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  1. lowbud

    Crazy people

    Just like going to the casino and not filling the tank before you get there.There is no fix for stupid. stupid people can walk home and use their guns for boat anchors. I don't loan money at the Casino and I sure as hell don't give out or loan ammo during hard times just so someone can blow it up.
  2. $19 shipping.. what a hose job... oh well.. if your in need.. your in need.. lol
  3. I always hand the officer my license and HCP. If they ask why I gave them my HCP, I sort of chuckle and say if see you see mine and get spooked, I sure don't want to be looking down the barrell of yours. It uasally gets a chuckle from them too.. I have also had them ask where it was and didn't ask any further questions. One time in memphis the officer asked for it and placed it on the roof of my car while he was talking to me and took it back to his car while he was running my record. He gave it back when he returned to my car with a warning. YMMV!
  4. The system has been screwed for well... ever since I can rememeber. So why is everyone so supprised.
  5. I can't ever see buying one myself. .22 plinkers are a dime a dozen and the LCR product line is for CCW. Can't see anyone wanting a .22 for CCW.
  6. I'm so sick of passing the left lane slow pokes only to see them yapping on the phone as i'm passing. Why the left lane???? What the hell is wrong with people?
  7. If cheap is what you want.. get the HP. silly looking thing is a tack driver and eats just about anything (even the cheapest steel cased ammo) you can get your hands on. Hands down the best value anywhere.
  8. I don't understand how requireing a valid state photo ID is a hardship. You shouldn't be able to collect, cash, register, apply, for anything without one, PERIOD!. It's just more smoke and mirror bull**** and yet another reason why this country is falling apart and going broke.
  9. I heard that on the news last night. I can't believe anyone would actually do this. then again... it amazes me what people will do
  10. Dirty mind thought this was something else. Sorry. Carry on..
  11. lowbud


    I started stuffing my own several years ago. I too thought I would smoke less. Na... just cheaper. These days.. allot cheaper. Not that it matters, I have noticed I cough allot less smoking home made smokes vs any of the ready made brands I have smoked over the years. Someday i'll quit. until then, I'll continue to stuff my own.
  12. lowbud

    Kahr .380 owners?

    I've had all the small, light 380's on the planet. The Kahr is top of the line in this arena. It just feels better in the hand than just about anything else it's size. The only pistol of it's kind that even came close to Kahr was the DiamondBack DB380. We all know or should know how that turned out. Altho I have heard they finally worked out the kinks. Pro's.. Shoot one and see... Cons.. Expensive (for a plastic 380)
  13. lowbud

    Fake Rolex

    Ok.. monitor almost got splatted with coke on that one... lol


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