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  1. This is seriously a mean machine. I might have a slick AR or something to trade. I can message you.
  2. What are the specs on the Mk4? I really miss those.
  3. Yes! Sorry, it's .308. I ran 147gr NATO FMJ and 168gr Federal Premium Gold Metal Match only through my MBRs. The 168gr is my go-to precision round but it brutalized silhouette steel targets at 400-500 yards. My shooting buddy was able to push it out to 600.
  4. Man, tough call. I love my MBRs. Having owned multiple M1As, FALs, a SCAR-17 and even a Galil ACE Gen 1 308 rifle, it's hard not to love the M1A. I pick the SCAR-17 as my "you can only have one" for its modern design but I still have so much love for the others. Hope this helps: 1) The M1A. Fantastic guns. Superior accuracy, in my opinion, even with the chunky XS night sight of the SOCOM variants. I have a Tanker in a wooden stock with a NM trigger pack, Sadlak oversized mag release, and at least one 25-round mag. The gun is handy, loud and hammers steel at 400-500 yards with authority. If I had it to do over again, I would've gotten the Scout Squad variant. It balances better, despite being longer. My only gripe with them is the same with the AK: rock-in magazines suck under stress (and are expensive, though the 25-rounders DO work) and it's hard to put an optic or light on them. I love the safety system and honestly think people who complain about it are juggling an extra chromosome. So if you're going to go irons-only with no light and no fuss, the accuracy of the M1As is tough to beat. 2) The Galil ACE. The AK's big brother in modern format. I have a Gen 1 with an ACOG on it and we beat the steel at 600 yards with ball ammo. While not as accurate as the M1A, its folding stock and polymer frame make it handier (though the stock is a bitch to fold until it breaks in). Magpul mags means it's not as expensive as the M1A to load up and I never found mine picky on any type of ammo. It's easy to mount an optic and accessorize as you would a modern gun. The built in night-sights on the irons are a nice touch too. But you'll need that cheek riser it comes with if you want to run an optic. It's cheap plastic that clamshells over the stock but it comes in handy. Don't lose it. It's a great design in most regards: a suped-up AK with a port-side charging handle, easy to glass, mags insert like an AR, ambi fire controls, plenty of pic space to hang your coffee grinder and fax machine off of. Downside is it feels a little cheap (Israeli-express, baby, gotta save those shekels) and it has a tall profile, so if your optic goes down, you'll be yanking that cheek riser off along with your ACOG to utilize those iron sights. It also has none of the traditional flare and nostalgia of the other MBRs, which traditionally came out of the Cold War (FAL, M1A, G3, etc). It holds no special place in my heart but I have no major complaints about it. A totally serviceable weapon. If you find one at a decent price and you don't mind the lack of legacy to its design, you won't be disappointed. (I knew a former Fifth Group guy who carried the 12.5" pistol variant in his truck...but he was kind of a coke monkey). 3) The FAL. I've been an FAL fag for over a decade now. I've had a few and loved them, from the StG-58 to the all-Imbel M444 and even the little DSA Micro. They're my favorite traditional MBR. A nice blend of M1A execute authority and AR-15 ergonomics. Plus, long live Rhodesia. The history and reliability of those guns cannot be argued against. The adjustable gas system is nice (though I never had any issues with the self-regulating systems of the M1A or Galil). It's an older design that's not as beefy, so I try not to run anything heavier than 168gr OTM out of them, but it's a battle rifle. The only time you run into that issue is when you are hunting (which you probably won't be, so who cares). The rocker style mag reload is easier than the M1A but still not as good as the SCAR-17 and Galil's straight insert. It's easier to mount optics but you can't cheap out; they DO beat their glass up in recoil. I had a Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10 MIL-DOT on mine and I never should have sold that glass (if anyone has one they want to part with, hit me up LOL). I have an old TRILUX on my M444 just for nostalgia kicks and it actually works really well. Who knew? Magazines are cheaper than the M1A but it's not as accurate. But it depends on what you're wanting to do with it. It'll still hit a man-sized target at 600 yards. We have to think practically about what we are using these things for, even in a SHTF/Wolverines scenario. Truth be told, pretty much no one here is ever going to be using their battle rifles past 300 yards, even in the apocalypse. We get hung up on this kind of thing and it robs us of having great experiences with perfectly great weapons systems. So yeah, the FAL is cool and with DSA, you're in no danger of not having access to parts. Plus, their 30-round magazines work REALLY well. I have four. 4) The SCAR-17. Brothers, I hate to say it because it'll make me look like a basic bro but, if I could only have two guns, they would be a Glock 19 and a SCAR-17. It galls me to admit it, having had so much love for the FAL both as a symbol and as a gun over the years, but the SCAR is half the weight and half the recoil. Straight insert mags (you can even repurpose FAL mags, if you're daring), easy to mount optics and lights and foregrips, not picky on its ammo, and every bit as accurate as the Galil ACE and FAL. The M1A might have it beat, but you'd have to put glass on it to tell. The SCAR is not perfect; its polymer frame and stock might not put up with your extreme/deliberate abuse and the mags are pricy. But the system runs. We ran a rifle course at this outdoor range a few months ago (lots of moving and shooting, shoot/no-shoot targets, paper and steel...it was complex) and one of the clients brought a SCAR-17. I was amazed at how fast you can be with those, even with an ACOG and working inside 30 yards. It's a ton more money, I know, but you can't go wrong, even with a used one. So yeah, the Galil ACE is well within your budget but it holds no place in most people's hearts as it's not a legacy traditional Cold War era battle rifle with that nostalgic "old school cool factor". But the sucker works. The M1A Scout Squad is the best bang for the buck, just know it'll take work putting glass on it and adding any lights or foregrips one might typically use in a general purpose setup. The FALs are awesome but they're picky on glass and, frankly, outclassed by the SCAR-17's evolution (though they are roughly 2/3 the cost). Punchin' out, J
  5. Sorry if I missed it but how much do you have and what is the equivalent sale/trade value? Thank you. Great stuff, BTW.
  6. Just for clarification, this is a Police Sharp Shooter, correct? I know Remington made a 700 PSS and now makes a Remington 700 SPS, which is not as good as the older PSS models. Also, any idea as to round count, accuracy, preferred bullet weight/ammo types? I have one of these but possibly need another one for rentals at a range where we run courses for clients, hence all the questions. And lastly, what scope do you have on that? I have a 4-16x40 Trijicon on mine but always wanted to get another Leupold Mk 4 3.5-10 MIL-DOT.
  7. This is a killer deal on some DD pistols. If I didn't have more inventory than I needed, I'd be all over this. If anyone out there is looking for a solid buy and hasn't gotten in on the "short boi" game, you can't beat this.
  8. If someone had a Roland Special, I'd be interested in trading. (a legit, official, full tilt RS, not a Fauxland mock-up).
  9. This is a very robust setup. Does that Keymo bring it to 16.25" bbl? I'm sure it does, just double-checking. Also, for anyone wondering, those US Palm mags are rock solid. I had one of those banana mags and they are great. Do you have the patch that comes with it as well? It's hilarious and awesome.
  10. Thanks, amigo! That's very high praise. I'm honored by your kind words. I constantly go back-and-forth about liquidating the collection. On one hand, money is money and it comes and goes (the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away). On the other hand, it's a lot of stuff that I'll never shoot enough to fully maximize their potential. I just don't have enough time and ammo. I have this romantic idea of having two or three guns and being that "lone samurai on the rode" or a knight errant...but the reality is you need a few to be a well-rounded shooter. Despite my ruthlessness here, I still have a list of probably a dozen firearms I'm not selling, half of which are antique family heirlooms owned by deceased relatives. So you never TOTALLY achieve the "cool John Wick loner" dream...but a man can get close (just don't ask me to be an expert at Center-Axis Relock!).
  11. Just food for thought, but I have access to a private gun club where we do single day courses, one of which is a Retro Course that includes shooting an FAL, a SPAS-12, and an OA-93. Bring your own ammo and we can make it happen. Message me through here or text me. It's about a 45-minute hump out there from my place in Spring Hill but the price of the class lets you shoot all day on a 100-yard Coliseum-style flat range (360*) as well as a 700-yard long gun range. The SPAS-12 is mean and cool. Heavy and awkward (there was a video once of me showing Shawn Ryan how to run one after I found it for him, but it never aired because he hated it LOL). But it has a certain charm to it, like an old manual Chevy or a typewriter; cool, vintage, outmoded, but loveable...perhaps because of its flaws as much as in spite of them.
  12. That FN SLP always looked mean. Like the Halo shotgun. Never been behind one but it always looked promising.
  13. I'm on the north end of Spring Hill. I'm free all day Saturday. Would you be free? Send me a DM if you don't mind and we can hopefully find a time to link up. Thank you, J
  14. I know you're pretty far away but if you ever find yourself close to the Nashville area, let me know. I'm in Spring Hill so it's not cost effective to drive out there (and you very likely will have a buyer sooner rather than later) but if the stars align, I'm game. Feel free to send me a message, if you want. If no one bites (and they should) then we can exchange info and find a place to meet. Thanks, man!
  15. I updated the descriptions of a lot of these to include what they come with. All ARs will come with extra mags. I have some odds and ends that exist in my head as part of the packages but were not listed.


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