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  1. for-sale

    Let me guess....your in middle TN? signed, Mobile user who always wants guns that are 200 miles west.
  2. Deal with the ID stuff every day. Temps work fine for state use. As far as we have been told, they are not valid for federal ID. We assume this is due to the lack of hologram and black light features. I'm not sure the TSA would accept one to board a plan without secondary ID. I'd love to hear about it if you've been in that situation. Good score on the Sig. Buds can be dangerous.
  3. Let's put this one back at the top and see if there's any interest now.....
  4. You're close to me. Let me know if you wanna rid yourself of the experience. I traded one a while back and miss it.
  5. hats for sure
  6. Bump
  7. Back to the top. I'll entertain cash and other trade offers.....
  8. Can't believe this happened in Punta Gorda. My grandparents have lived down there for the last 20 years and i spent a good part of my childhood running around Charlotte Harbor. It's a great area with good people. I've always carried down there and had several interactions with LEO's. They have always acted in a way that defines professionalism. Very surprised and saddened by this report.
  9. Weekend bump
  10. View Advert FNS-9 Compact Up for grabs is a FNS-9 Compact. This has been my primary carry gun for the last two years. It was purchased in early 2015 and it has been 100% reliable. It's fallen out of the rotation due to some recent additions and it really doesn't fill a spot at the time. If you've never touched one, you will find the size is right between a Glock 26 and a Glock 19. Includes the box, backstrap and (3) magazines (one flat base, one with finger extension and one 17 round full size magazine). Please note, this does have some holster wear at the front of the slide on the left side and the slide release. Nothing but cosmetic but i want you to be aware. Pictures display this well. I will also include a Crossbread Supertuck. I would like to trade for a duty size pistol, preferably in 9mm. I'm not really concerned with holster wear. G19 or G17 would be great. I could also go for a M&9. I'd love to run across a p226 and i'd talk about adding a little to the deal depending on what you have. Sig SP2022, p320 would be welcome also. I have no problem with previous police trade in's. As always, I'd prefer to trade with established members with a solid transaction rating. You must be legally able to purchase and process a firearm in the state of TN. I reserve the right to see your TNDL/HCP if your new to the site. Trade preferred but i will entertain cash offers. Thanks for looking, Ben Advertiser Parrothead Date 02/20/2017 Price $475.00 Category Firearms Classifieds Caliber 9mm Manufacturer FN Herstal Type of Item 5  
  11. 100% agree! I think a very wise man said to carry a gun that matches law enforcement or military. Also, pick a service caliber. I can't place the quote but it was made in order to provide an extra level of protection if you were in court justifying your choice of weapon. In that regard, I think you statement might be on target. Many may check out the p320 now that it has been deemed reliable and sensible for military use.
  12. I'm getting it about every two hours. Any idea how to stop this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I agree the trigger is an acquired taste. Its not a striker fired gun and the trigger reflects that. I really think it feels much more like a revolver than a bottom feeder. I can see many passing on the gun because of this. But, as you said, everyone has different tastes. It took a couple hundred rounds but i'm fine with it now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Off the bat, I'm NOT posting this as a "gun reviewer/blogger". If you spend the time to read this, that will become obvious. I just had a hard time finding any info on the Sig 290rs when I was considering this purchase. My intent here is to share some basic thoughts and information in case someone else might be considering this as a carry gun. Last month, I started looking for a single stack 9mm. I started out with the normal players in this field; Shield, XDS, LC9, Glock and CM9. All good, solid guns but I wasn't totally satisfied. I really wanted something smaller. I wanted to be able to pocket the gun as a absolute last resort but I still wanted something I could shoot 200 rounds at a time without any discomfort. This lead me to the Sig 290rs. I was able to find one of these "used" locally and decided to give it a try. This "used" gun had been fired appropriately ten times. So, i treated it as a new gun and cleaned it up good before my first trip out. On the initial range trip, I had a few issues. The gun was VERY tight as was the magazine. Nearing the end of my range session, I realized I wasn't properly seating the top round in the magazine. You almost have to make a concentrated effort to push the round all the way back. Hard to describe but the failures seemed to stop. I would chalk this to user error, new mag springs and a 10 degree outdoor temperature. So, 100 rounds in, 4-5 failures. Not sold at this point. Trip two; 55 degrees. 250 rounds and no failures what so ever. The gun ran much smother. I finally figured out the trigger and started getting pretty decent groups. The best trigger comparison I can make would be that of a Smith 642. Long but predictable. This is the only real negative I have on the gun now. It's a steep learning curve but worth it. Factory SIG night sights are a real selling point in this segment. One thing to note, this gun is heavy! I feel like it weighs almost the same as my FNS9c which is my primary carry. Although this maybe a negative for some, I like the extra heft. It allows for a really soft shooting 9mm. Capacity is 6+1 which I think is adequate for the scope of use. The gun ships with a extended magazine which I am yet to takeout of the box; It defeats my purpose for the gun. The factory grips are very aggressive or my hands are overly sensitive. Talon grips solved this problem. I would recommend spending $15 on the grips to save you skin and shirts. I've posted some pictures below. Comparison is with a FNS9c. The FNS9c fits right in between a Glock 19 and a Glock 26. Barrel length of the G19 with a handle slightly larger than a G26. I think the size of this gun was a good match for me The gun shoots much better than I do so I omitted the target pictures. After a disappointing first run, it appears the SIG has redeemed itself and I've found my new summer/deep concealment carry gun.

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