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  1. I’m aware of someone who died this week in Arkansas who otherwise shouldn’t have just because they couldn’t get them a bed within that magic hour. They’re completely out of space.
  2. Update on Phil Valentine - looks like he's in increasingly poor shape. I hate this for his family - and hope he pulls through. Hearing that someone needs to be put on ECMO is heartbreaking:
  3. You can't make fun of a man's purse when he's carrying a rig like that either.
  4. Yeah, I think that probably rounds to true.
  5. Texas and Indiana lawsuits upholding mandates are going to start a lot of companies on the same path. Nobody wanted to be the guinea pig - but now they've got case law in their favor. Already this week VUMC and Ascension Health have mandated here in Nashville.
  6. Gives new meaning to “shedding the virus.”
  7. I think I’ve put a bunch more rounds through that Hi-Lux and it’s still going strong.
  8. South Georgia is worth having someone who knows what they’re doing the first time, too. Same feeders that attract pigs attract gators and big snakes too.
  9. I hope we get the chance to find out.
  10. Looks like Phil Valentine has been hospitalized with COVID: https://www.scoopnashville.com/2021/07/talk-radios-phil-valentine-hospitalized-with-covid-19/ I hope he’ll make a full recovery. I saw somewhere yesterday that state Representative David Byrd is still in the hospital after having to undergo a liver transplant due to complications from COVID. He missed the whole session last year due the same.
  11. Cat Crap is probably the best of the anti fog products. There's a product for divers that works well, too - but I don't have my dive bag handy. Letting it "cure" is key - as is reapplying on a semi-regular basis. I've no idea what that interval might be for an optic on a pistol.
  12. All these years later, this still brings me so much joy. Don’t go bitin’ @Chucktshoes and just expect to walk out of there…
  13. It’s come as a surprise to a lot of folks, but when you hear conventional wisdom on people of color getting the vaccine, you need to see the actual data. There’s a lot that many of us assumed was going to happen that largely hasn’t. I am very close to a sister congregation that is predominantly black. I was having lunch with one of their leaders back in January and he asked me how many folks in our congregation would get vaccinated. I told him roughly 100%. I posed the same question to him, and he shook his head and said it was going to be a real uphill battle. He said that he might be the only person who wasn’t in an assisted living facility to get it. Family memories of stuff like Tuskegee makes it hard. We had lunch back at the end of May, and he me told with tears in his eyes that over 60% had gotten it so far. Here in Nashville, and largely nationwide, people of color have taken advantage of the opportunity to get the vaccine at a higher rate than was expected. It was expressed to me that, “as a group, our outcomes from the disease are generally worse than other groups.” I wonder if recognition of that is driving a lot?
  14. While it's nothing more than luck and being a few inches this way instead of that way - I'm to be in the camp of "shot at and missed." The only way I can describe it is that it's a liberating feeling and an utterly terrifying one at exactly the same time.
  15. I’ve only got one reason for continuing to post in this thread. I just don’t want to lose anymore friends to this thing.
  16. Heck of a good deal. Whoever did that slide work did a great job.
  17. Greg, I'm truly curious on this - I've heard similar from a few other folks in my social circle. Does the FDA approval actually change how you think about the vaccine?
  18. At this point - if I could only make one argument for getting the vaccine here in the US - it's all economic. The longer we spend getting our own house in order - the longer it takes the rest of the world to get fully up and running with large scale programs. The tail risk of a country like Brazil, or Indonesia, or Thailand or a bunch of others affecting the global economy at scale because of supply chain issues is my biggest worry right now.
  19. I’ll let you turn out the lights when this is done. I’m afraid we’ve got a ways to go before this thing is done though. Thankfully at least the sickness part of this pandemic is almost totally optional at this point. I’m still worried about the economic effects as variants hit largely unvaccinated countries that all affect our supply chains.
  20. Walther has done an amazing job with their triggers since the P99 days. At the time, the trigger on my old P99 AS was probably the best non-1911 trigger I had ever felt.
  21. Yeah, that scarcity model is a fundamental difference that Toyota really uses to their advantage. Toyota will sell in the high 98th or 99th percent of the trucks they build. There’s a reason you don’t see Tacomas at the rental car companies. Ford, bless them - will crank up a line and run it full out like they’re getting paid by the piece. They move most of what they don’t sell into the rental companies and other fleet providers. That’s all fine and good - but it hurts the secondary market. Over estimating on the front end hurts owners trying to sell on the backend. That said, sometimes you need a $2700 truck.


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