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  1. Just fyi, if you are getting lamps that work with ballasts (which I don't suggest) your ballast has to be electronic and not magnetic. Fixtures that are 30 years old will be magnetic for sure unless they have been replaced with electronic at some point. You don't have to actually recover the old ballast. Just clip the hot and neutral wires and then connect them to the leads off the holders the lamps hook into. The nice thing is that T12 and T8 lamps use the same size holder so it's an easy switch.
  2. I have found that with the tubes I replaced with LED tubes that 1 LED tube is equal to about 3 of the old tubes. If you have a two tube light, I'd replaced both and enjoy the brighter light. If you have a 4 tube fixture I would do just two. 4 LED tubes together will be crazy bright.
  3. I've converted plenty of fixtures and it's super easy. All you have to do is bypass the ballast and direct connect the power to the led tubes and you are done. Can be done in 10 mins or less and much cheaper.
  4. What kind of fixtures are you looking to put LEDs in?
  5. macville

    Supreme court ok's internet sales tax

    I love that the quote Kennedy put out about why he voted for it had zero to do with what the constitution actually said and only about "current times." In fact, I never see them talk about what the constitution says, it's always about impact with our current society and precedence from former rulings. Can't find any text in the Constitution that explicitly allows the Federal gov a say, or even the states, to charge sales tax on businesses not within their borders. Politicians could sniff out a dollar to tax if it was buried in 5ft of concrete.
  6. That's not accurate. You can buy pre 86 machine guns, you just can't buy post.
  7. macville

    Steel Targets

    I like the reset speed of the target. I thought they would snap back up, but it almost makes it look like a machine is pushing them back up. How much were they?
  8. macville

    Money bomb for NRA on 3/24

    Just joined GOA. As a life member of the NRA, I think my money is better spent with GOA than the NRA. Strangely enough I am starting to think that the NRA is more geared towards the manufacturers than the citizen. The stupid part is, the more you gear the organization towards the citizen, the better off the manufacturers are.
  9. macville

    School Shootings

    Because it's come to a boiling point, that's why. But the issue is that our society has changed and people don't want to admit to it. They rather keep going down the same path and just ban some guns and accessories instead of actually dealing with the real issue, which is, why are so many kids depressed? I've yet to hear of a school shooter (or even any other mass shooter) that was described as "liked", "easy going", "joyful", etc. They are ALWAYS described as "loner" and "depressed". Our society is filling up with people who have no purpose in life and rather have other people share in their misery. Our society solution has been to medicate (look up how many mass shooters have been on anti-depressants) but that isn't working. So let's just take away this gun today...until another shooter uses small cap magazine and then we'll take that away and more away and more away until we basically have nothing. Or, these people just move to making bombs, cars, or using knives (which are surprisingly effective-see mass stabbings in China.) It is a HEART issue, but our society does not want to admit it because that would actually take more effort to fix than just walking out of school in the middle of the day. I did see a post by some teachers today that would do far more than a single gun law. It said for students to go sit with the lonely, to try and make friends with them, and to love other students. Gee, what a novel idea!
  10. Don't forget we keep electing two senators who don't really hold to conservative principles. At least one is gone after this term! Most Republicans tout principles to get elected but don't even remotely vote them when the time comes so this is not really surprising.
  11. macville

    Need advice on shipping via freight

    I've had stuff shipped to me via freight (woodstove, business furniture, kitchen cabinets, other equipment) but never actually shipped anything freight. I would think the best way would be to see if there is a site that can let you put in the to/from, size and weight of what you want to ship and would give you quotes from different freight companies. What I have discovered is that unless you pay extra, you won't have liftgate service at your end and even if you do, it will be from, most likely, a bigger truck than a normal box truck with a lift gate. So you have to consider if such a truck can get into your location. What I've done for all my freight delivery except for one, is gone to the freight shipper center with my trailer and had them forklift it onto my trailer. Easier for both of us.
  12. macville

    Depression/Mental Illness

    I have been thinking this after working with HS students at church for the past 15 years and just looking at the world in general. I know a big thing is that we are supposed to care about so much around the world but I don't think we can really process that the way we are supposed to. Heck, until the past 100 years most people didn't know much of what happened further than a few miles from where they lived. And when they did find stuff out it was just a tiny amount, not the 50+ top stories we get every day.
  13. macville

    Another shooting (Parkland High School)

    But it's easier to make a feel good law than it is to actually care about someone who has issues.
  14. Then how would you write it so it's obvious you have to be asked and refuse to leave before you could be arrested? I could see moving "first" to before "being" but that's it. I think it's pretty clear that to violate 1359 you have to be asked and then refuse to leave. Unless I am mistaken, and I don't think I am, it had to be a felony to do a citizens arrest. I agree that the posting law makes it far more likely that businesses will post and only pulls police away from stopping real criminals. I think 1359 should be deleted entirely but our reps don't seem to have the balls to actually follow our constitution (although, haslam has had them strangled for the past 8 years...)
  15. But an officer is the one who issues a trasspass warning in any other trasspass situation, why not in this case?

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