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  1. Classic Firearms is giving away another SCAR 17 this time in sexy all black. Link below or go to their website to enter. https://wn.nr/wxUFU3
  2. Because it is most likely (70%+) that if I need the pistol it will be at night. The iron sights lower third cowitness with the red dot. The light sits below the sights and the switch is alongside the front sight body. I can actuate the switch with my thumb without altering my grip at all whether shooting the pistol right or left handed. You do not even notice the light through the aimpoint just the fins of the front sight in the bottom of the window(which i think helps get on target a little faster). If you pop up the rear iron you just use the bottom of the window. 5 to 10 seconds. I will run some drills with a shot timer next weekend and get you an average.
  3. Anyone else here have a pistol backpack rig? Post them Up!! My AR Pistol backpack setup. DDM4 V7s 11.5 inch upper on Spikes Lower with Aimpoint Pro, fixed DD front sight, MBUS Pro flip up rear sight, Geissele SSA trigger, Law Tactical Folder with Tailhook Mod 2 brace. Carried in Sentinel Concepts bag with 3 Mag cards, IFAK(stuffed below mag cards), gloves, hydration, fire starter, spare knife, spare light, trail mix and a spare multitool.
  4. Urse

    FDE SCAR 17 Giveaway

    Winner was Louis L from Nashville. Not sure if they are a member but if so congrats!
  5. I have heard more than once in my LGS that making all firearms transfers go through an FFL would help the small shops. At least then they would have the transfer fees. No way to be competitive with online retailers. I am as guilty as any, several times I have gone to a local shop (or if they did not have it then outpost armory) to hold and check out a gun but then I bought it online. I have helped out in my LGS and am fortunate to have purchased several firearms at dealer cost. I have access to Lipsey's and RSR dealer accounts to check pricing. That said, many online retailers will offer guns at a 10% or less markup.
  6. Classic Firearms is giving away a FDE SCAR 17. Link below: https://wn.nr/srbVEs
  7. YAAAAWWNN.......did I just wake up? /Pinch...yeah not dreaming.....hmm... This seems like a topic we were talking about with Tungsten, MolonLabe, The Rabbi, Steelharp, Kahrman and others back in 2007 here on TGO. The Glock 19 was then and still is my carry gun. If looks are a primary deciding factor for your firearm then good for you..god bless murica.......if you think the Glock is fugly how about the Chiappa Rhino? Well, I guess the Chiappa was kind of sexy in Margot Robbie's hands in Suicide Squad......but then that was mostly the booty shorts not the gun. The purpose of the Glock for me is a reliable defensive handgun and that they do beautifully......./Yawn okay back to bed.....
  8. Store will be closed until Monday. Thieves only grabbed items from the first two cases but broke all of the display cases which damaged or got glass dust/shards in nearly all the handguns. Glass dust + oil=bad. They were in and out in about 45 seconds. Smyrna PD was on scene in 3 minutes. Fortunately no long guns or NFA items were taken.
  9. This move by the NRA is smart. They are asking the ATF to reclassify bump stocks which could circumvent the need for Congress to pass legislation. And even if Congress gets involved it makes it harder for the anti-gunners and media to paint the NRA and gun owners as completely unreasonable. You have the hardline left and the hardline right but most Americans are somewhere in the middle. That middle part of the population is truly where the power lies and in the aftermath of LV even a lot of moderate gun owners are saying something has to be changed. If we lose the middle we lose the fight completely. Sometimes you have to compromise. If Congress gets involved they will want to add binary/echo triggers(which either way are likely to be going away as well), high capacity magazines, ammunition restrictions or even just any replacement trigger (no Geissele!?...oh noes!). By supporting the possible regulations on bump stocks (which until Sunday I always considered a cheesy gimmick at best anyways) it allows the NRA and the Repubtards in Congress to support some "gun control" for a change and not completely alienate themselves from the moderate majority. Mid term elections are not that far away. While I do not think the SHARE act ever had a snowballs chance in hell of passing anyways if we compromise now it may still be an option later. I am not counting on that so I will just pay my Tax stamp, wait....and wait...and wait and hopefully my family and I will get to enjoy the suppressors for as long as we can.
  10. Urse

    Home Defense Gun

    I agree 100%. The Tac14/Shockwaves are cool and all but for home defense I would want a stock. If you ever have to use it for self defense you will be under duress and just as Clint Smith shows in the video it is very easy to punch yourself in the face with the gun. Even though it is a shotgun you still have to aim. Of course this can be remedied somewhat with training.
  11. Agree 100%. I have a NF ATACR F1 4-16x42 on a SCAR 17 and it will be moving to my RPR to be replaced by a NF NSX 2.5-10x24 in the very near future. Love the build quality, love the glass and love that many are made here in the US(with import parts...lol)...as I get older my appreciation for quality glass grows.....NF fanboy here!
  12. Urse

    M1a or ar10

    FAL is super cool however a good FAL is a 2MOA gun. There are plenty that will say they can do better but I feel those are the exception not the rule. For a high quality FAL once you add the FAL optics mount and rails you are usually at or approaching $2k before the optic. As far as AR 10, If you are just going to shoot casually and are not a deltasealninjaoperator type you can go to Palmetto State Armory and buy the AR10 complete rifle or upper and lower of your choice for about $700.00 total that will likely serve you just fine and give you more money for ammo and optics. Midwest Industries and Aero Precision both make quality AR 10 variants for the same or less than the Ruger. The Aero can be had from 1499.99 on up depending on barrel/handguard configurations. Aero has been manufacturing OEM parts for other companies for a long time and they offer very high quality for amazingly good prices. Midwest Industries is one of those companies that just about everything they make is good. Ruger, Aero and M.I are all going to weigh about 8.5 lbs empty with a 16 inch barrel. If weight is a major factor there is also the S&W M&P 10 for around $1250 which weighs 7.7 lbs empty with a non free floated 18 inch barrel. If you want get the most out of any of the AR 10 platforms you may want to drop another $200.00ish on a quality trigger and then there is the optic........many people can throw a $300-$500 piece of glass on the rifle and be absolutely satisfied but if you are going to shoot a lot and at longer ranges then save and buy as high quality of glass as possible. Edit: i almost forgot the Savage Arms MSR Hunter 10. Sub $1200 AR 10 variant with melonite fluted barrel with 5R rifling and Savage has a long history of making very accurate rifles for a great price.
  13. Urse

    M1a or ar10

    Given those choices I would say M1A. Or save enough to get both and buy one of these instead!!...lol
  14. You could always go Plum to be more authentically tacticool. I like the magpul furniture it makes the gun better. Here is a visual cluster......plum and black furniture, blue sofa, green pillow and red wall......

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