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  1. 1st Stag model 2T w/aimpoint circa 2009 I think
  2. Following, assuming you'll have to join/rejoin gssf?  What if you don't have your gssf membership info back before the match dates
  3. New update for MCTS club edited in original: Effective July 1st Refer to MCTS website for times and range rules   1st Saturday IDPA 2nd Weekend Saturday USPSA 2nd Weekend Sunday USPSA 3rd Saturday Steel matches (outlaw steel or man vs man) This will be randomly changed to 3gun 4th Weekend Saturday USPSA This will be randomly changed to 3gun(2day events) 4th Weekend Sunday USPSA
  4. If I get absolutely slaughtered at Kettlefoot and feel like I shot pretty good, that's something i'll make happen for the masters. 
  5. You guys better not pick on me ;). I may bring out a 19 for CCP in the near future.
  6. Or is that Ray posting the vid? That would make sense, nice shooting Ray! Enjoyed being the squad mom for squad 1.
  7. Hey I called him Adam, I guessed on the other fella :)
  8. Nice shooting Adam and Joe! Here's mine. Next stop is Kettlefoot. https://youtu.be/c_GnE37_75s
  9. Quite a few on my YouTube Channel... and their pretty bad, if you want to learn what not to do :)   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH6fZuyhevtcgulz1B8UfAw   and a few different matches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH3YmjkAhMo&list=PL38C0E892C36ED52C
  10. Not a lot of load data out there. Have some 231 and wanting to load 147gr coated to ~130pf. Nothing in most manuals I've seen for 231 or hp38 and 147s. Wasn't easy to find but best starting point I could come up with is 3.2gr and 1.125 oal. Anybody have anything?
  11. They e-mailed me back at the last minute saying I got in.... I sent them an e-mail saying 'sweet, you didn't even tell me I was wait-listed, now I can't afford the trip'.  Looked tough from a few videos I saw posted up. Have to save calendar space for next year. 
  12. I'm gonna look like that kid off of Christmas Story!  Won't even be able to reach my gun, hate being cold, layering up!
  13. I'll get on it at home tomorrow, thanks for the update.
  14. See the sticky or 'pinned' post at the top of the competitive shooting sports section.  You have several options I believe, if nothing has changed.  The MCTS folks may chime in for you soon. http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/48840-whenwhere-action-pistol-sports-3-gun-tennessee/


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