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  1. So all of the victims just so happened to be 12 years old when this happened to them? 
  2. Are you sure you can get to the same level without it though? I think you are underestimating the benefit of a crisp 4.5lb trigger vs 10-12lb trigger or what have you.  There is a certain amount of mechanics that are working against you when trying to maximize precision and speed,can you shoot a rifle with a 12 pound trigger as fast as one with a trigger almost a third of that... meh maybe but its going to be a workout(Even Jerry Miculek gets fatigued with a heavy trigger) but the more important question is can you shoot a heavy trigger as fast while maintaining the same precision as you would with the rifle of a lighter trigger and I would say I highly doubt it however Im sure there are people who are exceptions to the norm and you may be one of them, but I know professional shooters typically run light crisp triggers over heavy mushy ones for a reason. Thats not even taking into account that the heavy weight of most factory triggers is not typically even the main problem those triggers normally exhibit a lot of issues that just compound the problem.. to much travel,over travel,long resets,mushy breaks etc as to where most aftermarket triggers like Geissele or Timney are the opposite with minimal travel,over travel,crisp break, short reset.    I do understand where you are coming from though,a nice trigger tends to have the ability to mask flaws in someones shooting ability etc...however if it can make someone with questionable shooting ability look good it has to be that much better for someone who has proper technique and understands the fundamentals of shooting.   To the OP I run either Geissele or Timneys in every rifle I have(Or atleast every rifle they are available for) with the exception of my KAC SR15 which came factory with a great 2 stage match trigger.
  3. Burris 1.5-6x40,Leupold Mark 4 MR/T or if you really want the best IMO Elcan SpecterDR if 7.62 BDC is what you are looking for. However bdc reticles are typically no where near as accurate as click adjustments and everything is going to come into play with the bdc ammo,barrel length,twist etc...ultimately if you cannot get your rifle to match the velocity to that of the scope the bdc basically becomes useless.
  4. I think fair market really depends on which Optic it is,reticle etc... Im seeing them new anywhere from $1100 to $1400ish depending on the model and Im not going to pretend to know the differences in the NXS line. However if the scope you are looking at is one of the models Im seeing new for $1100 then I doubt you could buy it for $1000 and resell it without taking a hit. However if its one of the models that seem to be running $1200-1300 I would say you're getting a fair deal. It appears the ones brand new going for $1100 all have the FC-2 reticle while the FC-3's appear to be going for around $1300.
  5. In that price range I would likely go with the Vortex Viper PST. If you could save up a couple hundred more I would go with the SWFA SS HD 1-4. I have the Vortex Viper PST 1-4 and its fine optic for the money. Ive had mine mounted on my PTR and mostly used it as a medium range optic almost always on 4 power so I cant really comment on how it operates at high speed on 1 but its performed well for how Ive used it. I also have the SWFA SS HD 1-6 and can only assume the quality of the 1-4 is every bit that of the 1-6 and my 1-6 is one bad dude. I have yet to get trigger time behind it as I just got it in a few days ago but the quality is amazing, so much so that I have pretty much decided to get rid of my Vortex Razor HD and replace it with another SWFA SS HD optic.   A guy on the Hide did a very good review on several of the 1-4 variable power scope,its a little bit older so a few of the scopes have been updated in different ways at this point however its still worth a read imo. http://forum.snipershide.com/snipers-hide-rifle-scopes/82517-swfa-ss-1-4hd-compared-few-other-optics.html
  6. I do not understand how he was convicted with 2nd degree murder. Sounds like he really and I mean really got the shaft.   Second Degree Murder in Tennessee is: 1) The knowing killing of another; or 2) Any death resulting from unlawful distribution of Schedule I or II drugs if the drugs cause the death.   Reckless Homicide in Tennessee is simply, the reckless killing of another and is a Class D Felony. It provides for a lower standard of mental culpability, or mens rea. Reckless is conduct whereby the actor does not desire harmful consequence but foresees (or should foresee) the possibility and consciously takes the risk.   Then he gets 11 years for attempted 2nd degree murder. While I understand self defense does not apply to the killing of the innocent man it seems as though it should definitely apply to the shootout that took place between the two men. 
  7. Ive never known or even heard of anyone having a warrant issued for not appearing in court or paying the fine for a minor speeding ticket before said date and I have unfortunately known several people who have done this from various counties including myself when I was in my late teens. Now the bad news is your license is likely on its way to being suspended when I did this I paid probably around a week after my court date I was told I was just in time etc a couple years later I finally get pulled over and the officer informs me that my license was suspended I believe he told me what the problem was and told me to go see the clerk and resolve it though he still wrote me the citation for the license so I had to then go appear in court and prove it was a mistake in the paperwork. So I had to take the day off work blah blah blah and ultimately everything ended well. So even if they say you are good to go you may want to schedule a reminder to check again in about a month or so just in case. If they simply say you're to late then you will have to pay a reinstatement fee and go back to the dmv.
  8. Who runs the Saiga in 308? Ive tried to find information on which military units field or have fielded this weapon and I come up with nothing.
  9. IMO you already have the better of the 3,the M14 is extremely outdated when compared to the two you already own. Worth all depends on what you want it for,finish a collection of the best known battle rifles sure,want something you can throw in an extremely heavy expensive yet really cool aftermarket chassis that you show off at the range sure,if you want one in hopes of it being better battle rifle than the G3 or FAL then NO. Now when considering price it really depends what you want out of the rifle, a M14 built with all USGI parts from a reputable manufacturer is going to cost some real coin to which I would simply recommend getting a Scar 17, a hit or miss Fed Ord can likely be had for $700-ish however many horror stories leads me to stay away from them I hear the term bad "receiver geometry" as well as the word "dangerous" a lot when they are brought up, another option are the Springfields Ive bought and sold a Socom 16 for $1,000 so they can be had for a "reasonable" price. But I wouldnt expect to find one much cheaper than that. Shopping locally in store would likely be to time consuming unless you have a great relationship with your local dealer where you can tell him what your looking for and at what price and he is willing to call you if one comes in, I would check local listing sites daily and keep a sharp eye on gunbroker current listing seem to vary in price from around $800-$30,000. Just be patient and you will eventually catch the deal you're looking for.
  10. If you really want to see some jaw dropping inventory you need to head to Outpost Armory its a little South East of Nashville but its worth the drive if you want to go somewhere and day dream for a while. Their prices are high imo when compared to competing stores but they have the largest/coolest inventory I have seen yet and Im not talking only their firearms they have a lot of cool gear as well. Barretts for days(MRADS,98B's,M107's etc in several configs),LMT,LWRC,KAC,Scar 16's/17's they are the only place I have ever walked into and seen a couple GA Precisions sitting on the shelf.All the latest and greatest Tacticool rigs,suppressors,sbr's,lasers,night vision gear,tons of reloading equipment etc...now if you arent a huge fan of tacticool stuff they also have a large selection of your more common firearms as well. Basically they have all the stuff in stock that you can put your hands on that you would normally have to order blindly.   Nashville Armory has a nice inventory but nothing to write home about imo. What I like about Nashville Armory is how nice the actual store is,you go there and it almost feels like you have walked into some elite gun club.   Now if Im actually wondering around with cash in my pocket to spend I head to Guns and Leather in Greenbrier,great atmosphere nice inventory  and most importantly to me the people who work there are great. You go in there and they treat you like family,whenever someone ask me where they should go to look for a gun I send them there and when they leave thats the only place they will consider going back to when in the market for a firearms related purchase.
  11. ~48_South~

    SCAR 17

    I have a Scar 17 and I have a LMT MWS as well as a DSA,and PTR so Im not in the market for anymore 7.62's currently. I think I could have worded my post a little better as I think you may have misunderstood me. I was trying to say I hear "Its too expensive for what it is a lot" when talking about the 17, and I think its hard to say its too expensive when there is no other platform like it that I know of currently. Just take 4 key features of the 17 sub moa accuracy,weight,reliability,balance the Scar is the only rifle I know of that can meet all 4 in 7.62x51 and to me personally thats worth the money. Ruger is a little over a half pound heavier than the 17 as well,though Im sure its a fine rifle(Huge fan of the 556c) the 7.62 doesnt peak my interest. Only contender I can see for the 17 in the not so distant future(2015) is the Desert Tech MDR which I will be keeping a close eye on.
  12. ~48_South~

    SCAR 17

    Expensive for what it is...lightweight,well balanced,reliable,sub moa accurate battle rifle in 7.62x51. To my knowledge there isnt anything else in the same class that comes close to meeting all of the qualities of the 17s so its hard to compare prices when no other rifles compares to it imo. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, in my search for the perfect(multi role)7.62x51 rifle the 17s is by far the closest thing Ive found thus far.
  13. I saw a presentation on this for some other website it seemed very interesting to say the least. What really got my attention is its ability to swap through 5 caliber conversions on the same platform the kicker for me being 5.56 and 308 on the same rifle are very appealing to me. Only question I have really is how the magazine well adapters install,what they are made of,and how well they hold up under hard use. I cant wait for this thing to hit the market so I can take a closer look,its really the only thing from this years shot show that Ive seen so far that has caught my attention.
  14.   I knew you had managed to get a good deal on everything. Unfortunately for me those are far and few between for the most part. Back when I had M1A's I started to purchase the same chassis but ended up just going with the Troy Battle rail instead.With what you have stated you wanted out of your weapon I would never argue in favor of the AR10 for reliability and ruggedness, Im a fan of the classics as well(FAL is my personal pref). I look forward to hearing how it shoots,I hear that chassis is the most rock solid one available for the M1A/M14 platform.
  15. To replicate this setup new with a Springfield you would be in Scar 17 and LaRue territory if you dont mind the wait on the LaRue. Unless ofcourse my numbers are off which they may very well be but I figure Springfield standard around $1300 then the chassis runs another $900-$1000 ish so $2200 on a base model $2500+ with a loaded or $3,000+ with a NM.

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