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  1. That is honestly probably the best route. The slightest risk of a malfunction in a defense scenario isn't worth it.
  2. The EZ is great. Its larger than the standard Shield, so .380 feels like .22 mag out of a snub. Bought one for my wife as her first introduction into semi autos. Started her on a .38 special. Now she carries a Kimber micro.
  3. PM sent about the first light listed.
  4. What ya need to know about planes? I use to build battery motorized models and gas engine models, helicopters and planes. Both are a lot of fun, the gas powered ones are better for windy days. Also beautiful shotgun! Good luck with your sale!
  5. Bump, added some projectiles I don't use anymore.
  6. I've never used them in 1911 because I used them in Berettas and had the issue the first reply did, but, like Grayfox said, routine maintenance is key to avoid major failures.
  7. I mean @Thurstyhas a .50 Beowulf build up on the listings, just sayin.
  8. If the above doesn't work out, shoot me a Pm, I have an offer.
  9. Try Reddit maybe? I saw a couple get sold on there back in July, maybe someone still has one? Everywhere online they're sold out individually. I believe if you buy a handguard kit from K.A.C. they send the wrench with it, I'm sure that doesn't help you out much, but it's an option, or you can modify a wrench like RED said, hell, maybe even have someone 3D print you a wrench.
  10. The child in me is screaming. Beautiful rifle, and a wonderfully done listing. Good luck.
  11. Found the Agent. Just kidding. You do have a point, automatic paper trail already started with this post.
  12. Do tell, what does "Glock Leg" mean?
  13. Well, you learn something new every day. I've never heard the term "Mexican carry." So that was an interesting bit of history.
  14. Look top right corner of the page, you should have an inbox button.
  15. That's a shame, they're usually pretty good about keeping up to date with Kel-tec.
  16. scatman


    Winchester 1892 in .45 LC, followed up by a Rem. 700 in 25-06, and then one in 30-06.
  17. We're all waiting for the Colt and Ruger, wouldnt be surprised if he already has 100+ PMs about them.
  18. If you, uh, click on their profile it tells you the last time they were active. He perhaps has been offline for a day or two.
  19. Best advice I can give is to call a local FFL that does transfers in this state, and the one local to the trust, to gain better information. The laws may be a little different between here and there, which could cause some confusion and headache.


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