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  1. Nothing in particular. High end 22’s is about all I am into anymore.
  2. As new Mathews No Cam HTR. I bought this brand new and shot it a few times, but never hunted with it. I believe it is a 29.5" draw (although it can be adjusted) at 70 lbs. I have quite a few carbon arrows and nice Cabelas case. It has a very good 5 pin sight (I can't remember the exact brand, but it was like $250) and deresonator. This is a very smooth bow. I probably would have it gone through by a tech just to make sure the strings are good since it has been sitting in the case. $xxx
  3. I know we have some woodworkers on here. More items from the plan to move list. 1) Powermatic PM1300TX Dust Collector - $800. Has remote on/off with timer up to 99 minutes. I put a better MERV15 canister on top (.3-1 micron). It has the cyclone to better separate the large and small dust. It's easier to just use a ratchet strap than the hold downs they use so that it why it is on there. I have a lot of connectors, hoses, etc that I will include with it. Probably $200 in extra's on top of the cost of the collector. 2) Delta 13" Planer and Mobile Base - $350. Includes a new set of knives. 3) Router Table with IncraLS positioning system. This is basically the ultimate router table if you want to do much routing. This has a JessEm Mast--lift with Incra magnalock rings with Porter Cable 3-1/4HP variable speed router, The Incra LS Positioning system, 24x36 offset table, and a hand built router cabinet. It's white oak on the front. I think I just ran out of material for the last drawer, but don't remember. This is a steal at $1000. I don't even want to add up what I have in this, but know it is a bit of a niche setup. If you like to do fancy boxes, this is your Huckelberry. You will actually get quite a bit of extra with this as well.
  4. Not sure I want to really sell this, but going to list it as I will probably get more use out of putting the money into a boat at the new place. It doesn't get the use it should, but I also really love this bike as an all around great bike. I won't be disappointed if it doesn't sell, but if you are in the market, would save you at least a few thousand for the same bike equally equipped. Only 519 miles. As new with a many nice addons. Comes with factory cruise, heated seats (driver and passenger), heated grips, electronic suspension adjustments for different riding modes. I guess if you are actually interested, you probably know a bit about these (or will research them well). - Barkbuster Hand Guards - 2" Rox handlebar risers for a better riding posture - Dunlop Trailmax Missions for better light off road use and still great on the pavement. The factory Metzlers will also come with it which are a 90/10 road tire. They were swapped when new, so no wear on them at all. - Slightly larger smoke Givi Windscreen is on it, but will also come with factory windscreen. - T-Rex Racing Skid plate and lower engine guards - Bumot pannier racks and locking soft cases. These are really nice because Bumot also makes hard cases that fit the same rack. These are very high quality. - Garmin Zumo XT with Evotech mount - and something I am sure I am forgetting This bike isn't cheap, but it is really setup to do just about anything you want. It's only ~500 lbs which is nice. $18,000. I have many pictures if someone is really interested.
  5. Saw one posted without the light kit for $300, so I will do $350 for this one with the light kit. Kit is about $80 additional to buy on its own.
  6. Really nice 250 Amp Tig/Stick Welder. Has only been used maybe twice to stick weld. Never used the TIG function (of course it comes with the pedal and torches) . New, full 125CF tank (bought at Volunteer Supply) of 100% Argon and some TIG sticks. These are pretty well liked machines by most. Warranty is good until mid December 2023. $1800 firm on this one.
  7. Versahaul VH-55 with Ramp and light kit (needs to be installed). Anti-Tilt bracket to keep it more stable. Rated for 600 lbs. It's fairly heavy so the wheel helps move it around, but can be removed if you want to add something like a bike carrier. One of the nicest hitch carriers available as far as I am concerned. Sold KLX so this can go. TGO price is lowered to $350. New would be $760 or more.
  8. It’s being picked up by someone tomorrow, but it probably could, but would be small. Would need a new rear spring.
  9. And the clearing out continues. Putting both of these under one thread to try and not spam the forum too much. New Precision Mathews 1440GT Lathe with LCD DRO. Long story short, I had another PM lathe and had some issues so they offered to let me upgrade to this one made in Taiwan. I had to wait a year to get it and if you order now, there is still about a year wait. These are highly regarded lathes. Mine has what is called the Jacobs conversion which is just the VFD setup that allows this 3 phase machine to run on single phase, but Mark (Jacobs) builds in options for variable speed, proximity stop (very nice when threading to a shoulder), two speed breaking, and some other nice functions. If someone is really interested, I can provide all of the info and details. For TGO I am going to include 3 8" chucks (a 3 jaw, 4 jaw, and TMX 3 jaw Set-Tru). These are a lot of money in and of themselves. I have an Aloris type BXA quick change toolpost with a lot of holders for an additional price if the buyer would be interested. TGO price is $xxx with the chucks. To buy this now for the same setup would be $xxxx. This is not a cheap lathe, but is about the best value out there for the quality. This has a 5 year warranty. 2nd is a Jet JTM-4VS mill. This is basically a Bridgeport clone. It is also 3 phase, but running on a VFD with push button controls. It is variable speed via either the head or the VFD. Has a pneumatic drawbar, and powerfeeds on X and Y. It will include a Touch DRO controller that uses an Android Tablet as the DRO. When I bought it, it had optical scales on the X and Y which are still on and work with the TouchDRO. I bought 3 new Magnetic scales so I could add one to the Z and replace the X/Y, but I hadn't got around to it yet. They will be included. I will also include the 6" Kurt vice which has soft jaws on it right now, but I also have the original hard jaws. Could be repainted in spots, but other than that it is in good working condition. Price is $xxx for TGO'rs. Both of these machines are hooked up and can be run. I can load them on your trailer with my tractor. Any questions, just let me now.
  10. Next item on the block is my Polaris Ranger. About as clean and in as good of shape as you will find. Details are: Only 750 miles, Giloman Tune and Clutch kit which gives it 100HP like the RZR and General. Makes a big difference, especially on the road. Road ready with turn signals, horn, etc. Polaris half doors, Polaris Tip-Out Glass Windshield, Polaris Glass rear sliding window, Polaris bed mat, Trail Armor UHMW A-Arm protectors and full machine skid plate, Black Oak LED Cubes front and rear, Rear Bumper, 6000lb winch with synthetic rope and remote control. Only been used on my land. Never on trails, mudding, or abused in any way. Price is $Sold.
  11. I forgot to mention I have a seat concepts replacement cover for the seat which makes it much more comfortable. It just needs to be installed. That does require removing the existing seat cover, but not hard.
  12. Thanks guys. I am not sure where it came out of exactly, but I know they bought it all in Nashville. I bought the place in 2019 from a family in Brentwood who used it as an occasional weekend house. I still have some of the wood in my barn.
  13. As mentioned in my other ad, I am selling out and moving to the lake so almost everything is going. I bought this last year to do some more off road riding. Rode it around the farm some, but hasn't been used much. Less than 500 miles on it (maybe even 400). I have at least a couple of extra oil filters for it. Oil has been changed once already. Has skid plate, larger pegs, and rear carrier. Price is $xxx. Title in hand. I have a really nice VersaHaul Hitch carrier available as well to the buyer first. I have the light kit for it which will be included, but I didn't install it yet. $xx extra for the hitch carrier.
  14. I have decided I am ready for the next chapter in my life which means selling out here and moving to a lake somewhere. You will see me posting a lot of things on here over time as I plan to get rid of almost everything (except guns), but the biggest item of course is my house. As everyone knows, prices are what they are and I figure this isn't for everyone, but who knows. I figured I would throw it out here and if nothing else, maybe someone knows someone looking for something like this. I will offer 1% of the final selling price to any TGO'r who sends me a buyer that is not using a realtor. You must PM me ahead of time to give me their name so I know who they are. The listing is on Zillow at https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/5347-Harris-Cemetery-Rd-Chapel-Hill-TN-37034/121899705_zpid/?view=public If someone is interested personally, let me know and I will give you the rock bottom TGO price. If you are a realtor, let me know that as I will not be giving the same price if a realtor is involved and expects to run things through the brokerage. Thanks.
  15. We're talking about the President of the United States here. So there is little room to doubt or uncertainty that the technology used for his tests was the best possible option out there. I would make a pretty good assumption his tests were close to 100% accurate and confirmed multiple times. So that being said, one of two things have happened. 1) They lied to us about his negative test because he was showing less symptons and wanted to put up a positive image or 2) See # 1.


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