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  1. Shock to the median nerve just below the anterior interosseous.  Doesn't take much to hyper stimulate that nerve and cause the hand to loose strength in the thumb and disrupt the signal to the index and middle fingers.  Silat practitioners love these kinds of attacks. 
  2. I use an old belt that I no longer wear.  Stropping makes a HUGE difference.  I do it on all my knives, from my EDC to my Chinese vegetable cleaver.
  3. you'll notice that when you're broke, you'll develop Glockoma... where you see awesome deals on models you want but still can' t afford EVERYWHERE...
  4. maybe this was way back earlier in the the thread, but I'm still having a difficult time seeing A&E's actions are EEOC complaint... even if they have a clause enunciating the right to terminate like this, I didn't think that such a clause could stand as it smells a lot like a violation of Title 7 , section 703...
  5. 1911... brown paper bag... I know that it's not uncommon for folks to break down a 1911 and realize that they don't know how to get the thing back together.  I myself had to do the walk of shame into a gun shop on my first 1911 carrying a bag'o'gun to get someone to help me reassemble it on my first try...
  6. I have a friend who is running a survey about chickens at her work.  I figured there are a number of us here that raise them, so I wanted to make the survey available to ya'll.   http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3BQZFHT   Thanks FD
  7. I'm a fan of both, but I tend to shoot thumbs forward and can't seem to break myself of the habit of riding the slide-lock with my thumb on Sigs.
  8. go play this. some of the best dialogue and acting I've ever seen. Gameplay is exceptional, too.
  9. I carry a 45 because it's killed more people than cholera and Dracula combined.
  10. I understand that some people will intentionally install the extractor plunger in backwards as it's supposed offset some of the effects that recoil has on extraction.  HRED designs their assembly with this in mind, where the springed end goes in first, and I've heard some IDPA guys say that they do it using stock parts for the same reason.  I don't understand the physics/engineering well enough to confirm or deny the efficacy of this practice, but I have seen people do this deliberately.
  11. just test ran a few 100 through the 19 with an Apex extractor. zero BTF, strong ejection at 3 o'clock. I'm running mine with an HRED plunger. I you go for it, you'll want to use the plunger that goes with the non-lci. pleased right now.
  12. H soap.  I've not hears of that. I've been trying to supplement their calcium intake through feed supplements and egg shells.  The other 4 seem pretty happy right now (but then again, so did the two who died  ).
  13. I'm still getting b.t.f. on my Gen 4.  Really annoying.  HRED plunger, updated spring and ejector.  lone wolf extractor.  Will be hitting up Apex this week.
  14. nice, I was thinking Coop-a-cabra, myself.


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