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  1. Come on Garufa, you use your pistol till you can get to your (pistol)/(rifle). http://media.midwayusa.com/productimages/880x660/Primary/611/611112.jpg
  2. Like the bag. I just use an old Dell laptop back pack when I want to pack mine. Blends well. The BOB doesn't have room for an AR pistol.
  3. Why is there a light in front of the front sight?
  4. I'm up 60 feet now (4 15' poles) with the 70+ mile dual array. I'm higher than we were back in the analog days when we could bring in channels 4 and 5 from Nashville and the Jackson TN station. I'm hoping it was the cheapo tv with a crap tuner that did not allow reception. Plus things will get better when the leaves come off in the fall. I haven't bought a tv in years so don't know if any are better for air broadcast than others.
  5. Need a 32 to 40 inch tv that has a proven digital tuner/receiver for terrestrial broadcast reception. The situation is we have property and a hunting cabin in Wayne Co which is closer to Huntsville than Nashville. I put up what was regarded as a good long range antenna (this one:https://www.ebay.com/itm/ClearStream-4-Indoor-Outdoor-HDTV-Antenna-70-Mile-Range-/202043714380?hash=item2f0abe6b4c ) The older Element cheapo I had down there to watch videos and DVDs never pulled in one signal and finally succumbed to the wild swing in temps my last trip down there. If I find a brand that matches up and pulls in Huntsville or Jackson, just a few stations, I may get a bigger one of the same brand and cut the cord at home finally. I know someone out there lives more than 50 miles from a transmitter and has had to deal with this issue. Also any info on inline amps, if they are worth it, would be nice.
  6. Sorry you apparently got a new adjustor or something. Been with USAA since 1985 and never had an issue. Son hit a deer, car was fixed in a week. Windstorm, roof needed replacing, contractor was waiting on me to work it into my schedule. If your former military, they are the way to go
  7. She is going to donate the guns value, $1,500 dollars to everytown?? Looks like a pretty standard pump shotty to me. But then pornstars get the "discounted" price I'm sure. Of course the dealer may have been overhearing a discussion of work when he made that selection for her. An honest mistake.
  8. Trap? Just shoot em I have a method but cant post it. If you have a serious infestation and some bait, you'll figure it out.
  9. The person that thought a business should be named that from the get go needs to be fired. Also for your enjoyment, some other "unfortunate" business names http://www.businesspundit.com/20-most-hilarious-yet-unfortunate-company-names-on-earth/
  10. I think the bolt actions stay home this year and I'll make it an all AR deer season with the Socom and BO pulling service this upcoming fall. Just to switch it up. Sure wish the Preds would get rolling, the only reason I'm still up is I'm watching them flail around in Colorado. Must be the second hand blaze.
  11. That's weird, I got Lancers specifically for my 300 BO so they would stand out from the 5.56 stuff and they all run great. I'm not running subsonic though and have only run 124 gr HPs through mine. Lots of factors to the mix though. I liked their performance so much I got a couple more engraved for the .458 as well. We think to much alike Mr. Gideon
  12. Verne ! My hero. Can I come over and see ya tomorrow afternoon after work? I should be back in the area around 3:30 barring the normal drag that keeps me hung up at the warehouse.
  13. Or if anyone knows of a packaging supply store where a suitable padded box can be purchased. The UPS store was a no go.
  14. I have to return a mistake to Optics Planet. The other mistake was spring cleaning a couple of weeks ago and the wife and I burned a bunch of cardboard from out in the garage. Yep, that box and several other old firearms shipping containers all got roasted. If one of you keeps boxes like I usually do and can part with one or need a few bucks for it, in the greater Sumner Co and surrounding counties area it would be greatly appreciated so I can return this "mistake" that I already corrected. Mike Gideon, special call out to you, that Tromix I was telling you about, it's the correction to the mistake. You can figure it out from there.
  15. 4 days from order to door step!
  16. Just got my third, went with Tromix this time, not Rock River. Gotta go generate some brass to get my reloading set back up. This Black Butterfly ammo looks great though.
  17. And I thought you had gotten a .458 Socom........ But those do look like fun. I have watched Matt on Demo Ranch launch a bunch of stuff
  18. Mikey I bought a used Kia Optima from them end of January, wish you had told me you were going down there. Say hello to Ulysses, I think it was, some greek god named fellow who treated me pretty well. Good luck on the new job!
  19. The whole Bowling Green area is employed it seems. The only ones not working are the professional "non workers" We have even seen the professional "trainees". They go from temp service to temp service, go through the day of training and get paid but never show for the first real day of work. A few have even bragged to others on site that they have another training to get to the next day....
  20. Signed up wife and 3 sons two weeks ago. Wife got her NRA bag two days ago. She will be using it on a trip shortly just "because".
  21. When do the fashion videos depicting belt loops get banned? Does Wrangler need a letter from the ATF allowing their use as it doesn't alter the trigger group?
  22. The wife just became a member. I'm already a life member. Got two boys that will join tonight, one way or another
  23. EBT should never be used in a convenience store either. I'm tired of watching the needy buying Jacks Link jerky, Monster energy drinks and cotton freaking candy. Make it like the WIC program. You get food! Milk, bread, cheese etc. That will drive them away in droves.


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