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  1. Upper dropped to 250, and I will throw in all the other items left if bought for 250.
  2. Some items sold, Price drop to upper. Trades list added.
  3. Closed (decided to keep) Afternoon all, I have a few items that have been sitting around for years now and at this point, so its time to let them go. Edit 5/7: updated sold items and price drop to upper Trades I'm looking for - Optics, pelican cases, NB Miata Parts, Solo Stove (or other larger fire pit), glock 9mm 33 round magazines, or anything else of interest really. SOLD 1 - 44 - 40 Winchester Super X 200gr. 1 full un-fired box. 1 box with 32 un-fired rounds and 18 spent brass cases. $150 OBO SOLD 2 - 8mm Mauser (yugo based on what I've looked up). 2 boxes of 15 rounds each. one box is on stripper clips and opened. The other box is still sealed but does not feel like its on stripper clips. - $40 OBO 3 - 10.5 in Upper - Rock Rive Arms upper, Brownell's Barrel (marked: 556 1-7 5R), BCM QRF9 Rail, AAC muzzle device, and I believe the gas block is also brownell's. Approximately ~200 rounds through it for function testing, and then put away in the safe as it was just another AR in the collection. NO BCG OR CH included! - $350 OBO $300 OBO $250 SOLD 4 - LUSA SP89 Collapsible stock. Not sure what else these can fit on, but its a pretty unusual gun so hopefully someone here has one. - $20 5 - VLTOR EMOD Stock cheek parts. two sets, black and green. These would replace the battery holder tube. - $5 6 - VLTOR AK buffer tube adapter. Missing the 3 shim parts!!!, but has two tang screws. - $25 7 - KAK 1913 buffer tube adapter ( i think it was off an MPX) and 2 buffer tubes - $10 LOCATION - Middle TN (Murfreesboro) AMMO WILL NOT BE SHIPPED. I would rather meet in person and do cash face to face. I can meet within reasonable distances. PM Me with any questions. Eventually, I may consider to ship items (no ammo) at buyers expense depending on offer. Payment details can be discussed.
  4. thanks for that link! Was a pretty eye opening listen. And I feel no sympathy for that dude. Knowingly taking peoples money for months while he knew he could not deliver. FYI. In case any of you use discover. I filed a claim for the part I didn’t pay cash. To at least reclaim a little bit. Discover has denied my claim and ruled in favor of the merchant. All because they can’t reach the merchant to verify the transaction (uhhh duh, you won’t reach anyone…. They’re bankrupt!). I provided them over 30 pages of documents and receipts but it’s all worthless. They told me to call the police or file with the BBB. Ha! What a joke. So for those that had success in getting a chargeback and getting your money, which card did you use? I am done with discover and would like to use a company with actual protections.
  5. @LSMurphyAt the time when I ordered it, they were offering free delivery and no where local (at the time) had the safe I was looking for in stock. They also told me they would swap the electronic dial for mechanical at no cost, and 2-3 months at that point wasn't unheard of for a order through liberty themselves. Because as it turns out that lead time was accurate since I found out my safe was actually built by liberty in May when I ordered in March. FYI: I got another letter in the mail from the NC court that is handling the bankruptcy stating they FOUND ASSETS and to submit your details for the claim. So if anyone hasn't already done that please do! Maybe we will each get 1$ back... ha My credit card company (discover) has already given me back the money I spent on the card (im still out cash...) and are currently investigating. So when their 30 day investigation is up, we will see if I have to give them back the money.
  6. Hope you all don't hold any Ill feeling over Christmas and can enjoy the holiday. I think we will be in a holding pattern until we hear what comes of the creditors meeting in January. Seems like that is the next big milestone in this fiasco. I'm glad a local news station ran a segment on this. That's better than it all being swept under the rug.
  7. @crc4 I went and checked out about 4 different places prior to ordering a safe through Spartan. I knew a few people who personally bought from them and were happy with it. I researched their reviews across a variety of the TN stores and some other ones that popped up on google. Overall they were reviewed positively. But online reviews are just that, online review. Who knows the truth behind it. Oddly 2 months after ordering the safe, the manager at Murfreesboro store sent me an email asking to leave a positive review for him on their pages. I never responded, as why would I rate your store before even getting the product? Obviously now it all makes sense. To be fair, do you look up every single company/business you order from off the internet or store you shop at in person with the BBB before purchasing? I'm going to tell you I wont waste my time doing that for everything I order. Seems a bit overkill to me, but if you do, more power to you! But you are right, the more you looked at Spartan the more suspicious they became! For those going after Liberty, you may think in some sort of way they could be held liable... But honestly I feel we would just be displacing our anger. Spartan is the thief. No one else. I bet this has already hurt Liberty's brand enough. My buddy who also bought a safe at the same time with me from spartan (his credit card already got his refund, so he lucked out) could not even get anyone at Liberty to contact him about ordering another safe. So he went with another brand entirely. So I'm sure not only is this bad publicity, but I'm sure they're losing customers. And probably losing some more who cant drop another 5 grand to replace what was never delivered from spartan. CRC4 - Another reason I made this thread was to vent a bit and empathize with the others in this situation. Because you are right, I do not need to let this continue to bother me. It sucks. Ill continue to keep tabs on the situation. But I am going to move on and work to earn that money back. Definitely a lesson in up front cash payments on a long eta delivery. A very sour lesson.
  8. Thanks for the links @Stromtrooper77. I will submit a complaint on those other links. Hopefully others do as well. That would be awesome if someone local could go to that meeting and get first hand info. @EagleB , @MW Williams I am sorry you guys are stuck in this as well. Hope these thieves rot. I received my letter today. Haven't seen anyone post it up so here is what it looks like.
  9. Not a 4 wheeled regret as of yet, but I often regret selling this one. 1996 fzr 600. Bought it with over 50k miles on it. Never let me down. The fairings were worth more by themselves than the whole bike was so I always took them off. Once I got the Fz1, I didn’t ride it as much but couldn’t keep it as a collector bike either. So I sold it for a thousand. I don’t regret selling the fz1 though it was very comfy. My Honda grom is way more fun! Bonus points if y’all know where I took that second picture. If you’re in memphis it’s like the perfect photo spot with super cool lighting.
  10. Glad you guys found some more concrete info. Thanks for finding it. Unfortunately it’s not great news. @Stromtrooper77 if you have the links to those complaint sites for TN and NC, post them up and I’ll send one too.
  11. I personally started with a normal 43. Bought the 48 when it came out and immediately swapped the slide from the 43 on to the 48 frame. Never looked back. My 48 slide is still sitting unfired. Recently purchased an oem 43x complete slide assembly off eBay so I could throw the 43 back together and use if needed. I appreciate the shorter slide length for appendix. It’s the main reason I did what I did.
  12. Ive kept an eye on a reddit thead here: Some recent posts: I cannot find any bankruptcy info online anywhere so that claim is unverifiable. But I could be searching incorrectly for it. Also I don't know if spartan is actually processing any refunds per the other comment. I personally sent an email to the contact at Liberty Safes who I spoke with the day I found out about all of this. Ill let y'all know what she says (if anything).
  13. @Stromtrooper77 I'm sorry you're in the same boat. It truly sucks. Did you get any email responses yet after submitting the 'refund request'? Im reading all sorts of conflicting information about legal options. There may be no obvious (provable) criminal intent and it will simply be a civil matter. But they aren't local so I imagine you'd have to go to the local court in kennersville north carolina. It really sucks because this will assuredly cost more in time and lawyer fees than what I am currently out. I bet Spartan realizes this and until we get a confirmed large group of wronged customers to after them, I imagine it will be a lost cause. Keep us posted if you hear of anything. @bersaguyI don't see how you could prove any actual criminal intent. Not from my end at least. At this point since the business hasn't filed bankruptcy (that I can find), we are dealing with a business who hasn't delivered a product. They have "taken action" to get refunds back, but its not looking great. From that perspective it seems like they're doing everything they have to do. Probably just giving them enough time to cover themselves and get out of this without a trace and leave us all empty handed. @E4 No MoreThe question is, is this even criminal? Its just a business that hasn't delivered at this point. That's typically between the two parties and outside of law enforcement is it not? Maybe I'm wrong?
  14. @MacGyver Just finished filing a complaint. Didn’t think to do that. Though I don’t know if it will do much :(


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