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  1. I made a gunbelt for Spots once. I estimate it took near 2000 stitches. I will never make another. Stitching is not my favorite part of the job. It helps that GT and Sybo send me some really nice knives... Inspires more effort on my part. I can make utilitarian sheaths but enjoy doing something a bit nicer, and their work deserves the effort, so the credit belongs to them.
  2. Thanks. I might have gone a little overboard on the strap stamping. The lacing takes awhile. And a lot of lace. Probably why it isn't seen very often.
  3. Yep, those. The lightweight rivets are crap. Nice sheath, does't need a thing.
  4. The solid copper aren't too bad, but I don't use Tandy's tool.
  5. I keep seeing ads for this, vets dealing with chronic pain. Big push for me to contact VA, blah blah blah. Not interested in what they are pushing.
  6. And every other terrible implement of the soldier... Bring it on, I want to buy a reasonably priced Thompson before I kick the bucket.
  7. Bring it. Let us get this out in the open and settle it.
  8. I have this in hand now. Whoever winds up with it better be thinking of a good name, and I don't mean anything mamby-pamby. Think Mjollnir with a wicked edge.
  9. Sanders is a socialist and a democrat. Twice a liar.
  10. No, they are the only knifemakers I know that fit the bill. I know another who does fine work but he doesn't sell his blades, doesn't make many at any rate.
  11. Look at threads by Gran Torino and Sybo, or Spots if you want a more backwoods type.     I've made sheaths for a couple of GT's bowie style blades and envy the owners.
  12. I know how you feel... But we've some talented metal pounders here. Chat them up.
  13. Thanks. The little one came out especially nice. The blade just clicks home.
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