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    I love coyote hunting yall. Spending a day riding my 1200N sportster!
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  1. ar15m4guy

    Dry Fire Help

    I have been told by a Knox. Policeman that instead of a coin use an empty shell casing. He said turn the open end upside down on the rail. He said this is better because a coin wouldnt fall off as often. I have been doing this and at first it was pretty hard. The slightest movement will tell on you. Thanx for all the tips. Keep em comin
  2. ar15m4guy

    S&W Sigma .40VE

    I think you got a steal. I had the standard .40ve two tone. I liked it. It was my first hand gun and I should have kept it for that reason but we all know about Hard Times! If I wanted to get an inexpensive gun It would be this one. I say keep it, shoot it, and then decide. I think for most people it is how it feels in your hands.
  3. ar15m4guy

    Dry Fire Help

    Im not sticking to my sights because in a combat senario who has time to sight in your target. This gun is one of my carry guns and I want to be precise if I ever use it to defend me or my family. This is not for competition reasons. The baby glock is not the weapon I would use for that. Muscle memory is what I am after. I am curious what exercises would help me with that. Its so hard to find 9mm ammo so I cant really just get out and pop off all the rounds I have put up. Thanks for the suggestions, tips, and links.
  4. ar15m4guy

    Need some help - rank these budget 9MM options

    I would go with the ruger or taurus. I own a 24/7 in .40 and I love it. Not as much as my glock but its a damn good gun. You can find plenty of accesories for it also.
  5. ar15m4guy

    Dry Fire Help

    I have just started to practice with my Glock 26 point shooting. I can hit almost anything with the sights at reasonable yardage. I am all over the place from a quick draw and just squezing the trigger. How can I improve on hitting what im looking at without the sights. Im shooting at silhouette's and Stay inside the outline but cant hit the same place twice. Are there any dry fire techniques that I need to know. I have looked online but everything I find are manuals and dvds that seem pretty expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. ar15m4guy

    Did some trading

    I would say you made out pretty good on your trade. You got a sweet looking gun. I own a S&W 686 with 4'' barrel. they look alot alike. Never shot a Ruger. Let us know how it performs.
  7. ar15m4guy

    Gunshow this weeekend

    I believe the RK shows are $10 good for both days if you dont wash of the stamp. You can find coupons for admission here is the site I use for the listings: Gun Show Listings ForTennesee
  8. ar15m4guy

    Gunshow this weeekend

    My mistake its not an RK show its The Great American Gun and Knife Show. Sorry for the mistake. thank you for the correction!
  9. ar15m4guy

    Need help with C&R App.

    I agree they should have known something. You cant be the only person in memphis to apply for it. Glad you got it in order though. I am glad I recieved mine so fast. I have already made copies and sending them to dealers to put on file. Cant wait to get something shipped to me. It sure beats all those extra miles and fees you have to pay.
  10. ar15m4guy

    Gunshow this weeekend

    I thought the holiday prob. had alot to do with it. The prices on some of the ammo was crazy. Some of it was over price by $20-$30 dollars a box thats just nuts.
  11. ar15m4guy

    Gunshow this weeekend

    There is going to be The Great American Gun and Knife Show this weekend in Greenville,TN just curious if any one is going or if they know of any good deals that maybe there. Maybe this one will be alittle better than the last one they had in Knoxville over the Memorial Day weekend. They had a lot of great stuff but it didnt seem as if anyone was buying anything.
  12. ar15m4guy

    Need to get a gun for my Girlfriend

    Have you thought about maybe a .25 You can pick em up at a pretty good price and they are not to bad. My girlfreind has one and that is what she started out on along with my beretta .22. She has graduated up to my rossi .357 mag 6"bbl but shooting .38's because she says the .357's are to much. Just be patient with her if she really likes to shoot it will grow on her.
  13. ar15m4guy

    Need help with C&R App.

    Not in memphis but you should have been able to get ahold of someone at the atf. they should have told you where to send the cleo copy. I had to do the same and they helped me right then. They also screwed me on my payment so I was in constant contact with them for a week.Because they messed up on my payment it only took two weeks to recieve my ffl. I just received it yesterday and iwas happy as hell to know that it only took two weeks and other people have been waiting alot longer. I would try calling them again and request to speak with someone that can help. Good Luck.
  14. ar15m4guy

    Dpms, Del-ton, or Rock River Arms

    The lower is used but complete minus the buttstock. It is a deal!
  15. ar15m4guy

    Preference between .223 and 6.8

    I would keep the gun and buy a new upper for it. You will also need the mags of course but its more fun when you have two guns to shoot rather than one. I am a big time coyote hunter but i love to deer hunt also. I dont want to shoot coyotes with the 6.8 because it ruins the hyde by putting a huge hole in it and the stopping power of the .223 is missing for deer hunting. So if you plan to hunt or just like to shoot diffrent cal. then this is what I am suggesting.

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