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Tony B's Feedback

  1. Whisper left Positive feedback   

    Good communication, straightforward negotiation. A fine guy with whom to deal.

    Tony B was The Buyer

  2. The Legion left Positive feedback   

    Great communication. Easy to work with. A+++

    Tony B was The Buyer

  3. w0lfattack left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Aimpoint, Leupold, and accesories
    Met on time at rendezvous. Great person to deal with. +1

    Tony B was The Buyer

  4. bigwakes left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for a smooth transaction.

    Tony B was The Buyer

  5. R1100R left Positive feedback   

    Good Guy to deal with. It was nice meeting you also.

    Tony B was The Buyer

  6. manegarm left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTT Black Magul AR PMags w/ window for standard PMags w/o window
    Great guy. Thanks for the smooth transaction!

    Tony B was Trading

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