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  1. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that specifically affects the bodies B cells. Those B cells are the "memory" that remember how to produce antibodies that the body needs to fight off infections. Without effective B cell response - your body is going to have a tough time fighting off the virus. So, yes. Covid was the disease that killed him. He had a condition that made him more susceptible to all infections - many of which might have done it. SARS-CoV-2 was just the virus that jumped to the front of the line. Vaccines help the body form antibodies that remembered by the body's T cells and B cells. So, someone with a condition like Secretary Powell's would still get some benefit from the vaccine - but any infection could be deadly. We're looking forward to some of the nasal spray vaccines that will help to mitigate respiratory viruses closer to the infection point.
  2. Most of the 2kW units use the same castings in their engines. It's not to say they're all kind of the same - but they mostly start in the same place.
  3. Montgomery Bell is probably the closest tent site. There are some KOAs around - YMMV.
  4. If it was my gun, I don’t know that many of the details would matter much. I’d want to be the one in control of its final disposition. Its already had a history - I wouldn’t want it ending up on someone’s ankle or in the door of someone’s truck as a drop gun.
  5. Glad everyone is on the mend. If I can be of help to anyone - feel free to reach out.
  6. Man, y’all are due a break. You’ll all be in my prayers.
  7. That’s a great looking skinner. We keep heading down this road, we’re going to have to rename this place TNKnifeOwners.
  8. That still counts as a good day of fishing in my book. I took kids out skiing on Saturday - saw a little activity - I may try it in a week or so.
  9. No downside for them. Name recognition will have a decent percentage of the population sending money to them until the state of New York orders them dissolved. WLP may as well flip everyone the bird and live it up at this point. They’ll still raise hundreds of millions of dollars this year.
  10. Merck plans to file for EUA status this week for Molnupiravir as a antiviral treatment (think Tamiflu) https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/10/01/pill-to-treat-covid/
  11. We crossed 15,000 deaths in Tennessee this week. On a positive note, 3.4 billion people have been vaccinated worldwide. That’s half of humanity.
  12. Oh, I am so sorry. I’ve got tears in my eyes as I write this. My prayers will be with you in the days ahead, that a God who knows sorry will surround you and bring you peace and healing. Please let me know directly If I or the community can help in any way.
  13. Just hope you don't wind up like a friend of mine who's partner said, "I married you for better or worse, not for lunch. Go find something to do." Congrats! That's a big deal. We're it me, I'd take some time to truly to enjoy it. Then if I were in your shoes, I think I would look at it in terms of, "I'm financially secure, healthy, and my kids are more or less out of the house. I'm also in the prime of my life. What is it that I want to involve myself in next?" You've got options and security. That's worth a lot.
  14. There’s a reason Tabasco is always in the kit.
  15. I'd have to be hungry - but I can attest after a week in the field in a survival situation - you're hungry. And, fire kills everything. I'd probably fire it before I even skinned it. Easier to keep all the cow juice out of the cuts you almost certainly have on your hands.
  16. I mean, I’m not saying I’m above barbecuing one.
  17. Assuming we get through this Covid mess - you're welcome anytime.
  18. I had a brisket on the smoker the other evening and went out to check the firebox about 11:30. Had one literally brush up against my leg as it walked through the fence coming to see what time dinner was happening. I didn’t hear it because the grass was wet and it was raining. It really surprised me by how brazen it was - or maybe it was just drawn to the brisket like everyone else. It wasn’t the least bit concerned with me. In fact, it stood up on its hind legs sort of looking at the smoker and then at me for a minute or two. I went in and eventually it moved on. I’m just thankful my dog didn’t get ahold of it.
  19. Do you have someone you trust you can talk to about it? I have two people who I literally trust my life to. They both told me the same thing your doctor did. “Moderna if you have a choice, whatever you can get if you don’t. Don’t give it another thought cycle.” I got it within 24 hours of it being available to me. I’m quite low risk - but I deal with risk for a living. It has contributed to killing one out of every 500 people in America at this point. I’ve got people I need to take care of. You can walk into any Publix in the state and get the first Moderna shot in the time it takes to get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. Feel free to PM if you’ve got questions.
  20. Back before Turkeys became the thing for Thanksgiving, raccoons were a popular Thanksgiving treat. Herbert Hoover “pardoned” one headed for the table at the White House in 1926. Word is she repaid him by biting him and briefly putting him in the hospital later on.
  21. I’d watch it. I remember being in school a long time ago - an instructor teaching trapping told us that a raccoon would keep a man alive for a week. I remember laughing at that. When we snared one after being in the field for several days it may as well have been a Michelin starred feast. I guarantee if you found any of my peers from that class today - 20ish years later - they’d all tell you the same thing.
  22. Have you got cats or dogs? If that answer is no - or they can be kept inside - I'd probably go for a #220 conibear trap with something really smelly like canned catfood as a bait. That'll take possums and raccoons. A #110 is probably okay for a possum, but not big enough for a raccoon. If you've never set a 220 - using a setting tool is worth it to reduce risk to yourself. All that said - the wolf urine should work fine on a temporary basis.


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