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  1. They called me yesterday and I didn't answer. Called today from a different number and when I answered the lady said she was paid to call me and that Ollie North had asked her to call me....and that's when I said, "listen, I am a life member and the NRA leadership needs to go after hanging us out on bump stocks. have a nice day. click." I saw an article yesterday that the NRA spent $40 MILLION last year with their PR firm. Can you imagine how how many good laws we could pass at the state level and how many lawsuits could be filed for that much money? Not to mention that ole' Wayne makes over $1 million a year. The libs claim that the NRA is just a wing of the gun lobby, but in reality it's just a money making scam for the officers.
  2. Two things. First, the bridge was listed in "fair" condition in the report. So not "good" or "great" condition. Second, the driver's guardian angel surely has a concussion this morning. Talk about a close call.
  3. macville

    NRA Rant

    Here, I fixed it for you. That's coming from an active lifetime member of the NRA. As someone else mentioned, the SAF is also a much better org to join than the NRA. Unfortunately, the NRA in action only really defends hunting and basic self-defense. They cover modern rifles (AR-15's and any other modern, plastic gun) and take ads in American Rifleman, but I've seen very little practical defense from them in the last 8 years. The same goes for supporting carrying laws. They seem to support more terrible carry laws in TN that don't restore our rights than actually using their might to get things like constitutional carry, or public school carry.
  4. The law changed two years ago. Private K-College can allow carry. It's not automatic, but I would say 99.9% of them have no clue that they were supposed to decide one way or another after the law passed. The issue is, if they ban, they are supposed to post, but 99.9% didn't know they were supposed to post before the law. Considering how the carrying where alcohol is served law was stuck down after first being passed for being constitutionally vague, I would think that if you were caught on private school property that wasn't posted and arrested you would have a good case because they were supposed to notify you by posting that carry was not legal. It's really something that should be fixed next session by slipping a very minor revision to to make it totally legal unless posted.
  5. A private school which can now allow carry as of a few years ago.
  6. You obviously are unaware of the massive surpluses from sales tax we had each quarter last year. The state of TN does not need more money. They, in fact, need to lower the sales tax because it's obviously taking it way too much money. Watching them talk about how to spend the extra money after each quarter was reported was sickening considering they had raise the gas tax last year.
  7. What provider is it? I've never seen an ISP only give faster speeds if you have other services. For the past 13 years I've had 4 different providers and none of them have required other services for faster speeds.
  8. You've obviously never seen Paint Your Wagon. I've seen movies from Ed Wood that are better than that clunker.
  9. This is consistently the kind of thinking I've found from people coming from law school. Precedent matters more than the actual text. It's also scary that Judges like this don't understand that they are supposed to look at what the Constitution says, not what states have allowed. They are supposed to enforce the Constitution, not protect whatever crazy ideas states think the can do.
  10. Just fyi, if you are getting lamps that work with ballasts (which I don't suggest) your ballast has to be electronic and not magnetic. Fixtures that are 30 years old will be magnetic for sure unless they have been replaced with electronic at some point. You don't have to actually recover the old ballast. Just clip the hot and neutral wires and then connect them to the leads off the holders the lamps hook into. The nice thing is that T12 and T8 lamps use the same size holder so it's an easy switch.
  11. I have found that with the tubes I replaced with LED tubes that 1 LED tube is equal to about 3 of the old tubes. If you have a two tube light, I'd replaced both and enjoy the brighter light. If you have a 4 tube fixture I would do just two. 4 LED tubes together will be crazy bright.
  12. I've converted plenty of fixtures and it's super easy. All you have to do is bypass the ballast and direct connect the power to the led tubes and you are done. Can be done in 10 mins or less and much cheaper.
  13. What kind of fixtures are you looking to put LEDs in?
  14. I love that the quote Kennedy put out about why he voted for it had zero to do with what the constitution actually said and only about "current times." In fact, I never see them talk about what the constitution says, it's always about impact with our current society and precedence from former rulings. Can't find any text in the Constitution that explicitly allows the Federal gov a say, or even the states, to charge sales tax on businesses not within their borders. Politicians could sniff out a dollar to tax if it was buried in 5ft of concrete.
  15. That's not accurate. You can buy pre 86 machine guns, you just can't buy post.

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