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  1. "Zippos" Sale on Amazon

    I have the hand warmer and love it. My job (video production) requires me to be outdoors often during winter and it's a million times better than the little chemical warmer packets (though, I normally have them on me too)
  2. Except those laws don't apply because of driver's licenses, it's because cars are sold across state lines. So that argument doesn't exactly fly. For example, I noticed this morning under the hood of my F150 that it was not for sale in CA, but I obviously was able to buy it in TN. You are also considering that this law would apply to carrying, not to the purchase of items. Just like the feds cannot make traffic laws, they would not have the power to make certain carry laws. I totally understand the concern, but the bill only forces states to acknowledge all other states carry permits. No more no less. I would be more worried about states like NY simply making it impossible for anyone to carry pretty much anywhere with a carry permit (they would be happy to screw the special people that do currently have carry permits.)
  3. Verizon vs Straightalk

    FYI, depending on which phone you use (zipcode may be a factor too) you can either be on ATT or Verizon while on StraightTalk. Also investigate Cricket if you can use ATT. I've been with them a few years and been really happy. Cricket is especially great if you have multiple lines as each line you add takes $10 of, and it's compounding. So second line is $10 off, third line is $20 off, forth is $30, and if you have the fifth line on the $40 plan, it's free. So I have 5 lines, each with 4GB a month for $100 out the door. Pretty hard to beat...if ATT service is good in your area.
  4. What park can't you bring your guns in? There's not a park in TN, local, state, or federal that you can't bring a firearm into either without a permit in your car, or on your person outside your car with a permit. The only way they can currently ban guns is if a area is sectioned off and there is an entrance with metal detectors.
  5. So there is an upcoming white supremacist rally Saturday in Knoxville to fight against against the removal of a monument honoring confederate soldiers (I think the WS are evil, but I also don't think removal of monuments is in our best interest either.) So while reading an article I noticed that they are going to close a street and make it a "no weapons zone." Looking at -1359, I am not really sure that is legal as I don't think the writers intended public roads to fall under "property" in the law. If the local government is allowed to control streets in such a way, we will constitute to see our rights eroded. Of course, this is the same mayor that doesn't think Chilhowee PARK is a park... http://www.wbir.com/news/local/ahead-of-planned-protest-mayor-burchett-tells-white-supremacists-theyre-not-welcome/466656000
  6. What's the latest on campus Carry for students?

    You'd also think a republican majority wouldn't up a tax when we are sitting on almost two billion dollars, but we have republicans, not conservatives. That's become a big difference.
  7. Merchants of Beer-Knoxville

    Interesting, it wasn't posted when I went there a little over a week ago.
  8. Okay, now your question makes sense. The former state law said suppressors were illegal, but there was written into the law an exception that if you had the federal tax stamp for the suppressor, it was legal. Now it's no longer illegal period by state law, just still illegal for the feds without the tax stamp. Practically, you are correct. It really changes nothing except that now if you have one illegally, only the feds could go after you. As I said before, it was a bill to prepare for the hopeful repeal of suppressors from the NFA so no one could get in trouble if they are taken off. Whatever the case, I am always for removing "illegal" things from state law when they are pointlessly illegal-even if it doesn't make much difference practically.
  9. You are correct, the quick reading I did the other day I saw defense in the section before (c) and my brain just transposed it. I read somewhere that there was concern that the language which was the issue was, " is in full compliance with the requirements" and that could cause issue. But I am all in favor of any "defense" or "exception" being removed from the law and things fully legal. Honestly, if you wanted to try pushing the TN firearms freedom act you could do so with no punishment from the state, just the jerk ATF would be after ya:)
  10. I am not quite sure what you are asking. This law was passed because it's possible that congress in July may take suppressors off the NFA and if they do, the previous "defense" wording in TN would have actually made the currently legal suppressors illegal in TN. It was really an administrative bill to make sure there are no gotchas to TN residents who do currently have a legal suppressor.
  11. I know that, but what I meant was there ever an actual ban on them (no defense in the law) since 1934? I would guess that sometime in the 60's or later they were actually made illegal by state law. Edit: I am writing a response to the original letter and wanted to include that they've been defacto legal for x number of years.
  12. Does anyone know if suppressors were ever illegal in TN since the '34 NFA act? As far as I've found, they've always been legal since being invented (or at least there was a defense to them written into the law.)
  13. This letter is a prime example of why being a cop or military doesn't make you a firearms expert or even have a gauge knowledge of firearms. http://www.knoxnews.com/story/opinion/readers/2017/05/24/letters-silencers-greed/340246001/ I may have to respond to this because it's pure fud and nonsense.
  14. HCP as an alternative to TICS/NICS

    Can I just point out that the TICS is unconstitutional? Our state constitution very clearly says what the state can do as far as restricting carry (only with a view to prevent crime) but it is silent about keeping arms. If the feds want to require an unconstitutional BG check, fine. We will deal with that at the national level someday. But considering how clear our state constitution is, we should be able to eliminate TICS if we actually tried.

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