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  1. That’s likely a battery that’s just too low to hold a charge - maybe with a bad cell that’s “diluting” the ability of the portable pack to start it. You could pull the battery cables and hook them up directly to the jumper cables. If it starts - easy fix.
  2. Y’all. We’ve been doing this en masse since 2001. Remember all the anthrax in the days after 9/11? Heck, pieces of this technology have been around since the Unabomber days. Don’t screw with postal inspectors. Seriously. They’ll find you.
  3. They’re a good eating fish - but they take some work to learn to clean. They’ve got a pronounced blood line. Remove that unless you like a really strong fish taste. I usually just filet them and pick through the y-bones by hand. Sometimes I clean them by scraping the meat from the filets with a spoon and making croquets.
  4. That was my one complaint about my 2016 Tacoma - it liked to hunt for the gear it wanted more than I cared for in the normal Eco mode. I forget what the other mode was called that moved the shift point to a higher RPM, but that seemed I solve it.
  5. One of my clients who is pretty in the know and owns more than a dozen dealerships says that they are preparing for war footing when it comes to the chip shortage (and carryon supply chain issues) through at least the end of 2023. When I last spoke to them, they only had 56 new vehicles across the entirety of their lots. On a different note - we bought my wife a Kia Telluride - because we need a third row that’s actually usable by someone who’s older than 3. I can’t say enough good things about it. She drove a Land Cruiser and a Sequoia and it beat both of them out by a lot. The Land Cruiser cost almost twice as much.
  6. I cannot stress this strongly enough - but for at least the next couple generations - there is no ceiling on the GDP of the internet. Add in the fact that we're still early enough that knowing enough of any scripting language to get "hello world" on the internet coupled with enough SQL knowledge to write a join statement - and you've got as close to a superpower as anyone has ever had. As much as software is eating the world - there is capacity for a lot more. We'll likely reach a point where coding is a reliable blue collar job - kind of the 21st century equivalent of your grandad's generation factory job. It's likely to be the gateway into the middle class for a lot of people. And it's likely to make some of the more industrious of those folks really wealthy. Basic coding skills will make you better at just about any job you have - it makes you think differently - and allows you to solve problems with a different toolset.
  7. I'm curious on the experience of the leaf vac. I've got one pin oak tree that drops its leaves on a small area in my yard. It's not a problem for me to rake them (or just leave them) - but the idea of a leaf vac is appealing. Do you find that it actually works.
  8. I’m sorry to hear this. He’s had a tough run of it these last few years. I hope his family and those that loved him find peace.
  9. Mine has it. I’ve grown to prefer it. I could maybe speculate that I like it because it allows me to have a similar grip amongst the platforms I spend the most time shooting. Whatever the case, it’s comfortable and seems like it belongs there
  10. @TGO Davidis making some changes to the way pictures are stored. Bear with us while we get it squared away.
  11. If you’ve got something that’s 3/4x24 threaded, that’s a bargain.
  12. You're showing an inert fuse assembly from a training dummy. Live fuses from M228's will get you in trouble without an explosives license: https://www.atf.gov/news/pr/ohio-man-indicted-receiving-grenade-fuzes-blount-county This case was ultimately dismissed before sentencing - but notably after the defendant pled guilty.
  13. I hate to hear this. Peace on him and his family and all who knew him.
  14. If I were in a place where I'd had that issue with more than one vehicle, I think I'd order some predator scent lure - mix it up in a spray bottle with some alcohol - and give the underside of my car a couple of good shots of it once a quarter or so. Just make sure you know where the air intakes are on your wife's car.
  15. Made several threads shorter and more legible in one swing. I wonder if he’ll wake up hung over tomorrow wondering what the heck happened?
  16. I have no idea what’s happening here. But, I’m suddenly curious.
  17. Things are weird. I didn’t take several shots on does in late December down in Georgia because they still had fawns with spots with them.
  18. It’s not a big deal for me as a resident - but I really appreciate the full year in states where I buy non-resident permits. Glad to extend that courtesy to people who do that in our state. What I really wish is that we’d extend reciprocity to lifetime sportsman license holders like several states around us do.
  19. Oh, I had not heard they. That’s great.


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