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  1. Apparently there is a law in VA (surprise) that fueled this rumor in TN. Something along the lines of it being illegal to carry while wearing anything that might conceal your identity (mask). If remember there was a statement by the attorney general that this was not applicable during the covid pandemic.
  2. We’ve been shopping for a home for a while now and unable to find the right house in the right place. I would love to talk to a builder/developer to get some info on how to prepare to build. I’ll be happy to provide a beer or two for you time if your local. if you have built recently, any guidence you might share would be much appreciated. So far, from my research, I have found building is a good way to spend 500k on a 350k home; but it’s the home you want. Still trying to wrap my head around this concept.....
  3. When we went boating a lot, I’d back down til I could tie the boat the dock. Let her get in. Then take off the tow straps and eye strap. I’d back up, launch the boat and let her “drive it” back to pick me up. If things went wrong, I’d grab the rope and pull it home. Without a dock, none of this works.
  4. Two things; if you can’t get traction, contact your state rep. They are getting paid to cut through some of the red tape. If that doesn’t work, an attorney might. As you know, they typically don’t work for free. You're already paying the state rep so I’d start there.
  5. .gov here. “Essential” so we work regardless. I know government gets a lot of crap around here, mostly deserved, but the response to this in-house has been pretty impressive. Very measured and surprisingly well managed. The policy’s laid out for this disaster have a lot more common sense than I would have expected. Far from perfect, but as a tax payer as well, I’m pretty pleased.
  6. I’d be will to bet it will do the same thing with other documents as well, such as passports, visas and other sensitive documents.
  7. Wooden security six grips and j-frame holster are sold pending meet.
  8. All items listed below are $10 plus $3 for shipping (in state). Let me know if you have questions. Paypal or venmo are fine. Thanks! 1) Gone 2) pachmayr security six grips 3) pink j-frame factory grips 4/5) 1911 grips (pachmayr??), notice cut out on one side. (Highlighted) 6) gone 7) gone 10) gone
  9. Let me wager into this lightly. Assuming no tax dollars are spent promoting. What’s the harm? Also, elected officials are in office to represent the majority without oppressing the minority. Seems like this passes the sniff test. You don’t have to participate. The man promoting it was elected to office by the majority of the state (allegedly). So, who offended? Other than the always offended.
  10. If you haven’t filed for retirement, you don’t have to take part A. In fact, you won’t get it unless you file for it. Part A (HI) can cause some tax problems if you have it while working and making contributions to a heath savings account in the same year. Just something to keep in mind. I’d advise anyone in that situation to talk to a tax pro.
  11. Wish federal employees would get the same rights. Looking at you, Donnie. We do get an armed guard who can’t leave his post at the front of the building if the #### hits the fan in the back. Comforting.
  12. Heading to Nashville this weekend with the family. Staying around green hills. Plan to hit the zoo. Carry friendly? Any areas of the city to avoid or be extra vigilant? We plan to walk around downtown on Saturday during the day Also, any food recommendations would be great. We will have a 5 year old so nothing too crazy. Bbq, pizza (if it’s out of this world) and of course, where to go for hot chicken? Thanks in advance!
  13. Maybe I’m the last person to hear about this?? Any thoughts? Anyone tired one? Looks like a pretty stress free way to carry a spare without giving up belt space. thoughts? https://theneomag.com/product-category/neomags/
  14. Where are you located? If you still like the grill, the conversion kit is a lot cheaper than a new Weber.....
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