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  1. If you haven’t filed for retirement, you don’t have to take part A. In fact, you won’t get it unless you file for it. Part A (HI) can cause some tax problems if you have it while working and making contributions to a heath savings account in the same year. Just something to keep in mind. I’d advise anyone in that situation to talk to a tax pro.
  2. Wish federal employees would get the same rights. Looking at you, Donnie. We do get an armed guard who can’t leave his post at the front of the building if the #### hits the fan in the back. Comforting.
  3. Heading to Nashville this weekend with the family. Staying around green hills. Plan to hit the zoo. Carry friendly? Any areas of the city to avoid or be extra vigilant? We plan to walk around downtown on Saturday during the day Also, any food recommendations would be great. We will have a 5 year old so nothing too crazy. Bbq, pizza (if it’s out of this world) and of course, where to go for hot chicken? Thanks in advance!
  4. Maybe I’m the last person to hear about this?? Any thoughts? Anyone tired one? Looks like a pretty stress free way to carry a spare without giving up belt space. thoughts? https://theneomag.com/product-category/neomags/
  5. Where are you located? If you still like the grill, the conversion kit is a lot cheaper than a new Weber.....
  6. Top one is most surprising. USP’s are designed and tested to take a squib load without any damage, what did that guy do?!?!?
  7. Thanks but I was looking for help from contributing members. I have dealers in my town that support my local community. I’ve got that route covered if needed.
  8. Duplicate thread. I swear I looked before I posted
  9. Details are sketchy at best right now but this is what I can gather. Husband goes to dentist office where his wife works. Shoots his wife. unfortunately it has been announced she did not survive. A patient in the waiting room drew his weapon and shot the aggressor several time and held him at gunpoint until the police responded 6 mins later. The aggressors condition had not been released. ID of all involved is being withheld at this time. Wcyb and Wjhl seem to be following closely if you want to read more.
  10. As it says, looking for a walkbehind mower with at least a 30” cut. Scag, exmark, toro, Deere, etc. Not wanting to pay a new price but don’t expect it to be given a way. I’ll cover a pretty good distance to buy one from someone on the TGO or their friend/family. Let me me know what you’ve got.
  11. I want one of these but I’m afraid some crazy person will do what crazy people do and these pistols will be next on the ban list. After seeing how tough (insert sarcasm) that was to accomplish with bump stocks, I’m on the fence. Had the bump stock thing gone down with a grandfather clause or a (reasonable) buy back, I might think harder about it.
  12. I don’t make it there very often. If you have someone local that wants it, feel free to go that route.
  13. $1200? Save me from the craigslist’ers!!
  14. I’d like to have the top one!
  15. ^^ what he said. Even a small revolver (smith, Ruger, etc) in .22 mag would be hell on the receiving end.

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