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  1. So I decided to take up a new hobby. Just bought a Canon XSi with the 18-55 lens. Need a little help on the cards now. I haven't found any real helpful info yet on the net. I am only taking pictures. I don't ever see myself taking video. I do know I do not want to spend a fortune on the cards at the moment as I am saving for more lens'. Anyway, any suggestions on what to look for (brand, class, speed, etc.) or what to stay away from. Thanks for the help.
  2. Yes I know. They're probably foreign components, assembled by illegals. But it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling seeing that Made in USA symbol.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. I've got a new battery coming in so I hope that fixes everything. I sure hope so. As much as I would like a new Mac I have a digital camera in my future, and I really don't want to put it on hold any longer.
  4. Gotta know the camera you use. I'm in the market for one and torn on what to get.
  5. Thanks guys. I'm going to try the battery first. I found one at fastmac.com for $99.99. Cheaper than Apple and made in America.
  6. Need a little feedback on my MacBook Pro I bought in Dec 07. It is a 15" with 320GB drive and 2GB mem. The battery will not hold a charge and needs replacing. Lately I have been getting frequent kernel panics and cannot figure out why. The Apple hardware test says everything is fine. The 2GB memory is the original mem from Apple. I upgraded to 4 when I got it but thought that might be causing the kernel panics (guess it wasn't the case). I have been considering buying a new one. I was wondering what a good price would be to sell my current system even though it has a few problems. I'm
  7. I don't use public assistance programs. I also don't abuse my health insurance. I barely meet my deductible every year. Yet I'm still going to have to pay for someone else's healthcare. Gotta love our representatives. Since I'm Catholic, if I conscientiously object to anything in the bill will I still be forced to pay? For that matter, if I conscientiously object to any other bill that forces me to pay a tax can I stop paying on grounds of religion? This goes for all other religions also, I just happened to be Catholic. And for those that don't believe in religion, can they claim th
  8. Am I right in saying that they took our money, made their books balance out, are still no better than they were before, and are paying us back with our own money? As for the post office. People have gone paperless with their bills and get their news and magazines online. They failed to change with the times and it will cost them in the long run.
  9. Guess people should have made him define his "Change" before they elected him our leader. Sounds like they're having buyers remorse.
  10. BlueRaiderFan


    Great pics. What camera do you use? Guess I need to upgrade. My point and shoot just doesn't do it.
  11. What happens if we're invaded in our weakened state? You may need the ammo for yourself. I'd choose: salt, MRE's, water & purification, bandages, antiseptic, butt wipe, leftover antibiotics, batteries, to much more to list. Spread it out. You never know what someone may need. Personally, in a shtf senario, the last thing I would think about trading for is gold. Maybe when the country starts to get back on it's feet. But until then, it's the little things people are going to need most.
  12. I had the same thought the other night after watching I Am Legend on HBO. I for one will take my chances without the shot.
  13. Wow. I thought he would never get up. He looks like a child learning to stand up on their own for the first time. If he was the soberest one to go in to buy more, then how wasted is the rest of his group?
  14. Looks like whoever was on the other end of that call changed his attitude.


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