to defend a stranger - is definitely something to think about. I can't "what if" every scenario, but I would probably try to take a moment and assess the situation, to decide whether it's worth stepping in or if I should just try to get away. It's similar to seeing a stranded motorist on the side of the road...
  14. bubbiesdad, please ask Bubbie how to get a kitty interested in handguns. All my cat wants to do is sniff, knock over the hopps, and get cat hair into places (in my gun) that don't need it...
  15. YES! glad to see something like that! I hardly ever go to Pulaski but I might for that!

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