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  1. He just said we sell that.. I told him I'm only picking up mine and he walked off... I'm not a brass thief.
  2. It seems the past few times I've gone there, someone on the staff makes it a point to come and educate me on something..   I'm done with it.  First, I was picking up MY BRASS and was tapped on the shoulder and informed that the range sells that.... Ok.   Today, I'm tapped on the shoulder and told not to make head shots as they might hit the plastic that we pin the targets too..   Their range, their rules I understand, but I think I will not renew my membership.   I might be complaining over nothing, but it just crosses me in a funny way. They can keep all the college kids and weekend Rambos as their customer base.I will find a place and shoot elsewhere.   Just ranting....
  3. I don't think its a hack, Neil agreed to do the bit, and Jimmy does a great impression of him in his younger years, I think its great.   Tomorrow I'm showing up to work singing a Marty Robbins song. Look for another post or catch me being on the morning news being beaten by co workers.
  4. I knew it was old, but a guy at my work just showed it to me the other day... I was singing this song at 0500 when I walked in and needless to say they, (the over night crew) did not want to hear me, so he pulled it up on a computer and told me to shut up..... smart man he is  :D
  5. I've never really been a Jimmy Fallon fan, but this video shows his talent. I've always been a Neil Young fan and this video is just greatness of Jimmy's talent and Neil's good nature of doing it with him. If I wasn't watching it on video, I would never guess it was not Neil himself.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6otmy3DAK8  
  6.   I get what your saying, but I shoot my carry pistol minimum 200 rounds a week. The oil wont stay Iong as I clean after every range session. I trust my life to this thing and do baby it, but I also realize that it is just a tool. Not really trying to save money, but just trying to keep it simple as I use motor oil to lube the rams on my reloading presses. I will do more research, but if it works, it works. No need to buy expensive brand name products if I don't need too.
  7. I have not done a lot of research yet, but I'm thinking of just using regular synthetic engine oil. Just a quick search shows guys doing it and also guys using ATF. A quart of that stuff will go along way and if it is designed to work in a combustion engine, It will more than sit through a 200-400 round range session.
  8. Check out elitereloading.com. I've used them for 380 ACP brass. Reasonable prices and quick shipping as they are located in Kentucky. I admit, I've only ordered from them once in the past, but I will be doing buisness with them again.
  9. I've had a AD before and not ashamed to admit it. Polish P-64 pistol. I had to replace a tile in my kitchen floor because of it. Luckily the round hit the floor instead of going through my leg. I'm not ashamed of it and will gladly talk about it because we are all human. If my mistake / stupidity can help someone from doing the same thing, then its a win situation. I learn from others everyday if it be firearms or what temp to bake salmon, I learn everyday. I'm an expert at nothing and freely admit it.
  10. I am in no way associated with this company, but Montana Gold Bullets has a good deal going. I in the past picked up 4,500 95gr 380 FMJ bullets for $395.00 with free shipping. I just ordered 18,000 more.    I did not check other caliber prices, but I did not have any problems with their service and really did not find anything more economical out there if you factor in shipping.    Again I am in no way associated with them, but wanted to spread the word on their prices and customer service.
  11. Law is law. Regardless of how stupid it is. I think that is the problem though as long as we "follow the books" we are at no fault as individuals and people use that excuse everyday to remove responsibility from themselves.   We as a society have lost all thought as individuals and therefore become part of the growing problem. You read about kids being suspended from school for well, being kids. Drawing guns on paper, making a gun shape with their hand and so on. Zero tolerance they call it.   The adults that support this "I can't think for myself" logic are to blame and unfortunately that number seems to rise everyday.    I have said it before and will say it again. I had a platoon sergeant tell me years ago,"The world is full of idiots and probably always will be". Not sure if he was talking to me, or about me.   Common sense and individual thinking is long gone.
  12. I take fired brass, run them through a sizing die, decap. Then I run them through a bulge buster on on single stage press., Clean, sort by head stamp and load them up.    I'm probably doing to much work, as I again run them through a sizing die to prime them. I bulge bust on a single stage and reload on a turret. I never have to change dies, so seating and overall length stay consistent as I never have to adjust my dies.    Like Musicman said. Make small batches. When you find what works good for you and your gun. Leave it alone. Just crank out rounds, shoot, enjoy, repeat.
  13. I have to say, I started reloading because of a S&W 500 magnum purchase. Then started reloading for my S&W 629. I have saved money in that part of it.   Now for the other part. I carry a Sig P238 and reload for it. I've made thousands of rounds and just saying the average box of 50 will be $15.00. I have saved money. Except for my shooting habits.  I shoot on average 200 rounds of 380 a week and sometimes up to 400 rounds. If I carry it, I want to train with it and fire it as much as I can.   Buying bullets in bulk and keeping a stock pile of primers, powder, I feel good about it. Again, I have not saved much,if anything, but I hit the range a whole lot more and my goal is to get the little Sig to be an extension of my hand. Nothing can do that but putting rounds down range. Reloading lets me afford to do that.
  14. Juggling numbers to fit where they need them. No, no, you have to look at it from this side. If you look at it logically, it does not work for us.   Thank you Dane, I did not view it the way you did. Yes he can say it, but it is still BS and the sad part is, people will buy it.
  15. So he says that places with strict gun ownership laws has crime rates that have dropped. While places without stricter laws, the rates have not dropped very much. How about Chicago? How does that fit into your make believe land Mr. President?. (No offense to Mr. Rogers).   I'm going to make me a sandwich and listen to some Fleetwood Mac before my head explodes from the stupidity that it is subjected too by simply listening to our nations leader. As Christine McVie sings, "I'm over my head", it just doesn't feel nice. (Thats my make believe land).
  16. Well, I did not have anything else planned today other than a little range time, (a lot of other things I SHOULD be doing), just printed my coupon and finished my second cup of coffee. I'll be there and hopefully score some primers and brass.
  17. I appreciate everyones input on the subject. I'm just over thinking things too much and do not want to scare anyone or cause a scene anywhere. I've pocket carried a Keltec P3AT, then moved to the Sig P238, again in the pocket and never thought much of it. I put the Glock 26 on a belt and it hit me, "This is too noticable". With everyone sharing your experience, I'm simply going to do my thing and not worry about it. Worst case, I'm asked to leave somewhere. If that happens, then they do not deserve my money to begin with.
  18.   I would probably answer honestly depending who was asking, (LEO ect). I think my hang up is the fact that I've been to focused on the point of printing at all. Fact is, people simply don't notice. Its good for me as I can bring the  Glock 26 on all my adventures without concern. If I am questioned and asked to leave a place, so be it, I leave that place.    My whole concern was being detected as having a firearm on me at all. I seriously think the public is to stupid to notice. Interesting times that we live in.
  19. This is an old subject of concealed carry, but as the weather changes, so does my method of carry and observations on the subject.   I'm 5' 3" tall. Stocky at 168 lbs. I don't hide things very easily.   During the warmer months, I carry a Sig P238 in a pocket holster, right front pocket. Never an issue, looks like a wallet. The colder months, I carry a Glock 26 in the combat holster. Keeps very close to my body. I do not care for an IWB. Nothing wrong with it, it just doesn't work for me.   Recently I purchased the Crossbreed mini slide along with the mini slide mag holders. It prints wearing it, but not crazy like. You have to actually be looking for a gun or something "off" with my appearance.   Now to my observations. I think I've been too worried about concealment as the majority of people pay no attention to people around them. I've tested this with the Glock 26 with a pull over shirt. Printing big time, no one ever questioned me as I honestly don't think they notice anything out of the ordinary.   I think I have been overly cautious with the whole printing issue in the past. If its not hanging out there and obvious for the world to see, I've found I can go about my day without anyone every questioning me. If I'm ever questioned about it, well its my insulin pump or what not. Point is, I don't think printing is as big of an issue as people make it out to be, or at least its not as big of an issue as I thought it was.   Have any of you guys/girls had any issues with printing while carrying?   
  20.   That right there sounds like deliciousness waiting to happen. :yum:  I will be doing this. Thank you Sir.
  21. I have not posted in a while, but curious about everyone elses sausage ball reciepies. Its that time of year...and honestly, I don't know why its not an all year thing. They are easy to make and last a while.... deliciousness... I'm expeirimenting with the below recipie.   1 pound Tennessee Pride "Hot Sausage" 16 oz Shredded cheddar cheese 1-3/4 cups Bisquick   I mix this all together and roll into small balls. Bake at 350F for about 20 minutes and they are delicious.   What is your twist on this receipie? o        
  22. I see what you guys are saying.... laws (military regulations) just hinders someones means to protect themselves and those around. The point of my post was that stupid will happen regardless of laws or regs. I fully support our military to be armed. European countries must be laughing at us.... Its sad that civilians are standing guard at recruiting stations.   Arm our recruiters, arm the reserve centers, arm the NG centers, they are military.... trained and should be able to defend when needed. I will get off my soap box now.
  23. This is all crap. Think about it, if anyone wants to do harm, they will. Arming the recruiters will solve nothing unless they have people outside to shake down kids interested in joining the military. Same thing with airports. They give you crap about your liquids and so forth, but you can easily walk right up to the ticket counter, check in and head off to security UNTOUCHED.... once in the security line you can do whatever you want.    Its all a bunch of BS.. keep your head on a swivel and hope for the best.    I hate to put it this way, but nothing will stop this crap and you just have to be aware of your surroundings 24/7 and even then, just hope for the best. Stupid will continue to happen.
  24. I load Berry's 240 gr copperplated/flatpoint with 12. 6gr of Accurate #5. I've found it to be very consistent and accurate with my S&W 629.. just me though and results may vary.


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