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  1. Just a sampling. Couple more Marlins, a 10-22 few pistolas.
  2. Buds is a good site to use for pricing. Whether you order from them or not is up to you. I have used a few times. They ship to a local FFL of your choice. I like to support my local dealers first and foremost. Gander Mountain will match Buds price. Buds has a store and range in Pigeon Forge.
  3. PPS M2 is a single stack. It does have a "normal" button mag release. It feels good. I liked shooting the first gen. easy to conceal. M2 is Priced right. There is a LE version that comes with three mags with varied capacity IIRC.
  4. https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/2084_21_55/products_id/5591/WAL+2807696+PPS+M2+9MM+7RD+LE+NS 6,7,8 round mags with night sights. That's the ticket. if you plan to carry IWB this is a great choice. If OWB, then the field of double stack compacts is more open. I would even look at the 2.0 Springfield XD series. You made some great first choices. A couple of the best there is. But a lot has come out since those lead the field.
  5. PPS M2 is a single stack. It does have a "normal" button mag release. It feels good. I liked shooting the first gen. easy to conceal. M2 is Priced right. There is a LE version that comes with three mags with varied capacity IIRC.
  6. That one comes down which one fits/feels better. I came down to that exact choice a few years ago. I found the ergonomics of the Walther worked better for me. Ultimately I ended up with a M&P9c with Trijicon night sights, Storm Lake match grade barrel, and a few mags, extended and regular. It shoots great and with over 300 reliable rounds through it. The trigger has smoothed right out. I carry it frequently. One of my favorites. I have a full sized Walther and really like the AS trigger with decock. im looking at a PPS now.
  7. Great battery life. Lots of range on the red dot brightness level. I like mine. Haven't had other brands though. I compared at Gander with others. I liked the Aim Point Pro best. Personal preference I guess.
  8. 10 years ago I bought a BERSA Thunder .380. It was my first semi-auto. Early on I shot it quite a bit. Lately not so much. It's relegated to SUV truck gun status in a small essentials bag. Decided to take it to the range earlier in the week. Shoot up the 5 mags of ammo, clean it up and reload with fresh. I had forgotten what a joy it is to shoot and how well I shoot it. It went through 40 rounds of JHP without a missed beat. I probably have 800 reliable round through it now. My Brother in Law brought his stainless Walther PPKs and we both did better with the BERSA and the trigger on the BERSA is "better" than the Walther. What a great gun.
  9. Half a dozen S&W is a good thing. My favorite thus far other than the wheelers. M&P9c with a Storm Lake stainless match grade barrel. Trigger on the 9c is better than my 9Pro 5 inch.
  10. Welcome. Then you need a Boberg 9 shorty platinum with a trigger job. I just happen to have one available.
  11. Moved to TN 10 years ago. Formerly, MI, ID, and FL. Libs are screwing up ID, MT, WY. Like east TN for lack of taxes and good people. Middle TN is growing, but even it is being infiltrated with Muslims and libs.
  12. About anything throwing 1000 Lumens will definitely get someone's attention. You may not need it but it's nice to know its there. Fenix PD 35 is a great light.
  13. Doug the Condors are readily available on many knife vendor websites. I found it least expensive on Amazon. They are made in El Salvador. Good value for the money. Baronyx Knives will improve the profile and sharpen them up for an extra 3 dollars. The Battlehorse I picked up at one of the Knoxville gun shows. BHK had a table with lots of blades. The one pictured was one amongst their less expensive. They have a website.


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