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  1. wow , I just got it , only took 1.5 days on a special order item. thanks again guys on the fast delivery! This thing is rock and roll.
  2. Went into the shop this morning. I traded a gun in a purchased another one through them. They wasted no time in helping me , they gave me a great deal on the new gun and a good price on the trade in. Traded in : SigSauer p239 ordered: M&P Pro 9mm. Thanks guys for the hassle free , straight up dealings. I recommend that anyone that is interested in buying a new gun , please make your way over that way and check them out.
  3. i play when I go over to Spoolies house, I beat the story part in one 8 hr sit , LOL but MW2 is a great game.
  4. I never meant to get into a caliber round debate, it was just something that crossed my mind when I was observing my friends choices. With my limited knowledge of guns I figured they new something that I didnt. I recently got a sig239 and really like it, so just was wondering why I didnt really see other .40cal around.
  5. Just curious as to what others think , cause all of my friends carry .45 's or 9mm . The tech has got pretty good with a 9mm that it seems that you either should go with a really good 9mm round or just step up to a .45. Which would leave me to believe that getting a .40cal is kind of useless , since the other two calibers can get the job done as well if not better. So : Do you think that .40cal is a stupid round to carry or it is a good middle ground?
  6. Well no one has mentioned type of metal with the grain. I have some brass rounds that proceed after my copper hollow points for the deformation of the metal characteristics, is this not a valid issue in this issue?
  7. called Franklin Gun shop just for kicks and they said that they could not match those prices, They said it would have been $1120 out the door.
  8. What is the real difference in a German made one and an American made one?
  9. I have had the JUICE cs4 for years and it is brilliant , great size and ergonomics , blade still is surgical sharp. So I guess that I have had this for sometime now that the decendants will be just as good. Plus 1 for Leatherman.
  10. Just curious, one of the first things I thought of was making sure that I was locked and loaded after the flood hit, thinking of Katrina and any other naturaal disaster usually led to some kind of looting. Made sure that the carry was full of hollow points and the scatter gun had buck in it. Just me or are there others that make me feel better about myself and paranoia out there?
  11. budsgunshop has them for $971 shipped. cant really find anything better online. But I have searched and found on other forums where they picked these up for up to $200 less , a year ago. Not sure what the deal is. but anyone suggest a another place to look for them? thanks
  12. Hero- you offer pistols already customized, or do you need a core supplied?
  13. Force = mass x acceleration.
  14. where can I get one of those stateside......

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