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  1. Hate to see fatalities during training. Prayers up for the families.
  2. I remember a station in Chattanooga that encouraged you to: TUNE IN, TURN IT UP, AND RIP THE KNOBS OFF!
  3. Ran across the new FN High Power the other day. $1,350 ain't happening,
  4. I am holding out for Remington to start making the V3 Tac13 again. I think a semi-auto fits the bill better than either pump version. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Being any kind of Law Dawg is a tough way to earn a living. I could not have done it. God bless anyone who tries to do the job. And it's like anything else, you get some mostly good ones and some bad ones slip through. I have always understood that a Hero is a person, while everyone else around them is soiling themselves, keeps a calm mind and does what needs to be done to keep the bad guys at bay. Based on my simplified logic, this Deputy surely fits the bill. There are folks alive tonight in Macon County that would not be if he hadn't wrecked the nutcase. Well done Deputy Shipley, very well done.
  6. Split the shipping to Greeneville TN UPS store?
  7. Got the feeder out here in Coal Crick. Seen 1 so far.
  8. What is the "Instant Gram" of which you speak?
  9. No problem. Lay down and dream a dream about brass. Brass cartridges of all calibers. As far as you can see...
  10. I'll just sit back and be happy with my p220 R5 Legion. Steel is your friend.
  11. I read this thread and I got inspired. Found this lonesome SIG and decided to give it a good home. SIG p220R5 10mm Legion. It's beautiful and a big gun. Fits my mitts great though.
  12. To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. Oops, I'm sorry. I thought you said what was best in life. My bad.
  13. I have a Mossy 500 that I am working on, and I decided to replace the front brass bead sight with something I could see. Decided on a Meprolight Tru-Dot ML-34044. It is a screw in replacement. Well, it screws in fine but doesn't get tight until the glowing side is facing away. Do I put in a spacer? A washer? Use a pair of pliers to force it around to line up? Help me out please.


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