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  1. Looks like the sign didn't work out to well for the Huddle House in Livingston. Whoda thought a no firearms sign in Tennessee would be a bad business decision?
  2. We were going to do Crossville to Sparta today till I looked at the radar. Tomorrow looks good though.
  3. Do they have one on the front of their building?
  4. Went 3.5 weeks in June without a drop till we got .6" on July 2nd. Can't wait to see my water bill from watering the veggie garden every day. 3" (!!!) in my rain gauge this morning from the night time downpour. Power was out from 2:48AM till 5AM. I have a small creek running through my yard that had been down to a trickle, it's running normally now.
  5. Thinking I might get a few tomatillos, LOL. Lots of husks formed and at least a hundred flowers total on the 8 plants.
  6. 96° here, worked up a sweat just walking around the yard for a while. Heat index is 105°
  7. Eating my first fresh homegrown produce of the year tonight. It was time to thin the Romaine lettuce so: tacos!
  8. We had a few at the feeder early in the season then they stopped hitting it. Noticed that they were going to the large honeysuckle bush instead. Now that the honeysuckle flowers are fading they have come back to the feeder, three at once last night. One even fell asleep for a while sitting on it at dusk till another came along and woke him up. There have been a couple there this morning.
  9. "she picked it up by the barrel, and it went off again" Not sure how that works.
  10. And minimum wage was $2.30 an hour
  11. That was my experience too. I had been giving them money for 35 years before moving here. With Progressive now.
  12. WillyK


    So wouldn't the vehicle measurement be more accurate? Kinda hard to measure melted snow.
  13. WillyK


    N. E. of Cookeville, had 4 - 5" this morning. It's melted a bit but all is still white. Edit: I just measured, there's still close to 6" on my woodpile.
  14. Interesting. How many acres? N, S, E or W of Monterey? I live 15 minutes north of town. I've never hunted pigs but would like to. Any deer or small game hunting? I have an ATV, a place to play with it would be nice.
  15. Kinda off topic but there probably shouldn't be a law so unclear that a judge isn't even sure what it means.
  16. Keep checking Midway for primers. I just bought 1K small pistol for $112 including all the fees. High but I'm getting slightly low on them. Only allowed to buy one package per customer. That's all I wanted at that price anyway- hoping they come down a bit before I need again. https://www.midwayusa.com/primers/br?cid=17587&Primer+Size=Small+Pistol Still in stock at this time.
  17. It sold for $1225!!! Are you willing to pay that much? Lol.
  18. Where you gonna get change for a thousand? Ain't nobody got time for that.
  19. Holy cows! there's an 8 lb. jug on Gunbroker now that's bid up to $605 and still has 6 days to go! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/914480219
  20. 37 years in cable tv after a few years of factory then oilfield work. Retired in June this year.
  21. When I try that I get directed to the buy a membership page: Please, choose a plan first Maybe because I'm a noob, I just signed up Wednesday after I learned about the site from this thread.


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