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  1. I'll take the Romeo. PM incoming.
  2. I'm selling a Kahr PM9 with Crimson Trace laser grip, the box, two magazines (one flush fit, one extended) and a Desantis pocket holster. https://www.kahr.com/mk-series-and-pm-series-handguns/ https://www.crimsontrace.com/products/manufacturer/kahr-arms/01-2410 Why are you selling it? Arthritis sucks, and this tiny 9mm doesn't work for my hands anymore. It's too small and too light, so I can't shoot it well enough. My solution is to carry something a little bigger and heavier, and now this is just sitting around gathering dust. How does it work? Very well
  3. You don’t ask you don’t get. And uneven trades get balanced out with cash.
  4. Single Action. That link at the top has a pretty good write up about it.
  5. ***SOLD*** I'm selling an Enfield No4 Mk1* Long Branch chambered in .303 Enfield. It comes with a blade bayonet and a decent supply of quality ammo. http://www.allaboutenfields.co.nz/no4s/no4-mki/ Included ammunition: 60 rounds of Sellier & Bellot 60+ rounds of FOM (the fourth box is partially used) 287 rounds of Greek HXP .303 (this is very high quality surplus .303). 95 in the plastic tub, and four 48-round boxes. What you get: The rifle, the bayonet, the ammo. Why are you selling it? Arthritis sucks and th
  6. ***Price Lowered to $200*** I'm selling a Hi Point 995TS 9mm carbine with two magazines. https://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/hi-point-carbines/hi-point-9mm-carbine.php What you get: The carbine and two 10 round magazines. Why are you selling it? I want to make room in the safe for new toys. I bought it on a whim and barely shot it since I have other toys I prefer. How does it work? It's a Hi Point carbine. It's ugly, but it shoots great. How much do you want for it? ***, and a signed bill of sale. How'd you pick tha
  7. I'm selling a Hungarian FEG P9M 9mm. This is one of the many Hi Power based pistols they produced over the years. This particular model is an oddball that may be interesting to you. Externally it looks like a Hi Power, and it does use Hi Power magazines. It takes Hi Power grips as well, but the ones on it are the ones that came with it. Internally it is more closely related to the Smith & Wesson Model 39. You can read more about it at the link below. Yes, the picture links appear to be dead. I have a printout of that article from back when the picture links were good and it wi
  8. This is an interesting revamp / redesign of their discontinued PC-9 / PC-40. I’ve almost bought a PC-9 several times, but discontinued = “RARE AND VALUABLE!” so they were always overpriced. I think I’ll have to get one to go with my SR9c.
  9. BryanP

    Sig P250-22

    I just picked up the 9mm x-change kit for the P250. I haven't had a chance to get to the range and this weekend isn't going to happen. I've never had any problems with Federal, but then I just realized, my .22 guns are revolvers, a CZ-452, A Ruger 10/22, and a Ruger Mk II 22/45. In other words, all guns that will fire pretty much anything.
  10. BryanP

    Sig P250-22

    I picked up one of the P250-22s that CDNN has on special right now. Took it to the range today and split time between that and my MkII 22/45. I was surprised that I was almost as accurate with the Sig as the Ruger*. The only problem I had was repeated failures to feed, mostly from the same one of the two mags, and only with Federal .22lr. CCI MiniMags worked fine every time. Next time I'll bring along some Remington and whatever else I can find to try, after a thorough clean & lube. I've already given in to temptation and ordered the 9mm X-Change kit, which was another $300 + s
  11. Do yourself a favor, call some of the ranges in your area that do rentals and try to find one that has an airweight Smith and an LCR you can try.    My personal experience is that I carried an airweigth S&W 638 for quite a while, but it was just too much recoil to practice well with.  I eventually bought a 649 (exact same gun, steel frame instead of the airweigtht) and it's much easier to shoot.  It does weight a bit more in the pocket, but it hasn't been much of an issue for me.
  12.   This.  They're not exciting or sexy, but they still sell like crazy.  I'd be willing to bet if you omitted sales to police agencies, J frame revolvers are a huge chunk of their sold inventory. 
  13. 8.1 works fine, especially if you install one of the third party start menu utilities like Classic Shell.  http://www.classicshell.net/
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