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  1. Make it have a longer slide and threaded barrel and we got a deal!!!!
  2. Ok fellers! Last weekend at the range, I noticed a guy shooting a white pistol. Being the nosey guy I am, I went over to take a look and chat. It was a Canik tp9sfx signature series. It was both ugly and beautiful. It fit my hand perfect. He allowed me to shoot it. I then realized it was stupid accurate. It made me look like I knew what I was doing. After I left the range I started researching the company Canik and the pistol model. Of course I needed one now! I then learned what I learned and wanted to get others opinions on Canik, the model, reliability, etc. The model is a bit large for EDC but as a nightstand gun with 20rnd available, accurate, the FDE color is beautiful, the very competitive price on these just has me pondering. So tell me what you know, like, dislike, wish was different. Thank you for your help fellers!!
  3. I have a Hellcat RDP. I’ve had it for a few months now. Close to 1000rds through it. Comes equipped with a very decent optic and a compensator. Originally purchased for my wife but the recoil was a bit spicy for her. Not one to let a gun go unwanted, I started shooting it on weekend range trips. I have 4-15rd mags, 4-13rd mags and the one lonely 11rd mag. I have 3 holsters but not the one holster just yet. I have since installed a TLR7sub light. Which of course makes holsters almost impossible to find. Also I’m not fond of kydex holsters. Remind me too much of cheap toy holsters. I’ve learned that it carries very well. I’ve grown to be more favor to it when getting ready to leave the house. It “hides” well. Better than previous carry guns (Glock 32/23/19) Always prefer the 15rd mags as they make my hand fit so much better. Probably should have got the Pro with the same WASP optic but just don’t know if it would conceal as well. Loading the mags are a PITA. I can’t use common speed loaders. After 13rds in it gets painful for those last 2 but the loader that comes with it does help. It is an accurate pistol. For me anyway. Out to 20 yards. It’s IS a little snappy but every small pistol I have shot is. I like it a lot.
  4. Probably not a typo. Looks to be just a grip module and not a complete pistol.
  5. Not sure if anyone really cares. Procedure was much simpler than anticipated. Normal on the books transfer after shop etched a serial number on compact p80 for 20.00 bucks. Total of 30.00. 10 for Stalin Socialist check. Not sure if ATF will be by in a few to check everything out but shop went by the book in every way so I’m confident. I think as long as your not selling 5-10 of these a year your ok. Time will tell as I’m sure some idiot will push the limits one day.
  6. Still available!!! Will try this one more time!!! Brand spanking new. Trades are 9mm, 40s&w,5.56/.223 ammo. Anything Glock, parts,pistols, trade up or down.
  7. I sure wish you were closer to me than California!!! Being on one side of the state, it seems like all the cool stuff is on the other side of the planet!! My M&P 45 compact is perfectly sized!! I live it just a tad expensive to play around shooting!!
  8. I don’t care how complicated it gets. I just want to be legal. I try not to play fast and loose with laws. My 6 hours in the drunk tank in Vegas 20 year ago was my scared straight!
  9. I’m not 100% sure on that. I will “hope” the guys at the shop will be in the know as far as doing everything by the book.
  10. I agree with your thought. Although a lie to law enforcement about a “gun” is probably frowned upon. The sum I have come to, although may seem ignorant, will be to have the gun serialized and do a true transfer at a FFL. I will find all of the “dumbass” government infringements so I know fact wise I won’t become a criminal whose constitutional right is taken by a 1960s law. To my knowledge that is when the government decided to not allow felons to have guns. In the constitution it did not say”if you have a felony, you can bear arms” but that is my real deal extreme view on the 2nd amendment. I think EVERYONE should be allowed to have a gun. That way no Karen gets too full of him or herself and we all learn to respect each other again.
  11. I thought this same way for a long time about these!! I live by the KISS formula and it had kept me from jails, hospitals and morgues. So far anyway! I then found a completed serialized version at a shop in Knoxville. I really liked the grip angle on them. The P80 anyway. I then bought a few as I had a ton of spare Glock parts around and figured I would make me a few. I’m perfectly satisfied with how everything turned out. I know the transfer of these are subjective. I thought about buying a trusted buddies p80 but the “legal” info is as clear as muddy water.
  12. That's a sharp little pistol! I'm very new to the whole Glock clone thing. Do you know if this is based off the gen3 Glock?
  13. I just purchased a Hellcat RDP from a sketchy guy! BUT!!!! I believe it has a quality RDS on it. I put just a few rounds through it this past weekend and kept doing the same thing as before which is being distracted by it. I hope to get out this weekend and practice with it to try and get comfortable with one If I can get over myself then I mat have to decide which to get. If not hopefully the wife can learn with one. I'm hard headed some so I will try and try a few more times to see what happens. PS....I know where and how NOT to get one!!!!
  14. I was gonna tell you about this one. Seems to be a really fair deal and the "reviews" are really good on this sight!


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