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  1. Good Lord we're good at splitting hairs! It took three bag of popcorn!
  2. Erik, I'm not going to talk badly about anyone who puts on a uniform and puts themselves in harm's way to protect and serve, even if they are no longer with the dept. I was just curious as I have never seen this happen.
  3. I just saw a video on my FB where a LEO in TN conducted a Terry Stop on a motorcyclist due to an improperly mounted tag. The guy was wearing a GoPro on his helmet. Anyway, the LEO states that he saw him leave a gas station with his helmet on and his sidearm OC, then proceeds to tell him his plate is not mounted correctly. The cyclist is still on his bike, and the bike is off. As the cyclist glances forward for a second, the LEO quickly snatches the HCPers sidearm without warning or provocation. It seemed to startle the young cyclist a bit, but he asked why he was disarmed, and why he didn't ask for it. I can understand LEO safety first, but is this a legal maneuver? It also seems to me that the LEO could have accidentally discharged the firearm during his snatch and grab. Just throwing it out there...
  4. Volphin

    Help! Goose Invasion!

    Thanks everyone. You guys have some good suggestions! The neighbors have 2 dogs but they are fenced in and the geese know it. LOL I'm going to start with a low corded fence and mylar strips. If they escalate the situation, I will move on to Bird X bird spikes and or electronics. I could also hook up motion sensors to turn on the sprinklers in the area. Looking into that...
  5. Volphin

    Help! Goose Invasion!

    The dock and lake house back lawn are getting a lot of unwelcome Canadian Geese visitors lately, and they leave their calling card everywhere. This is Watts Bar, 1-2Nm downstream from TN National. As I understand it, you can't just open up on these critters without running afoul (or is that afowl? LOL) of Uncle Samuel. It's not a big deal if I'm there... some noise and a few bottle rockets does the trick. The problem is, we can go weeks in between visits. In the meantime, the little buggers crap up a storm. How can I make it less hospitable to them? I really don't want to fence the waterfront... Any ideas?
  6. I just got back from Chicago where I had to stay over for a business meeting. I felt completely naked without my sidearm, but given the level of crazy (gun laws) in Chicago, I didn't want to risk taking it along. It would seem that perhaps my worry was unfounded. Look how this woman was handled by Cook Co. for straw purchases and other violations. Now I've seen everything! http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20170414/news/170419171/?sf71570972=1
  7. Volphin

    Christmas shopping

    I'm SO borrowing this. LOL
  8. Volphin

    Surround Sound advice?

    I still use the Sony 5.3 systems (I have 3) and found my latest one on Clist for my downstairs tv used for $75. Not bad for 500w.
  9. Volphin

    Automotive pulley holder wrench

    Wants some advice from an ASE Certified Master Tech? Zip it down with an air gun and call it good. It is not a critical torque setting, and the bolt will be fine. The gun will put about 175-200 ft-lbs on it, depending upon the model. It's better to be too lose than too tight on a cast crank anyway.
  10. Volphin

    Beginner guitar - help needed

    Oh, and for the record, I must be old school. Current setup is Peavy 6 x 12 stack and a TNT 100 after years of owning a lot of different brands including Fender and Marshall… RANT: I hear a lot of guys talk big about the old tube amps, but have yet to find a guy who can tell the difference in a recording OR live. If you grew up with tube equipment (like I did) you have a greater appreciation for the reliability of the newer solid state units. Kids just envy (nay, worship) the "vintage" nowadays, when it was really just mediocre. I own about 20 guitars and basses and there is not a "sound" I can't reproduce with these amps.
  11. Volphin

    Just wanted to say goodbye

    Please stop by when you can Joe. You will always have friends here.
  12. Volphin

    BC / BS of TN

    My grandmother died a very wealthy woman by NEVER buying health insurance. Whan she needed it, she wrote a check to the doc, hospital, nursing home etc. at a greatly reduced rate. You have to remember, insurance companies are the CAUSE of medical rate inflation as providers must grossly overcharge on paper to realize a 13-20% margin. Furthermore, (most of you are too young to remember), medical insurance wasn't always the norm, and it was better like that. Folks got scared of paying off a few thou, and built quite the business on that fear to the tune of BILLIONS in "middleman" revenue. My advice is to take the penalty or flat out lie on your return. They deserve the same honesty we get from them in DC. Besides, no one is checking the data. AT ALL.
  13. Volphin

    Prayer request

    I'm so sorry for your loss Joe. Prayers from our family to you and yours.
  14. Interesting. I'm in the majority, but not so silent. LOL

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