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  1. Do I really want a Red Dot Sight RDS for carry?

    Speaking only of my own experience shooting 3-gun Open division with a dot-sighted pistol, your mileage may vary: The handgun dot sight excels at hitting small (or distant) targets fast. Things like TX stars, 4" plates, and distant steel transformed from painful to routine. For full-size targets up close, even after a lot of practice with the dot, I was never any faster than irons, and often a touch slower because of height-over-bore and muscle memory shooting irons. And that's almost certainly the kind of shooting I'll need to do if (God forbid) I end up pulling the trigger for keeps on the street. So in summary, for me, for a carry gun, the RDS isn't worth it. Now, as the tech improves, the sights get even more bulletproof, weather/foreign object resistant, and maybe we start to see things like integral RDS, where the battery, electronics, and wind age/elevation adjustments are built into the slide, and only the sight window sticks up, and that dot starts to appear right where the front sight used to be.... that might mean a whole new ball game.
  2. New Micro gun?

    SIG P938. It suppresses well too.
  3. Karambit pairs headed to a new home...

    I finally found a picture of the concept, albeit a cheap Chinese example with a pitiful excuse for a handle.
  4. That's where you're wrong. Scrap the committees.
  5. Karambit pairs headed to a new home...

    They are indeed. But my line of (admittedly flu-riddled) reasoning being a slight curve would add some slashing ability and give up very little penetration. I've taken to carrying a push dagger next to my spare pistol magazine as a pure "defense/weapon retention" tool. The push knife design allows a longer blade in a carryable package than a traditional fixed blade, and the punch is one of the most basic defensive instincts. Clamp weapon hand down on the gun, draw knife with support hand and punch.
  6. Karambit pairs headed to a new home...

    I'm sorry, I'm fighting off the flu and my communication skills are a bit lacking right now. More like this knife, but with a shallow "karambit curve", double edged.
  7. Karambit pairs headed to a new home...

    Those look awesome. Could you possibly incorporate that same blade shape into a push dagger?
  8. Is your favorite your go to?

    Twice now my beloved carry gun has "priced itself out if the market". Both the custom Delta Elite and the P7M8 are awesome guns, but just became too darn valuable to bang around every day.
  9. Savage 16 Lightweight Hunter

    I don't think I have any pictures of it, but I can bring it by to show you sometime. It's not as light and handy as it used to be... it wears a suppressor all of the time now.
  10. Savage 16 Lightweight Hunter

    Lightweight rifles in cartridges like .243Win are handy and awesome. Lightweight rifles in cartridges like .300WM and 7mmMag are handy and brutal. Even .308 can sting a bit. I have a light little Remington 600 in .308 that felt like a really manly gun until I put a Limbsaver on it.
  11. Trump / HPA

    HPA would usher in the biggest changing force in the industry since the invention of the metallic cartridge. Suppressor, firearm, cartridge, bullet design will see gigantic changes.
  12. CZ P10 Striker Fired

    I'm looking forward to checking one of these out, hopefully getting to shoot it a bit. I'm a big CZ fan, and tired to like the P07/09, but they just didn't do anything for me.
  13. 5.56 or .308

    An AR-pattern gun in 5.56 is a much better fighting tool (if you're fighting humans anyway) than an AK-pattern gun in 7.62x51, IMO.

    Exactly... unless the homeowners just wrote a check to build the house, SOMEBODY has an insurance policy of some sort on that investment.

    Okay, my "care package" trip is officially on now. Truck is rented (Thanks for the hook up, Penske and Mike's Tire in Tullahoma), heading up to Knoxville on Saturday morning. Donation drop-off points have been established at Bacchus Fine Wines (my place) and Templar Shooting Sports (the new inddor shooting range) in Tullahoma. Bottled water, sports drinks, non-perishable food, blankets, pet food, pet crates, batteries, toiletry items... basically anything you'd need if your house burned down, or if you had just spent 18 hours keeping peoples' houses from burning down (lots of tired first responders up there working hard). Shoot me a private message or just ask here if you have any questions or want to donate but can't make it to Tullahoma.

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