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  1. I am starting to believe a complete failure of the power grid may be a good thing for this country. It would suck, but at least we wouldn't have to have everyone telling everyone else how they need to live their life. On a side note, I am flabbergasted that no one has managed to convince those that disagree with them that they are right. Who would have thunk it. Keep at it guys, I have faith someone will break the barrier soon!
  2. Completely remove it from the dock and do that. Have nothing connected to the laptop at all. If the laptop screen doesn't come on after you hold down the power until it shuts off and then back on, something is wrong with the laptop. It should always revert back to the laptop screen if it is connected to nothing else. You should absolutely see it loading the bios/splash screen as a minimum when it starts.
  3. Worst case, hold the power button down until the machine turns off. Then turn it back on, the screen(s) should come back up and you can try again. If needed, unplug the external monitors (dock) from the laptop when starting it back up.
  4. There is an upside. My new Suburban doesn't have that stupid auto start/stop because they don't have chips to run it.
  5. Even if that is the case, it’s their site. Simply don’t go there. Problem solved.
  6. Yes, it is 3 or 4 sections. Much cheaper shipping that way (free) and it fits together very well. I also put this on top as it's easier to do to start with . It has held up well so far. I never trust solar lights to last long, but have been pleasantly surprised (it will now probably go out tonight). Puts out quite a bit of light. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KYK9N5D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
  7. I can highly recommend this. Not cheap, but has held up through a lot of high winds. https://www.american-flag-superstore.com/25-Foot-Commercial-Budget-Series-Flagpole-25bsfp.htm?categoryId=-1 I had to double check the price. Just two years ago I paid $440. I expected a bit higher, but not twice the price. No idea of they will come down, but I wanted something that I was pretty confident I wouldn't have to replace in a few years and it's made in the USA. Wall thickness is what I would make sure is good.
  8. No, and not because of the cost. Unfortunately becoming an actual service dog takes months. The actual cost isn't what bothers me, it's the idea that within two weeks any dog will be trained enough to make a difference. I think you have to go in with eyes wide open. If you are expecting an actual service dog with the capabilities I think you are hoping for, then just buying a dog and sending it to training is not the answer. If your expectations are that you are buying a pet with the hopes it could maybe help at some point down the road, then that is a leap of faith you are going to have to decide the risk on. What happens when that dog doesn't do what you want it to or to the level you were hoping? I hope the answer isn't just get rid of it. I am not trying to be negative, but a dog that can assist in the manner you are talking about is not just a dog you buy and train in a couple of weeks. If you really need an assistance dog, talk to one of the organizations that does this professionally. You will find that it takes a lot of time and money to get a true service dog. It can't be a quick fix so to speak. A 'companion dog' is absolutely possible, but one that can help with any mobility issues is asking a lot from what is essentially a pet.
  9. Yeah, all updates were all done on the factory ECU, then just put my GDE tune ECU back in.
  10. I couldn’t agree more. Since the advent of social media, everyone thinks everyone else gives two ####s about their opinion.
  11. To be fair, Phil couldn't have teed up a better scenario if he had tried even harder. Say what you want, but he would still be spouting off about not getting the vaccine if he hadn't got it and died. I just can't help feeling too empathetic towards him on this. I suspect his family had the same views, so sometimes you get what get. That's not to say celebrate it, but also don't act like this is some tragedy.
  12. I would say I can 'Farm Weld'. I wish I could weld better, but it gets me by when needed. I have a Mig, Tig/Stick, and Plasma cutter, so fun to play with. I just cut up some 4x10 sheets of 1/4" steel with the plasma. Definitely easiest way to do it for me. The bench is on a movable base I made. Works good and gets it out of the way when needed.
  13. What's great about 22's is the vast number of types of shooting you can do. For me, Rimfire Benchrest is my passion, but I can have about as much fun shooting just about any 22. This was just last night. Got to where I don't even want to drag things to my range. Just setup in the shop and shoot.
  14. It's a shame the 5mm wasn't given more of a chance. Cool old rifle. GLWS.
  15. I don't know if we have anyone that would be interested in a really nice pair of riding boots, but figured it can't hurt to post them. First I will say that these are expensive boots, but if you read some reviews and check youtube you will see there is a reason why. These are the Gortex version so waterproof and breathable. They have ankle protection, shin protection, etc, but aren't bulky and don't look like Darth Vader boots. These are geared more towards adventure touring and general riding. Due to all of the supply shortages, I ordered these from Germany as they had the size I thought I needed. I wear an 11.5 and the sizing shows me in between a 45 and 46 and some others that say they wear an 11.5 said they were ok in the 45 after break in. Well, the 45 is just a bit too small for me. These are size 45M so normal width. Instead of paying a big shipping fee to return them, I figured someone may want a good buy on these and know we have quite a few motorcycle guys on here. I will sell them to a TGO member for $390 firm. That's basically $100 less (after tax) than what you can get them here for if you can find them. So if you are in the 10.5-11 size, these would be great. Any questions feel free to ask.
  16. I hear if you place the charge just right, the explosion will split and stack it all into neat piles. Not sure, just what I heard...
  17. Wimps. A few pounds of tannerite and a well placed shot from 100 yards should take care of getting it on the ground .....semi-safely....
  18. He would have to be the dumbest seller on the face of the earth if he really has a serial number 7 in a true H&H for $1200. And I literally mean the actual dumbest.
  19. I am sure H&H made some 300 H&H's, but any actually made by H&H I would expect to be in the tens of thousands of dollars range. I would get the serial number and call H&H if he really thinks it is an H&H made gun. I suspect he had no idea what he is talking about, but you never know.
  20. Even if you are tired of sports athletes. This is pretty cool. I suspect a movie we all loved at one point. Game was last night
  21. We absolutely agree. No worries on my part. I have the same inclination to use generalizations, but I absolutely get what you are saying.
  22. This where it becomes too easy to lump people into categories. I am guilty of the same thing on various categories so not placing blame. I am technically (or not technically, but actually ) obese, 6'1", 295. I also pay in about 55k each year in taxes, so not really considered on the government dole or not paying my fair share. Now, that being said, I am also the first one to say that for example, I should have to pay more for my insurance as I am at higher risk. I certainly don't feel like I am having anyone else pay for me and in fact feel like I pay more than my fair share as a single guy. I think (or know) there are at least a few more of us on this site that probably fit closer into this category than being a fat lazy POS just because we are obese. There are plenty of those as well, but I guess I just say this to being on welfare and being fat aren't really related. Maybe being unhealthy is, but I am not sure being obese is.


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